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Blog up 59 % since last month.

Probably the best month ever for this blog. An increase in viewership to 59 %! This has been a good month for me after all! I have passed some other interesting people blogging in viewership, something which I did not think would happen. I am extremely satisfied with the blog results. They were better than my expectations.

I had a dip in viewership in August, and then from there, this blog has taken off exponentially. I know I will have some future dips in the coming months, as I do believe it is something like the stock market. It goes up, sometimes way up, and then can go down, sometimes way down.

Today I wrote another three pages of Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy. I was fortunate enough to have Part 2 still there, and added a link to link it to Part 3. I did the same to Part 1, linking it to Part 2.  They are all linked together, with chain stronger than the coldest steel...

Thanks for viewing, and hanging tough when I did not have much to say... Till then..

Pumped Up Kicks!

What a great song, by Foster the People.  Pumped Up Kicks.

I heard this song on the radio awhile back, and it has that easy going beat, relaxing, and reminded me of when I used to play soccer..  It took me back to when I was a young punk...  It took me a long time to find it, as on the radio I could not understand the main title to the song.  It kept playing on the radio, again and again, until I could recognize what the radio announcer called it..  Pumped Up Kicks!  A new song has become, a Classic..

Till then!

My electrical work for my Garage.

It cost 840 dollars for the electrical work done to my garage. This was for 4 and a half hours at 85 dollars an hour, then 8 hours at 30 dollars an hour (over 8 hour period).  The rest was taxes and a few parts. The 30 dollar an hour work was done by an apprentice. I got away a little cheap, so to speak.

Expensive, for 7 wall plugs, 6 lights inside, 4 lights outside, and running power from the house panel to my garage panel.

I know what i may get into in the next few years.  I might as well become a residential electrician, and make some money. This guy was busy for a week and a half until he came to see me.

I still had to fix some outside lights, that were not on tightly, and cock them with sealant around the edges as the vinyl face plate was scraped up a bit. One outside light was loose a bit. I always new electrical wiring was easy, but i was questioning how it was hooked from my panel to the outside panel. If it was not for that, I would have done it myself... You have to be sure…

Played auction 125 at my uncles house last night!

Played auction 125 at my Uncles house last night. I was allied with the women, and I lost miserably. I had two main trump at times, two partners ( playing 3 a team), and still made a hole. It was still fun, and obviously this is the way luck works. Some games you can hit your partner who has helping cards, and make the hand handily. Sometimes it is playing the right cards at the right time that makes a hand. Other times it is the actual bluffing of the bid, when a team is high in points, causes higher bidding than usual and allows for more holes. Just like Kenny Rogers, and the Gambler.

Foggy and misty here, and the temperature is in the pluses for Northern New Brunswick. My cousins up at my Uncles finally found out about my book. I kept it low in the family circles for quite awhile. The reason being, I did not want any charity book buying, as explained earlier. Now that my cousin has just found out through the grape vine, he wants to buy a copy. My Uncle wants a copy. I offered them …

This day is a special one!

My first view from Japan!  Thank you, Japan, for coming over for a herbal tea :)

To start Part two or wait till next year! Or buy that four wheeler?

I am not sure what to do. To start Part two of the Supermarket Guy this year, or wait till next year. Buy that four wheeler I have been wanting to buy, or just wait and publish Part 2.  My wife happily agrees to publishing Part 2, over buying a four wheeler. She is not a four wheeling person...

I like four wheeling, but I have a truck which I put in the woods already. But, with a four wheeler, you can just about access any area of the woods. When the trails get shorter, you can get in and get through with no problem. Sometimes you can go right into the woods if the trees are far enough apart. It is great for fishing, which I have not had time to do this year. You can get to those hard to access places (those special ponds), where you cannot get with a truck, as you are always scared to put too many scratches on it. And, when fall comes, hunting and enjoying the colors of the fall.

My friends at work plan allot of days,  where they all take off on their four wheelers to beautiful camps…

Thanks to viewers from South Korea and Nigeria!

Thanks to the viewers who made it here from South Korea and Nigeria! My map of the world is slowly turning green again, thanks to you!

Wet winter weather for the end of November!

