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First round of spell check complete!

First round of spell check complete. Took an hour or two to get this done. Need to do it two extra times. Then read, read it again, add, subtract text perhaps in some places where the drama appears to be lacking. Names, trying to get the spelling right.

The very end, I feel I need to add a small amount of humor there. A small paragraph, but of course it can do without. The text can be left the way it is, but it should be humorous throughout. I will send this one in to some humor competitions as well. The other volumes maybe entered as well, as some competitions do accept work from multiple years.

The book cover. Draw out another. A few sketches. Has to be odd, funny, crazy. Has to be better than the last. We will see. I usually always put a scene taken from the book. Sort of. But, the characters just simply placed on the front of the book will say it all. A human relationship that appears to be out of whack, or just failing.

Continue on? I was really fatigued after going through the …

The Supermarket Guy 5 is complete!

The Supermarket Guy 5 is complete. The story holds well. It even joins in with past events in the other books within the series. I am totally satisfied with the story line, and the ending.

It does need polishing. More proofreads, more grammer checks, more editing. Maybe 3 proofreads.

The book could have been done a few months ago. But I felt that the story had to come to a certain area in order for it to end. I am truly satisfied with the content, and the flow, the originality and the characters. Sometimes it is hard to stick by the main characters flaws, as he is either entirely lofty, clumsy, or just does it his way most of the time.

This could possibly be the last installment of the series. It is the same length as Part 2. Did not realize it would be as big as it is. It will only grow a bit with the proofreading, as usually it does by a few pages. Adding adjectives, depth, more descriptive details perhaps where some are missing.

At any rate, the finish line has been obtained. Now just …