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The head doesn't know what the tail is doing!

The head does not know what the tail is doing.  Today,  at Dog Ear publishing,  I asked again if the prices got reduced for my E book.  Don't get me wrong,  the people are great there.  I think it is just,  that they are so busy,  that they do not cover all the bases.  And,  no one is expected to know everything.  A saleslady responded through e mail that the E kindle prices should be lowered very shortly.  I also asked during that time if the Paddyfield, Bucher, WHsmith, Barnes and noble, Chapters Indigo, ect, was all lowered as well for the kindle.

She responded it would cost another 150 dollars for to put it on Apple I Pad and the Barnes and Noble format E book.  Talk about a giant surprise.  I thought that,  when it went out as an E Book from the publisher,  the formats were already done.  I mean,  really,  how difficult is it to change it from one program format to another.  So, I sent back the e mail saying,  I want it done for sure,  and sure,  charge me the 150 dollars.  …

32 % increase in Views, thank you!

Thanks everyone for tuning onto this site.  I have had a 32 % increase in views since my best month which was in June,  as it dipped in August,  but September has been a Lions Roar!

This is just like the General Motors bankruptcy story!  Wowzers!!!  Out of the red and into the black!

Lonesome Book Fugitive..

That is what I feel like this morning,  even though the sun is rising over the Bay of Chaleur here in New Brunswick.  A lonesome book fugitive.  I wonder if I could talk to Merle Haggard and change the song.  Not many sales,  not much excitement to go with the book.  People turning me down left and right for interviews, and the CBC Gemon Gomeshi and George Strompalompas (forgive the mis spellings),  turn there heads and pretend I am just a floating breeze.  A floating breeze which only delivers butterflies to the Dali Lama.

And we all seen the fugitive show,  the old one,  and the new one with Harrison Ford.  Where people are chasing him down for a crime he did not commit.  Only this story here,  is about us POD publishers trying to gain exposure, for no crime did we commit.  Maybe someday,  we will see people talking to people again,  and people giving chances to people again.  Maybe..

Just a quick note,  they found on the news that in the morning through tweets,  most people are on …

There is not enough time in the day.

Lately,  I have been thinking that there is not enough time in one day to get things done.  Is everyone feeling the same,  in their busy schedules,  that we are lagging behind a chore that we usually do.  Never went fishing this year,  which is a pass time I love.  I was lucky,  I guess, to go moose hunting,  but it really put me behind my own work here at home.  When you have to prepare a few days ahead, clean your hunting gear, shop,  it does take time away from the regular stuff.  The wife will try to stop me from going, again, next year... We may not get a license at that time,  as it is hard to win the draw.  50 000 applicants,  for around 3400 licences awarded.  Talk about a money grab for,  you guessed it,  the government.

I began to write some things down in a book,  of daily things I should get done.  It helped me keep on track,  and narrow the list down somewhat.  I never did cut the grass yet,  and now we will get some rain tomorrow.  We need the rain for the wells.  I am t…

In U.S.A, Canada, and Russia we collect hockey cards, why not get back into Book Collecting!

I asked myself that question the other day.  Is book collecting being passed up, over other types of collecting.  Of course,  Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno may have their collections of cars,  which is fantastic.  All the more power to them.  But, us little guys,  have to collect something at our own level.  I used to collect hockey cards, and have an old Mark Messier and a few years old Wayne Gretzky and Ray Bourque card.  These are things that, over time go up in value.  Coins are nice to collect too,  and I think allot of people have a few of those hidden treasures hidden around somewhere.

Now lets talk about collecting books.  There are Antiquarian societies all over the world.  These people not only buy old, rare, out of use books,  but they look for new books that have certain value because the way they are made.  They are definitely special in their story or the way the cover is done in its obviously unique style.  These people have the art, skill, knowledge, in determining a boo…

Another guy at work offered to buy through Chapters!