Here in Northern New Brunswick, we have got some snow overnight that changed to rain in the morning. It is forecast to rain off and on till mid week, with a high of 12 C.  We are then expected to go back to minus 2 by Friday, with a little snow to boot.

When I was young, the climate was fairly cold ( in the minus) in November. If I remember correctly, once the temperature changed, it was rare for it to go into the mild again.  Not many people are complaining, though, because the cold weather is not fun. And, if one thing is for certain, we will have those minus 30 days sometime, in January or February. Some people are awaiting the snow for Christmas. Some people just want it for their ski doos, or for myself, to do some skiing. I am wondering if this is due to global warming, or the pacific ocean weather phenomenon.

Besides that, not much else to report on the book. I have to get one over to the neighbor, as he requested a signed one. I better do it before he forgets about it, and the…

Beans and wieners for breakfast!

My old land lady used to say to me, What?  You are eating beans and wieners for breakfast. I looked at her in an odd way,  sure, and, why do you ask so surprisingly..  Beans and wieners for breakfast??? Came the question again. She had never seen anyone eat that for breakfast before. I wondered if she lived a sheltered life, God bless her soul.

A book can be compared, to a breakfast plate. It is either you like it or you don't, or somewhere in between the two. My book must be, like a plate of beans and wieners.. The people out there say, what? A book, a fictional comedy, with lots of fiber and meat to it?  It slides down your stomach like the alphabet clings to your mind?

I love beans and wieners. I had a plate this morning, and it tasted just like Dad used to make for me for breakfast, when I was just a young pup. It is also amazing, how flavors can actually mimic flavors from a long time ago..  It was just one of those mornings..  So, I have to ask you all, to pick up a plate of…

Update on E book Pricing

My E book price on Part 1, has not been lowered yet. Now, I talked to Dog Ear Publishing on why it was taking so long. They e mailed me back, politely, saying it may take another week or so.  They said it actually does take quite a bit of time to lower it.

I will double check again during that time to see what happens. All I know, is that I did not believe it took that long to change the price of, especially, an E book...

Till then..

Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy halfway done

Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy is now over halfway done. I had some time this week to get to that point, and must say that it is coming along very good now.  I am probably missing a few links to get to the last scene, but I have a direction and am heading towards it.

The main character is having a tough time in this one. Probably tougher than Part 2. He is going through, literally, the gates of hell. Even a transformation of sorts, which will happen mid way through the book when it is done.

The end, I need to work it out a little, it is going to take some time, to work it out. The book takes place in two continents, which makes it fun to learn about the other continent as well.

As far as part 1, no news to report. Same ole, same ole. The strange thing is that when I do go to U tube, I seen an advertisement for Barnes and Noble, showing my book right on the top of the other famous books from there. I find this comical, as there is no possibility whatsoever that my book would be on top o…

A visit from Latvia!

Thank you for the visit from Latvia. My blog is now up 21% from my best month, so far! Thanks to viewers from Germany, and Russia, and all over the world!

You can be an expert!

You can be an expert, at any kind of repair. Today, I fixed my sink drain. The pop up mechanism was not working for the drain plug, but i went a little further than I needed to. I just had to replace the pop up nob ( rusted out), instead of the whole drain body and plug assembly. It cost 27 dollars, to fix er up.  Next, my drawer in my kitchen wheel went on the bum. It is hard to believe, the father in law found it before I did.  He looked at me, and said, watch, watch!  He rolled out the drawer, back and forth.  See, he said, see! It does not roll well.  A roller was chipped badly.  I replaced it today, but then had to even out the tracks so it would stop shimming to one side 3/4 s of the way out.

Yeas,  you can do anything.  Put your whole mind and body to it, and it can be done. When in a time of mental blockage, just step away.  Look at it from a different angle.  Go on U tube. Check U tube if you cannot find the answer from Dad. Do a search, and you will find the remedy...


Glycol heating system in service...

Today, I was called into work,  to put in to operation the Glycol heating system. It is a mix of 50/50 water and glycol, heated to a final temperature of 150 C, by means of a steam heat exchanger.  This heats the whole plant.

