Shoveling dirt!

It has been quite awhile since I shoveled dirt.  Or gravel, for that matter.  Excuse my lack of precision,  but after drinking a few beer it tends to dull.  It is amazing,  how a dump truck comes on over,  and just dumps a load of topsoil on your property.  For 220 dollars,  and I think that is the screened price.  No rocks in it or silly little twigs in it.  Less raking.  But then you got to seed and roll the dirt.  Oh, if it were not for the wife.. This is much needed if you are in the construction mode as much as I am.

Then,  to move all of that dirt,  so that you make it disappear like Chris Crissangel..  Yeah, soon everybody asks,  "where did it go?  Yeah,  where did it go,  did you move all that stuff?"  And I reply,  "It is hard to believe that you work like a dog, and move 20 tonnes of earth and spread it to make something you got to cut every 5 or 7 days.  I think I need another beer,  as next year I will be cutting even more grass".

I am strongly beginning to think it is much better just to pave your entire yard...Ohhh, if were not for the wife..  Till then..


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