Another guy at work,  asked it if would help me if he bought through Chapters!  I said,  it does help when the books are bought online.  But,  it does take at least a week to 9 days to arrive.  The other guys shrugged,  and then offered to probably buy them there as long as I signed them.  I relented after much urging,  and then offered to sign those too...

It is a beautiful September here in New Brunswick.  It was a month of plus 20 or so weather, and clear skies for the majority of the month.  Now the fall colors are starting to come out,  and soon the orchestra of colors will be rustling with the gentle fall winds.

It is time to get caught up on some work.  I have to clean the house, cut the grass,  go to my fathers to cut his grass, then do a small book tour...  Try to get some books out there on consignment... After much hesitation,  I think it maybe worth the while...  To take a trip down south,  and to get them on the shelves...  It will be  a fast trip..  If I only had enough …

E book price reduced.

Super news for E book readers!   I have asked to reduce the price of my book, to $ 3.98!!!  You have heard it correct,  E book of The Supermarket Guy for 3.98 !!!  Have I lost all my marbles???  Have I lost enough to write another one?

You cannot get a better price,  for a good quality humor book,  at this price!!!  As an unknown author,  I felt I had no choice but to slash it from 8.99 to 3.98... My ten fans must think I am crazy!!!

But,  I still strongly feel,  a gut feeling at that,  that the Paperback is a collectors item,  and the 13.99 is fair pricing for books around that style and page count.  It may become like,  the Antiquarian Dr. Seuss book,  fetching a thousand dollars per copy!  You never know.. Get into book collecting now,  First Editions are worth allot!!!  Yes, of even the most mundane books can be worth a fortune!!! Because the cover is, drawn by the author,  might I add... And, the interior has allot of incredible underlining themes inside of it,  ready to be disco…

Got two more sales from work!

Two more people asked me to sell then autograph books at work.  Some people even shook my hand.  They say,  it is quite a thing what you done there.  Once again,  I reaffirm that I did not find it to be a large undertaking.  I just had to try to get something done like this on my own.  Outside sales of the book are, no mystery.  One a month,  give or take.  Any book you see in the popularity rankings on Amazon that are past the top 10 % do not sell hardly at all.  I will be truthful.

Yet,  the thing that I do not understand,  is how come it is for sale in Japan, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, U.S.A, Canada, and beloved England ( the cradle of English book civilization).  And on these sites,  I see used books for sale.  Everywhere. Even in Australia,  E bay has made a page for my book for to buy.

I will keep an eye out on this process,  as it is still all a mystery to me.  For now,  I will eat fried chicken and drink beer. Just got home from work... Till then!

They want me to do a book signing at work.

The people at work are very nice to me.  A secretary there,  asked for me to do a book signing.  It is a very nice gesture,  but I am still a little on the shy side to do it.  The reason being,  I just do not know.  I feel uncomfortable in front of the people I work with,  giving them a signed book.  As I feel the book is good, but, yet the kind of person to be put in the spot light too much.  I am more a kind of one on 10 person or something, not a one on 50 person.  I think it goes back to when I was young,  I was always a little shy ( Unless I get a few drinks in me,  then watch out).

As far as things go,  not much has changed.  Good to be back home,  as the woods can make you hallucinate and think back to the wilder side of life.  No showers, good grief.  Eating was good though,  we even had spaghetti sauce that I had mentioned here....  The famous recipe past the moose hunters test.. Have a good night,  till then..

Back from the moose hunt!

Back from the great wilderness.  My friend was successful in getting his moose.  It is quite impressive how,  a hunter can call out such a huge animal from the edge of the woods.  It is quite like what you see on television,  or on U tube.  And then,  one shot,  and it is all over.  A good 7 mm rifle does the trick,  and it is a beautiful rifle for to use in the woods.

The only think I can say,  is gutting the moose as fast as you can is,  as you probably are already aware of is important.  Letting the heat escape,  is a good thing.  Some people leave it hang in a cool place for 3 days or so. The group I was with,  decided to cut it up and put it in large freezers.  This was something new for me,  but skinning a moose was done before.  I found the skinning part went a little better for myself.