First, I had to make sure that the condensate did not interfere with the good condensate drains. I had to drain it to a floor area that was designed for this. Only later when the quality gets better, we put the condensate back to the main Dearator.  Then, once I was sure I had a steam path to drain, I cracked open small bypasses, slowly heating the lines, and opening drains for the condensate.

I started up nearly all auxiliary pumps, which branch from the main pump line and supplies other hard to reach areas of the plant. It boosts the pressure, and ensures flow.  I had to vent allot of areas, of air, and one pump was air bound ( pressures equal at suction and discharge of pump).  The only thing with this system, is that the nitrogen pressure on top of the glyco…

Neighbor said book was advertised in French Paper.

Walking down the street with my vicious poodle terrier,  a neighbor came up to have a chat with me. He asked if I was working today, and how things were going. I did the same, asked if he was back on his shift schedule.

He then brought up the book, and I asked where he learned about it.  He replied that it was from the French Provincial News Paper, the Acadie Nouvelle.  I found this to be surprising, as I thought he may have heard it from word of mouth.  As where he works, some of my friends work there as well, at a smelter not to far away.

He asked for where to buy a book, and for a signature.  I said it should be no problem, and responded that I could get him one in the next few nights. We then parted ways. I was always wondering long ago, if when, how long would it take, for the neighbors to receive the news.

From June 1 st release, till now.  Wowzers...  As, I was not one to herald it throughout the village. I pretty much wanted the vibe to go through other areas of population th…

Discount Book store rates book higher than expected!

Thank you Discount Book sale store, for rating my book 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5!  It is a pleasure doing business with you!  @

Blog has evened Best Previous month!

My blog has evened my Best Previous month. Thanks to Russia, the United States, Germany, and great Pakistan.  Thank you all, very much!

I just got done making 8 meat pies.  I boiled the pork, moose meat, in separate pots.  I then put in an onion in with them near the end of the boil.  Then I got out my grandmothers meat grinder. I affixed it to a board, and began cutting the meat up in small bits. I cut up the boiled onion, and mixed it with some summer savory. This is using two packages of cut pork, and two moose roasts.  You can split it for a desired taste the way you like it.  I went a little heavy on the moose.

The crust was done as such.  Two cups of floor, tsp of salt, an inch or more slice of lard, a cup of water.  Mix the flour and lard first until pea size clumps result. Then, add in the water slowly at a time, mixing ( better results if lard is cold, and if water is cold).  Some people use butter, but in the old days, the butter was too salty in the old times.  This is why …

A dog knows where the treats are!

Going to my grandmother in laws, they were making a roasted chicken dinner. The dog came with us, and ran around the kitchen in great jubilation at the aromas coming from around the table.  I motioned at the dog, time to go for a walk. The dog had a hard time to leave the table, but, she eventually came.  We must have walked a good 2000 feet down to a shoreline, and then on the way back,  the dog took off running.

Where was she going?  Did she see a cat, a mouse, or a squirrel?  No, she was running in a straight line direction. It obviously worried me a little bit, as she could have just as well be heading towards the road. We called, but there was no coming back.  I whistled, but there was not even a turn of her head.

I ran a bit until I got to the house.  She had her front paws up against the front door, whimpering to get in.  Wagging her tail, and looking towards the window.  Well, to my relief, she went to the house.  She never forgot what was going on in the house, the roasted ch…

Being stressed out at the work place!

Yes, being stressed out at the work place.  It can happen. Sometimes, something at home causes irregular feelings at work.  The pressures of life can catch up with you in a snap. And, just cause that, a snap, in your right, justified feelings.  Some people call it a burn out. A stress feeling.  Some people are better at handling stress than others.  Some people are not. I used to see some people get red in the face, just over talking about their hockey team. Or flare up, just talking about a different way of doing things.  Some of these people never break down,  but some do.  It is a sad part of life, and they do need time to themselves.  This is where other co workers are needed to be nice, to help the person get back on track.

On other news,  Regis Philbin has retired from the Morning Live Show.  Kelly Rippa will do an excellent job there, no doubt, and I am sure who ever they get will do well also.  But, Regis was that special kind of talk show host.  He was always humorous, witty,…

Garage wired for 220 V if needed.

