E book price reduced.

Super news for E book readers!   I have asked to reduce the price of my book, to $ 3.98!!!  You have heard it correct,  E book of The Supermarket Guy for 3.98 !!!  Have I lost all my marbles???  Have I lost enough to write another one?

You cannot get a better price,  for a good quality humor book,  at this price!!!  As an unknown author,  I felt I had no choice but to slash it from 8.99 to 3.98... My ten fans must think I am crazy!!!

But,  I still strongly feel,  a gut feeling at that,  that the Paperback is a collectors item,  and the 13.99 is fair pricing for books around that style and page count.  It may become like,  the Antiquarian Dr. Seuss book,  fetching a thousand dollars per copy!  You never know.. Get into book collecting now,  First Editions are worth allot!!!  Yes, of even the most mundane books can be worth a fortune!!! Because the cover is, drawn by the author,  might I add... And, the interior has allot of incredible underlining themes inside of it,  ready to be discovered by you,  the reader!

I must say,  try the kindle first..  If you are that impressed,  the Paperback will look incredibly awesome and inspiring on any mantle piece, or book shelf,  or on any mahogany furniture..  Have a great night!  Till then....


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