The warm weather of the moose hunt,  made it for us to guess if the hunt was any good.  Sometimes,  if it is too warm,  the moose may not be in the mood to move.  The second day of the hunt,  ou…

Will be gone for, hopefully 2 days.

Hey everyone.  I know this will dramatically affect all of my ten fans.  But,  I will be gone tomorrow to the moose hunt.

I think we will catch the dreaded beast,  at exactly 1 minute after sunrise.  The time that it is legal to shoot the bugger.

I love yeahs all.  Please,  hang on for me and continue to spread the gospel of The Supermarket Guy.  I have my switchblade knife on hand should the moose approach too close.  My friends will be doing the shooting,  I am just doing the film work.  I will be filming this session,  as it is a special one.  We have a good friend,  a Janitor from work who does an excellent job.  He was nice enough to put his name in the Moose Draw for us,  and he won.  Beer is free for him,  and the trip too!

I will be back soon!  Till then....

The Authors famous spaghetti sauce....

When your book has the blues,  there is something else you can do besides reaching for the booze...

Make the authors famous spaghetti sauce...  Here it goes..

1 lb of hamburger,  brown in a pan,  since the color of sales is dark.
1 lb of sausage,  brown in a pan,  since,  well never mind.
4 cloves of garlic,  because no one is asking for your signature anyways.
a tsp of basil,  as it smells like the pages of a newly sold book.
half a tsp of oregano,  this will cheer you up.
mushrooms,  1 pkg,  chopped finely,  like the white pages of your book tossed in.
one quarter green pepper,  to ease the headaches,  diced.
2 cans of crushed tomatoes,  seeing red with no sales.
1 can of tomato soup,  as it has even salt in it.
1 tsp of tomato paste.
1 small can of heinz juice,  156 ml as you ran out of beer to mix with it anyways.
pepper,  not much salt,  to taste.

But all in a big pot,  half heat boil,  then simmer for an hour.  Why an hour..  To let all the negative criticism of your book float …

Take your beer bottles out discretely!

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when you take your beer bottles out to the bottle depot.  I am sure this happens in Russia all the time.  First, you start clanging and clinging them in the boxes.  If you drink beer anything like me,  then you will soon find out that your wife will soon ask the questions..

Why is it taking you so long to get rid of those bottles.  Then she sees the pile stogged up at the entrance.  Oh my God!  You are drinking too much!

How do you counter these irrational feelings of misconception.  First,  you have to do a few changes.

1.  Buy bigger cases of beer and tell the wife they are really small cases of the same.  For instance,  a 12 is now a 24,  so I guess you just cut back a bit.  She will never know the difference...

2.  Do haul out your bottles during a time when she is at home.  Wait till the beautiful deer is gone.  This way here,  she does not see how many bottles are out of your house.

3.  And,  I know cans are a different taste than the bo…

A quick thanks to Russian viewers!

A quick note, thanks to our Russian viewers,  for visiting my site.  This has truly been an uplifting experience for me.  In the past week or so Russia has been way up there in visitation here. I have a tremendous respect for the hard work and dedication that you show in all you do.  Russia is a wonderful country!  Canada is quite similar to your way of life also ( meaning we got the cold winters to tough out too, but we got Hockey). Thanks again!

An Atlantic Canadian Reviewer says sorry!

The other day,  I e mailed a book reviewer here from Atlantic Canada.  Just as I thought,  the person only reviews books that are traditionally published.  But, was nice enough to actually treat me like a human being, and explain the situation.  That, this person had a hard time for years just getting a book published.  It was rejected many times,  then accepted by a traditional publisher.  Since then,  this person made a commitment on his site to only provide his services to traditional books.  To change now,  would go back on this persons word.