The garage is finally wired. It came through underground, from a 60 amp breaker, through tek cable, and then to a 100 amp panel. I have two double 15 amp breakers supplying what I need for now, in the garage. There is room for a few more 15 amp if need be.

In the 100 amp panel: The ground (s) from plugs ect,  is connected only to the ground to the house. There is no grounding rod. The Neutral and the Ground at the 100 amp panel are connected separate ( to their own supplies coming from the house). The neutral is connected to the neutral, and then the bus bars I have 120 V or 220 V if need be. This was done by a certified electrician. But, for now, I am content with the 120 V. The only problem I got into is with some lights I bought from a Canadian Tire store. One outside light looks bigger than the other.  Now, another has  parts missing. The fourth light is just fine. If I can only find the receipt to those lights.  That is going to be fun, as I am sure if you are like me, I tend to …

Blog has been more successful than my Book!

I am trying to figure that one out.  My blog is more successful than my book. I am just about at the peak of the same amount of visits as last month, my best month ever is about to be surpassed again. I will have to give up on my book career, and continue with the blogging.  Some people say blogging is the same as jotting something down on facebook.  What is the difference, someone once said to me a few days ago?

If the amount of visits on this site had translated into sales, here on the blog,  I would be producing Part 2 right as we speak, right now. Just like the Van Halen song,  right now!

But, it is not translating into high sales, but this is to be expected. I completely understand this phenomenon, and it is alright.  As I went into allot of areas explaining the hits on blogs, and that actually we may get a few thousand hits on a blog, and none of these may translate into any sales over a few.  It is the true reality of the Blog,  I think, anyways.  October sales have been flat,…

Another two people loved my cover for my book!

So far, another two people have given me high acclaim for my cover for my book. That is nice to hear, and I thank them for the comments. This time off, I need to focus a little more on the book again. Once again, try to spark some sort of interest in it, which I have not been successful at so far.

Guerrilla marketing?  Get me a banana, and lets get started...  Nahh, I rather use the ultimate weapon, a case of beer. Beerilla marketing... Till then..

Electricians here to wire garage.

Electrical hourly rates for electricians today, 55 dollars per hour for one, 85 dollars per hour for two. Very expensive hourly rate. But, it is what they all charge, or some charge even more than that. Two came today for this job, and I suspect an 8 hour job, if I leave them go that far. We always hope we get good contractors for to do the job, and we sometimes get some really good ones and sometimes we get some of the other kind.

Nothing new on the book front. Everything is silent, as usual. Too quiet. They e mailed me back on the Freado game site for my book.  They said I need to join Book Buzzer Author Pro at a subscription at 9 dollars a month, to get my books on their website for to win at a game.  They have a QuizPro technology, where they can market your book through Facebook in a viral manner.  I am not sure if, I want to go through this route, especially when I thought giving the books to them free on their site meant people were happy all around. I will decide in the near f…

A website where you can play a game to win your stuff!

I was just checking this out a little while ago.  A website where you play games, to win points, in order to win free stuff. Like books, I pads, and other stuff. it is at

I will go check that site out, to see what it is all about. 5000 points for some books. Hopefully they got some Pac Man games, that is the only games I am good at, with that old Atari 26oo... The good ole days..

Till then..

Hydro Fracking In New Brunswick

As of late, shale gas exploration in New Brunswick has been all the craze. Large pockets of gas beneath seams of porous rock. You just have to have a special drilling machine, some chemicals, high pressure water to fracture the rock to produce gas seams in order for the gas to flow.

There has been allot of opposition that has risen up in New Brunswick over this practice. It is only, because in other areas of the world, especially the United States, where serious problems have arisen. The practice caused widespread damage of aquifers, supplying whole towns, rendering their drinking water undrinkable.

It is always the question.  What is worth more to you. Your water supply, or a gas supply that is only there for perhaps 20 years or even less. Environment vs. Profit. Lately, around this area we have been seeing short gain for long term pain in mining companies wanting to dig close to village water supplies for a year or two supply of gold. It does not really make sense, to put in jeopard…

The lure of a self help book...

