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Direct Deposit, Governments, and the Banks

Just a little while ago, I got news that a relative of mine will have to direct deposit his Canada Pension Plan cheque, as no more cheques will be issued after a year or so. I have many older relatives near the 80 ish age, while the majority do opt for direct deposit, there were still a healthy minority opting for a cheque in the mail.

They were all told that this is due to the savings that are necessary to reduce paper, energy, and probably manpower costs at the government mailing department. While a mailing may cost 88 c,  direct deposit costs probably around 13 or so cents (  Millions can be saved, so the government says.

But, to a principle of point, they are also giving direct deposit only to banks, credit unions, also.

Where a person can understand the expediency of direct deposit ( Yours truly goes that way too), because most companies will only pay through that method.

I remem…

Another 4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3"

Another 4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3", just received this morning. Here are a few comments from the reader.

-- I liked how the book was kept light and even though the characters were beyond oblivious to their surroundings, things always seemed to work out for Harold. ---

Once again, thanks to the readers, as 94 % of people "liked" the book thus far...

Please read below to entertain yourself on my humor posts, and thanks for stopping by!

There is a new superhero in town- Capitaine Recyler!

Capitiane Recycler was flying over Wasteville, when he seen a lady toss plastic bottle out of her car while driving in the woods.  Capitaine Recycler whooshed down at great speed, with his super hero suit made out of recycled tires, his cape made out of old carpets, and his mask made out of old tampons!

"Lady!", he yelled, as he began to fly close up to the renegade jeep at full speed down the country road. He was swallowing some dust, as he had the empty plastic bottle in his hand.  She looked at him in a stunned manner, as he was flying just close to to her now. He showed her the plastic bottle and pointed to it "This bottle is recyclable, and you can get five cents on a refund! That money can go into the stock market to invest in a recyclable company and pay you out double!"

The young lady looked at her husband who was driving, "Not another creepy superhero! Watch this, darling!" He was heading close to a road that winded in and out near a cliff. He t…

Another Great Review for Part 3!

A recently posted 4 on 5 star review for Part 3. Here is what the person had to say about the story:

----This book sort of took me back to childhood- I always enjoyed funny and outlandish stories. Now I found one for adults!

This book kept me entertained (and laughing!) throughout!----

Very thankful for the support, glad that I could spark some laughter in some peoples homes.  Did think of many more hilarious scenarios for Part 4 last night.  Will try to write some more later on, if time permits.

Thanks to the readers for their kind support!

Part 4, is still uncertain for the continuation of the series.

Was talking to some friends the other day,  as Part 4 seems to be a wrench thrown into the gears. With low sales,  the advice was not sound to continue to churn out books to continue on the series. They tell me I should throw in the towel. Wave the white flag. Get some comfort food, like bacon and eggs.

With 60 % of Part 4 done, it would appear my writing has developed into a kind of airplane stall. Oddly enough, the flow of ideas from the mind were quite positive in reaching the end result to this book, but the time was not there to write much at all.

It would appear now that Part 4 could be released as a Kindle only version on Amazon, if I could get to the finishing point. It would be poorly edited, and at a low price. This is the question, I had been asking myself for the last few months. Should I put it out there as a kindle, only version, and have the benefit of the 99 cent e book sales price, and worry pas?  At 99 cents, who would care about the editing, and if people really wa…