This seems to be the norm.  No one wants to review a POD book,  unless the sales burst from the seams.  Then they come a begging.  I think someday,  a Rambo reviewer will come across the Rubicon to take POD to freedom valley.  This reviewer will save the POD,  and read until his eyes need water drops.  No blinking,  just staring POD in the face.  Deciphering the Good, the Ugly, and the 99 cent novel ( No novel is 100 per cent bad)...  Till th…

Sympathy sales?

Of course,  you always have to have a few people at work that are always somewhat on the hunt for a teasing.  Some people even now call me the name of the character of the book.  I threatened to make a book of that individual, and he backed down a bit.  Then,  someone asked if I was doing good in the sympathy sales.  I responded,  yes,  very good.  Maybe he was alluding to that the sales at work are from people who are actually care bears.  I would say some yes,  but some would fall in the category of  curiosity. But I believe there is some honesty in there for the most part,  and that when they said they liked it that it was a sure answer back.  I know some of them definitely would not hide the true review from myself or anyone for that matter.

Anyways,  another 2 sales last night.  I will deposit it in an account at the bank,  just strictly for Part 2.  I am now a little above 4 % to get to a 100 % of the mark.  I feel like the ukulele man on the Price is Right,  trying to get up th…

Another person at work liked my book!

Another person at work found my book to be very good.  And then asked how did I accomplish such a story.  Then someone came during the late hours of the night,  and asked to purchase one.  Then in the morning,  another person came in and asked to purchase one.  He also remarked that it was quite something to do,  and that he was impressed by the fact that I wrote a book.  I am always taken aback by this reaction to writing it.  Then asking me to sign it,  which is too much.  As,  I feel I done nothing extraordinary.  That in a universe of 140 million books,  mine is just a dwarf star.  For awhile,  I felt a little foolish,  actually to even have tried to attempt the feat.  But,  as the old man said,  if you do not try you will never know the end result.

The % of money made, in order to produce Part 2,  is now at around 4 % of the grand total.  I like doing the percentage thing,  as I find it gives me an idea of how long I have to go to get to 100 %.  Still a drop in the bucket,  and m…

Getting ready for moose season.

My friends are getting ready for moose season.  I will be packing in the next few days.  Most important thing to have over beer ( which is hard to believe) is a compass.  Then a flashlight, some matches, a knife, and a first aid kit.  Dress warm,  as it gets really cold at night.  Frost as thick as your mothers jam collects on the windshields of the vehicles over night.  We can draw some really nice pictures of moose in some windows, and have contests. Besides that,  lots of water, food to get by,  pack sack, candies, good boots and a set of water resistant ones.

I have a GPS on my person all the time, but as we all know it is not as good as a compass.  Batteries, electronic failures can happen.  I even take extra batteries in the pouch just in case.  Another good thing to remember, is to drink lots of water,  as a body can become dehydrated from drinking just coffee and tea.

It is really windy outside,  as the hurricane heads towards St. Johns,  we are getting its tail.  No news on…

16 books gone in a weeks time

16 books left the house in a weeks time.  5 sold today alone.  It surprises me at times how certain things can happen very rapidly in one day. Where does the spark come from.  Just the awareness that comes with some advertising.  If we are not aware of the product,  then it will stay hidden forever.  I have to begin a tally to determine how many I will sell in the next little while.

I see my book is still for sale in France, Italy, Japan, England, the USA, Canada and Germany.  How would anyone in a foreign country with different languages read an English book for that matter?  Yet how would they even sell it,  if no advertising is done either?  And, to my dismay,  there is only one search engine where I can find my book listed,  and it is Google or Google chrome.  Webmaster and Norton will sometimes bring up the book after a few searches.  It did not help that the search has to have Super market broken up.  I wanted Supermarket to be together,  like the word...  But,  live and learn I…

2 weeks one inquiry

The bookstore in Bathurst,  I seen on the shelf that my books did not move.  I had one inquiry today,  so the woman exclaimed.  Good news,  I guess.  I got lots of time to sell them,  as I will leave them there for 6 months to a years time.  Another upside,  is that the guys at work want more books.  I am unsure as to how many,  but they are going to come to the house and get them.  They want them signed.  I told them that me signing them would only put the value of the book down.