There are allot of self help books out there.  Some to help you cook, some to help with your financial situation, and even some to help you sell more books. I usually find, that they, for the most part are, good sellers. They seek out a problem in someones life, and offer many or more solutions.  Some are there for to give an offer of a window of spirituality, and some are there to help you through your marriage or divorce.

I sometimes bought the odd self help book for to understand how to be better at taxes. The whole "for dummies"  series is a whopping success. In the end, I found rather the ways at how other people save money on taxes. Having a home business, you can claim allot of expenses, for example, in a leased car to renovating some of your home for the business. Most of it is geared into investing into retirement investment funds, or mutual funds, and how to ride out the storms. How many times have I heard that on television, I cannot count on my hand.

Do I need a …

Eating cereal to lower my cholesterol

I am a bacon and eggs kind of guy...  But, now and then, I take a break and get a bowl of cereal.  Sometimes some oatmeal, cream of wheat, or even beans.  My cholesterol levels are both around 5.5 or so, but, I still am weary of it as I approach my 40 s.  I love salt, and if I get a bag of chips, watch out. None maybe left in the morning.

I was thinking that comedies fall into, mostly, 3 brackets. One is the totally unbelievable (scary movie), the mid unbelievable ( Animal),  and then the believable ( Envy, National Lampoons Vacation, Ace Ventura Pet Detective).  And, I mean, they all fall into probably or touch the broad brand of the spectrum every so often. Everyone likes something different. Myself, I personally like the more realistic comedies more than the unbelievable, but I do like those too.  The Naked Gun films were classic, and, I am about to rent them again, as they fall probably somewhere in the mid unbelievable range to high.

Besides on the book front, there is nothing to…

James Blunt going to Moncton

James Blunt is going to Moncton.  The wife, and her mother, and some other relatives are going to see the spectacle. I will be working, unfortunately, that weekend.  The place is going to be crawling with lady fans!
I enjoy his singing also, and he has a range of style that transcends through the ages.  Not like some other singers, that only are suitable to either teenagers, or seniors, or the middle age groups.

No change in rankings for my book on Amazon.  I am assuming bland sales, as usual. New updates on sales to be coming up in November, within a day or two.

As far as income tax is concerned, I could not get an ITIN number from the U.S. revenue office due to my company not giving me a signed signature from a receiving officer.  If you make, under a thousand dollars anyways, there should be no taxes to report at any rate.  I will call the I.R.S. to make sure, when the time comes. I do not expect to make over a thousand, at any rate.

Well, time to go.. Relatives are here, I will b…

1 / 3 done of Part three, of The Supermarket Guy

Last night, I wrote another 10 or so pages of Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy.  It is coming together fairly well. I do not know which one is the best. This Part 3 has a prison break, with the main character being unpopular for some odd reason, and a F 15 strike eagle shooting at one of the main characters.

I am getting addicted, to finishing it up. I tell myself all the time, to stop writing after so many pages, as I will burn myself out. I am afraid that the brain will become overloaded, and I will not be able to think of new ideas on how the characters can get out of certain situations.  Or how certain situations must link up.

It was around 11 o clock last night, and, I had to stop writing. I could have continued, but I had a feeling that I would probably mess the story up more than help it. It just comes a point where, you have to put down the pen. Or the keyboard..

I think it is absolutely better if you think about your book, over time, and then add about a few pages a day or eve…

Best seat in the house on Remembrance day!

I always had the best seat in the house, on Remembrance day. My father, was a Second World War II veteran. He would talk sometimes, of how the war would go, the good and the bad. I found my father always to be tough, as he was always was as granite to showing emotions.  You would see a small effect of a wince, or a head tilt, after telling some ghastly details of some operations. Especially when talking about the more terrifying aspects of the war.

I made a pork shoulder roast for supper,  a gravy with mushrooms, some spinach, and bought a salad. My mother told me to put away the salad for another day. The gravy is always great with a shoulder pork roast. I emptied the roaster drippings from the pan, then mixed two teaspoons of flower with a cup and a half of water. I sliced some mushrooms up, onions, and then added some garlic salt. It was delicious. I had a pouch of gravy mix just in case, but it contains some MSG, so I decided to put it away for another day.

Well, that is it for no…

A rainy Remembrance Day.

