Lonesome Book Fugitive..

That is what I feel like this morning,  even though the sun is rising over the Bay of Chaleur here in New Brunswick.  A lonesome book fugitive.  I wonder if I could talk to Merle Haggard and change the song.  Not many sales,  not much excitement to go with the book.  People turning me down left and right for interviews, and the CBC Gemon Gomeshi and George Strompalompas (forgive the mis spellings),  turn there heads and pretend I am just a floating breeze.  A floating breeze which only delivers butterflies to the Dali Lama.

And we all seen the fugitive show,  the old one,  and the new one with Harrison Ford.  Where people are chasing him down for a crime he did not commit.  Only this story here,  is about us POD publishers trying to gain exposure, for no crime did we commit.  Maybe someday,  we will see people talking to people again,  and people giving chances to people again.  Maybe..

Just a quick note,  they found on the news that in the morning through tweets,  most people are on the Happy side of life.  In a good mood in the morning.  Come afternoon,  it is sad times,  then during the evening again, happy times come at last.  This was a survey done on various tweets around the world.  I would say, that it is no wonder people are in a bad mood in the afternoon.  This comes as no surprise,  as most people have not enough time to finish their stuff.  And, then reality sinks in,  that the day brings forth no mega bowl lottery winnings,  and your wife is not looking any sexier as the day moves forward ( Just kidding to all the women out there)...  At any rate,  hope everyone has a fun afternoon... Till then.


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