Went to check for tires for my truck today.  1185 for BF Goodrich,  as compared to 1290 for Wranglers.  They are six ply,  off road tire.  Good for the moose hunt with my friends, whom I am just going for assistance.  If they are lucky, they will get their moose.  I am the worker, the lugger, the extra hands to help get the moose out of the  Boreal forest,  and onto the supper plate.  It is allot of work,  depending on where they get the moose down, from dressing to the butcher.

We practiced our calls tonig…

Been so busy lately...

Been so busy lately.  Doing a bit of landscaping,  moving more earth around.  Never got a chance to check the bookstore to see how my book has done in Bathurst.  Maybe a sort of feeling of ignorance towards it has risen up inside of me.

Well I would not really say ignorance,  as I do have knowledge about my dire situation.  I am just letting the truth set, sink, into my skin.  I think I do know now,  it does not matter how fast or how much money I do spend to promote the book,  it will always be a small seller.  Maybe sell 10 or 20 a  month, then a few years later,  very few.

Part 2, 3, and 4 will never be printed to production.  They will just collect dust over the years.  Maybe if my maid keeps the house clean,  no dust..  But, how am I exposed to afford a maid on a POD authors salary.... Till then :)

Indian Summer so far for September

September has been good to us.  Not much rain,  and plenty of sun.  Time to get some things done.  I have to still shovel some more gravel around the garage,  and the guys from the construction team still has some work to do around it a bit.  I have a loose piece of vinyl covering flopping off of one side of their seemingly completed job.

Today I will check how the old book has done at the local book store in Bathurst.  I think I may have sold a few,  as some guys at work was going to go there to get a few.  Besides that,  I have two of my friends who forgot to pay for the book.  I will have to rack their knuckles a bit,  for payment...  I will report back how many I sold at the local bookstore...  Not even sure if it is worthwhile to travel the province again to drop them off at bookstores at consignment.  That more or less is a pain in the yehoo...

Well,  I wish everyone a great afternoon.  If you got something to do,  get er done.. Till then...

Quite Satisfied..

I am happy that my blog is doing very well.   Looking over the stats,  and I see it is even for the mid month for the last months total.  This is truly something to make me want to crack open the tenth beer for a celebration.

10 is a great number.  It is so even, so I will just have to crack it open.  I inter e mailed soo many stars at Funny or Die..  Well,  I got no response from like,  30 people or more.. So I am beginning to think it maybe actually a mortuary in disguise...  Burp..

Well...  I will keep on trying till,  I get a response from one of their superstars... Someone must be alive in that Freaking place.  Why do they put up their stupid pictures if no one wants to converse with people.  But I imagine it is the same as twootier,  or is it twitter,  or facebook,  where you have a litany of stars there to promote the site,  but none of them respond to your comments...  It is like talking to the walls...  Just to promote,  their site.. I think people have a right,  to have some…

Remembering 911

911 came to us all as a great surprise.  It bewilders us to this day,  how this could have happened.  Why?  Then came the next question,  how to prevent it from happening again.  Even if we have to restrict good peoples movements.  We now need passports just to cross from Canada to get into the United States,  something that was not needed in the past.  Before you could get across with a few glances,  a few questions, and maybe not even that.  So,  perhaps the terrorists got what they wanted.  To make our lives more intrusive than ever.

And, to think about it.  How these innocent lives were taken,  who had no, absolutely no affair with any struggle in the middle east.  People who had families, friends, and contributed greatly to society.  It is just because they worked in a building that was a landmark.  That would garner lots of attention on the news.  In my opinion,  if an organization has a beef with a foreign government,  terrorism only helps the foreign government make its case t…

Shoveling dirt!