The rain is coming down strong in Northern New Brunswick today.  I imagine all of the Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held inside,  under the cover of Legions, and School Gymnasiums. I will go visit my father today, to maybe watch the celebration on Parliament hill.  I think the weather maybe good up there in Ontario today.

Besides that, I found still some media releases coming out for my book. This is surprising, as the media releases were done several months ago.

I have found 2 new Media Releases in October. I found 3 more today, with my book advertised on, ebuyjewelry, and a dutch European site translated as Tasty Chicks.... All of these media releases, I had no absolute idea where they continue to come from or how they got where they are still going.

I am assuming two things. One, that Dog Ear is still promoting the books a little on the side. They know I have a part 2, and 2 other books in the work. It is in their best interests that the book actually sells, as…

In honor of our War Veterans!

In honor of our War Veterans.

Your hair maybe graying,
your voice maybe quieter,
your steps maybe shorter,
your strength maybe failing,

but the courage you have gave,
will always stand the test of time,
as an example to generations,
we look back in awestruck,

at the storm of violence,
that you have fraught many dangers,
and seen your friends die,
and many have died for us,
so that we may not have to suffer,
and give your country,
a chance at a bountiful future.

Thank you,  Dad.  We will remember those who have fallen in the name of Democracy and Freedom, all over the world. On this Remembrance Day.

Till then...

Blog is up 33 % already, from its best month of last month...

Thanks for everyone for following the blog. It is up 33 % again, for the 3rd consecutive month in a row. I am working some day shifts, unfortunately I do not have much time to come on here and try to put some different or common perspective in this grand world of ours.

I know in Part 1 in my main book ( I am sure everyone caught it), the workers were always looking for raises, albeit, maybe 25 cent raises, whenever the employer or the boss was up against the wall.  These are small raises, and perhaps, with no union, not much bargaining power at the floor level.

We see this throughout the world sometimes. I know here in New Brunswick, they are thinking of creating a lower minimum wage for those who have tips, and a higher minimum wage for those who do not have tips. This was a concept, that, quite truthfully, that I would have never thought of. They may have this in other provinces, but probably very few.  The minimum wage in N.B. is scheduled to go up in the next year or so.

A minimum…

3 Guys at work want to buy books!

Today, I got three offers to buy books from work.  One guy is a an avid hunter, the other an avid sailor, and the other is an avid Boston Bruins fan! One guy asked again for to sign it, when I bring it in. Before this, I have two sales coming through the bookstores.

This is good news, at it is another 50 or 70 dollars closer to starting Part 2. When it goes up by increments like that, it is going up 2 % or so from the total required on this day. I would love to write tonight, but, after working a 12 hour shift, sometimes I am scared I will lose a certain focus and just go sideways, instead of forward with the writing.

Going sideways can help a writer sometimes. Sometimes, you need to go sideways to develop a characters traits. If you go reverse, you can also bring up some history about a character also, but that is something that I rarely do. Going forward is bringing up new situations that coincide with links in the past. I try, sometimes to go forward and you hope to go forward much…

Snow tires are on!

Bought some snow tires today. 640  dollars plus taxes in Canadian for 4 new Michelin X-ice. They say the are good. Not the best, and I know what the best tires are, Nokian.. Not nokia, the phone maker, but Nokian. A company from Finland, are rated number one in so many digests, that it has to be true.

They have the best, winter tire out there. And, they have, the crummiest price. Approximately 800 dollars for a set of 4, for a 14 inch rim. I wanted to get the BF Goodrich, but the convincing was not there enough to convince the other half that the price is right, at 540 dollars taxes in.  I think the ratings are alright, and I would have bought them because of the price, and because I personally like the thread on the BF Goodrich.

The wife liked the thread better for ice, which is what she got with the Michelins. With the milder weather here in Canada, it probably makes more sense as we get more freezing rain conditions than normal. I hope this year is a more normal winter weather for …

Lucky to get some writing done this week.