It has been quite awhile since I shoveled dirt.  Or gravel, for that matter.  Excuse my lack of precision,  but after drinking a few beer it tends to dull.  It is amazing,  how a dump truck comes on over,  and just dumps a load of topsoil on your property.  For 220 dollars,  and I think that is the screened price.  No rocks in it or silly little twigs in it.  Less raking.  But then you got to seed and roll the dirt.  Oh, if it were not for the wife.. This is much needed if you are in the construction mode as much as I am.

Then,  to move all of that dirt,  so that you make it disappear like Chris Crissangel..  Yeah, soon everybody asks,  "where did it go?  Yeah,  where did it go,  did you move all that stuff?"  And I reply,  "It is hard to believe that you work like a dog, and move 20 tonnes of earth and spread it to make something you got to cut every 5 or 7 days.  I think I need another beer,  as next year I will be cutting even more grass".

I am strongly beginn…

September and Indian Summers!

September has thus far been good.  I seen an old friend today,  and dropped off a book as requested by their family.  They said they would enjoy reading it,  and asked how did I find the time.  I was going to start typing Part 3 tonight...  Yes,  tonight..  But,  the time slipped away somehow into the suds of overflowing mugs of beer..  Maybe tomorrow night..

My dads lawnmower tractor front tire got a flat today.  It was so bad,  that I could not reflate it.  The seals were gone on both sides of the rim.  I took it to a gas station,  and with a large air flow,  I got it up and new again.  The thing is,  is that the tire was new a year ago and put on the rim the same time.  The rim is in good condition.  I think the guys at the shop,  did not clean around the rim good enough,  and sold the new tire as it was on a glumpy sealed rim.  How would you guys feel,  if a year old job was still causing you or your family member problems this short of a time down the road?  I put water and soap …

Reading a book called, The Smoking Gun.

My cousin dropped off a book the other day.  The Smoking Gun, a dossier of surprising, salacious,  secret documents.  It goes through some police papers on individuals that have totally lost it,  FBI papers that have been released, and of course,  allot of Denis Rodman antics on every so many pages.  It seems he is one of the worst offenders.  Does it really take anyone aback?

Definitely some hilarious stuff in there.  And,  also some sexual explicit stuff in there, so you are forewarned.  It also showed Kristy Alleys divorce paper where her ex husband exposed their casual spending habits.  Sammy Davis singing at a club that was connected to a local mob,  which was not surprising to myself,  as interviewed by the FBI.  Why was George Burns checked out by the FBI a long time ago.  It is all in there,  for the eyes to reveal,  the not so revealing...  It also shows memos onto what certain bands want when they go on tour,  what should be in their dressing rooms.  Def Leppard wanted a cer…

110 visits on a 108 Posts!

I first would like to thank everyone who took the time to take a little visit on here.  On 108 posts,  to date I have gotten 110 visits.  This is for a 3 month period.  I am not sure how well it is,  but personally,  I find it to be very up lifting.  Being a bum of an author,  with a pint of whiskey in his hand,  living off of chewing tobacco and a book of Macbeth in my undershorts... It is tough...  Well,  I went a little far with the chewing tobacco...

Just the fact that there must be hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there.  Trying to push something entertaining and thought riveting to you,  the viewer.  I find it great,  that I got a viewer from Russia,  a few from India,  and some from that great beer drinking country of all time,  Germany.  Canada came in second,  and the United States # 1.  Thanks so much,  for coming here,  with my weak computers skills.  I would have loved to add elevator music,  ect,  but I am not so swift with the keyboard... Sorry bout that... Till the…

Lobster is coveted by many admirers around the world!

I know,  in my book,  one of the stars is a Lobster named Packo!  I cannot say what happens to him,  but he was a great actor.  Maybe someday this lobster could win an Oscar.

This morning, while coming home from work,  a story of someone stealing lobster from a Supermarket come over the morning show on max 104.9 in Bathurst.  This happened somewhere in the States,  where a man stole some lobster but put them down his pants.  Now, of course,  the radio announcer in Bathurst alluded to the obvious of the danger of doing that,  without really saying it Howard Stern style.