When you are looking after two senior citizens, it was lucky at all that I got some writing done this week. Sometimes I have to go shop for them, get them two meals a week, get their prescriptions, and even do some maintenance on their house. These are my parents, who did everything for me when I was sick, down and out, so I make the best effort to give them a hand. At times they are our anchor in many of a storm at sea. Today, I have to shop again for them, before I start my regular 3 shifts. Then, I have to do some business for my own home. It is true what they say. Trying to run two homes is a busy situation.

Now, to decide to drill through my concrete or to drill through the header joist for my electrical wires. I will call the electrician immediately. I may save him the time and start with the hammer drill right away.

I still need to get a hair cut. I am starting to look like Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean...  The only difference is I cannot remember where I put the …

56 pages of Part 3, The Supermarket Guy done

56 Pages of the Supermarket Guy Part 3 is done. It is coming along well, and is flowing very good. I would not know which is really more funny. 1, 2, or 3, as three is developing into a strong comedy as well.

It will be nice to see which one people finds the best. I only hope I can have the will to produce part 2, then 3 within the next year. I still have a long ways to go to finishing part 3. I sometimes have to stop myself, so that I do not burn myself out of ideas and maybe do something in the wrong direction.

I found out today that my back garage door is rubbing against the side of the garage panels. I need to contact the contractor to check it out. It was not moving smoothly either. It was hard to move up and down for awhile. Someone else was smart enough to point it out to me. It is good to get a second opinion, all the time, when things go awry, or you are stumped on some problem that needs a solution. Well, time to go to bed.. Have a good night, till then...

Update on that deck I painted, yeah, in November...

Well, the second day, the surface was still a bit sticky. The third day, it still had the gloss. It was pretty much dry, or 95 % on the third day.

I was lucky, it did not rain those three days.. I think it will be ok for the winter. I have to give it two coats this summer though..

Some people blast it with a high pressure water wash, to get rid of the paint chips. I do not know if this does good, as it pressurizes the surface and water may penetrate deep.  Maybe not. I will continue to use my handy dandy scraper, and, my case of beer in the sweltering heat, of summer.. Till then...

Just a worthy note of passing

Just a worthy note, for someone who passed on today.  Andy Rooney passed away today, after complications due to surgery.

How many of us will be able to say, we were still wanted around at 92 years old, babbling about the world around us.

As, shown on CBS shows 60 minutes, their ratings went in the toilet after they tried to get rid of the guy about his stern comments, and, then against the Iraq war and the Bush Administration.

All I can say, is Hats off, to a remarkable individual. Well done.. Well done!

Wiring a Garage Part 2

I dug out my underground trench. I dug a 35 foot trench. This is going to cost me, in electrical wire! It should be 18 inches deep, but depending on what type of underground conductor you have, you could go less deeper with higher quality cable ( metal cable). I also then took off a piece of drywall, to drill through my cement. I think maybe hammer in a stick of dynamite... Nah... They sell drills for this job, but, I think you have to cool them down with water every so many inches you go. But, this is the first time I do this. I have a 7/8 th drill bit ( the only one I could find to fit my wire through) ( my electrical wire, that is).

So, now, just to decide when to call the electrician to do the job. These buggers charge 35 dollars an hour, and, sometimes they bring a buddy to drill the holes. One company wants just a service charge of 78 dollars just to say hello. In the old days, there seemed to be more competition and more workers around to bring the wages down to a fair value. W…

Wiring a Garage

Household wiring in Canada. I always had a hard time to understand it. Although, in school, I made very high marks in finding V=IR, our P=EV, for purely resistive circuits.  As the years went by, I tried to understand what everyone else wants to understand. Why is the neutral referenced as a ground?

Then, it came to me just in a drawing. It showed, the household wiring system, 3 wires: 2 hot, 1 neutral coming into the house. The neutral is plainly connected to the ground, before entering ( grounding plate is there). All the grounds in the house, are connected to, the neutral.  The neutral has 0 Volts to it. The hot wire has 120 V to it. This has to be, for to obtain a difference in potential.  It can be thought of once again, as a water tap. Stored energy in the tap, open it up, and it does its work and goes down the drain. The drain, to me, is the neutral.  Without the difference to ground at 0 Volts or neutral, nothing would happen. For a stove, or washer, dryer, the two hot wires c…

40 pages done of Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy.

Things are rolling along fine, so far, for Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy. I wrote another 15 pages today, and will maybe continue tonight, if the time is right.  Usually, it is when I am home alone, without much disturbance, I can get things done much faster. But, on the other hand, sometimes someone who is doing stuff around me, helps me out just as much. Just by chance, sometimes the person around me gives me new ideas or a new formula to get to a desired point.  I do not ask, I just listen and perceive how people act around me. It may help to get through different situations in the book.

The great Russia has been coming to my blog site, in heavy numbers. They will soon eclipse the United States as my number one blog followers. A big thanks to the Russian country, who have a big heart.

I will continue to try to write, as the days go bye. Hopefully the time will come easily.  Till then.

Wife wants to paint the deck in November

The wife wants to paint the deck in November.  Just the bottom floor, is scraped up a bit. We were so busy this year, that we did not paint it in the summer months. One expert said, that as long as the temperature was above 55 F all day, you would be alright. He said that most paints are designed to be painted at this temperature, and wont blister or bulge.

When it dries, I wonder if it will crack later on.  We will try it. As the temperature here today is plus 13,  which is 55.4 F. I am just on the line. Hum,  maybe I will not attempt it.  I will check on the back of the can to see what it says as well.

As far as the news on the book,  I have none to report. I will keep it updated here, though, as time progresses. As promised, I gave the total sales for the month of October. 2 books sold in the UK. I sold one book through distribution in the U.S. back in July.  3 total.

Now, those two books that I sold in England.  It is either going to help me in a small,  way. Like a tree, spreadin…

The Vampire Dairies

My wife loves to watch the Vampire Dairies.  When I am working, or doing something else, she yells at me "Come on in the Vampire Dairies are on!"

I do find the show is actually entertaining, and sometimes funny. The character Damon is bad, but then his brother is now bad.  Stephan was a goodie two shoes, trying to straighten out his brother, keep him from killing innocent people.  Trying to give the vampires a low profile. Now the roles are reversed, as Clause has changed his old friend Stephan back into the vampire killing machine.

I bet the fans still love Stephan. And, I bet the fans still love, Damon. Even though they spill a trail of blood, and kill along the way, the teenagers will love them anyways. Now, we all know it is just a sensational TV show.  An episode back, they had ghosts actually coming through a portal and coming back to cause more damage than good.

And, Elaina, the poor girl who is in love with Stephan.  Tender heart, but strong will, to continue to want…

Repairing my neighbors snow blower!

My neighbor, quite a long time ago, asked if I was good at repairing snow blowers.  In Canada, a snow blower, is a mans best friend. Maybe even better than his dog.  His wife?  Well, almost..  Just joking, especially if your woman can shovel when your blower is broke down.

So, it took awhile for us to meet.  I work strange shifts, and he works the normal 40 hour a week, 8 hr day shifts.  Finally tonight, we combined forces to take apart his made in China snow blower.

It was the first time I seen such a machine.  Two drive belts for the snow impeller. A rubber teeth grip belt for the main drive. First, I seen that his main belt was sheered off, and the other was in bad shape also. They were not even the right kind of belt for this machine.  And,  the idler pulley was loose. We took apart the machines front and back main sections (remove the brake for the pulley 1st, then the snow chute attachments), and then took off the pulley. Here, we had a chance to tighten the idler pulley. It sh…

My friend at work is still advertising for me!

My friend at work is still advertising for me. He told me, he just puts in the title, and sends.  It then goes to 50 hits a day, every so often.  I told him to stop a long time ago,  as I felt, it was a hopeless cause.  But, he continues to kindle the flame, for me. And, he tells me it is not hard work. Just put in the name of the book, and then wappo flacko. It is sent. He then just has to reset it.

Besides that, not much news out there to report. I heard Kim Kardashian (excuse the spelling) has left her man. Irreconcilable differences. After 72 days of marriage. I know the tabloids and everyone else will have a field day with this. I am not saddened by it,  maybe a little frustrated, at seeing a nice looking couple saying their final goodbyes. As, maybe, no one will admit to their own 'mea maxima culpa'.  Maybe it was doomed from the start, as some sources may indicate.  I will drink a beer and write a poem in their honor.  Till then...