Lobster prices went up a little bit this year.  Sometimes,  when the tides are really rough,  especially in the early spring,  they wash ashore here for onlookers to pick up during rough weather.  To the dismay of the lobster fishermen,  they dislike the crowds of people picking up the delicious crustacean.  But,  maybe allot of them would perish on the side of the seashore.  It is a question left for more scientific d…

The Days are getting shorter.

Here in the morning, the sun rises later now.   It gets dark around 8 30 pm or so now.  Soon the snow will arrive, blanketing our countryside with shivers and people running to the store for hot chocolate.  I will make sure I get my supply on e bay,  to avoid the stampede of Canadians towards the Supermarket for hot chocolate.

No news on my book.  But,  sometimes,  no news is good news.  That old saying,  that leaves everything resting on the great fjord in a calm sea.  Yes,  my book is on the fjord,  waiting to get washed away by the waves and read by schools of fishes.  Or,  caught by a passer by,  a fishing boat from Japan,  who harpoons it so badly that the pages are sheared into unreadable state.  Or maybe,  just maybe a helium filled balloon will land on the fjord, and take it away to a nice nestled home on the side of a sherwood forest...  Till then...

A person at work wants to put in in the news at work!

Where I work,  we got our own monthly newspaper.  Just about tidbits that go around the workplace.  Retirements, safety, and training, ect.  A lady in administration congratulated me on my book,  and wanted to know if I would like to put it in the rural bulletin or the at work bulletin.

I responded,  that at work,  I would get allot of distractions and e mails on the subject.  I rather it be a slow crawl there,  than a deluge.  But,  in the messenger,  where people cannot really bother me,  I thought that was the way to go for now.   And,  I know what you are thinking.  Why miss out on an opportunity at work to spread the word,  to make more sales.

Honestly,  I think only my own station would probably buy most of the copies.  The rest of the network,  would only glance at interest and e mail concerning details, ect.  At work,  through my work e mail,  this could leave me to a busy smurf for a little while.  I would be asked for autographs at work, the book at work,  what it is about,…

Fahrenheit 451

Just completed reading Fahrenheit 451.  I could not help,  but to link it up with my owns book progress.  Ray Bradburys book is about a world where,  no books are allowed.  The fire departments only function in this future novel is to destroy the books and home of anyone guilty of hiding them in their confines.  Ray Bradbury has a poignant, strong descriptive talent in pushing his story line through the pages of his novel.

The main Character is Montag,  who through meeting a young girl named Clarisse,  seems to change his concrete outlook on life.  He works for the fire department,  with its salamander and robotic hound,  whose prey it never loses track of.  Never.  As so it appears.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  I read a Halloween book in my teenage years,  which always gave me the wonderful feeling of Halloween by Mr. Bradbury.  I forget the title,  but will look for it now...  Love his writing.

Yet,  I find it interesting how it ties in to my books development so far.  I personally…

Went at the October fest in Bertrand, N.B.

Bertrand,  N.B. had a terrific beer festival this past weekend.  You could sample beers from all around the globe.  All day today was a sample festival,  and there was little place to park to sample the suds.  Beautiful weather,  and warm welcomes from everyone there.

Later on,  we went for a walk through the Acadian Historical Village.  There,  was people from France,  United States,  from all over Canada.  They have one of the regions first banks there,  as well as a restored hotel there,  a turn of the century gas station,  and a old sawmill.  One of my relatives saw the huge chimney at the sawmill and thought it was a crematorium.  Oh well.  Certainly it is not that.

As far as my book is concerned,  I try not to think of it now.  I am quite satisfied that I tried to publish something,  and I knew the risk was there that I was only going to get some local sales,  which is what is happening now.  I have become a local star.  You know,  the guy down the road who plays a wicked piano.…

All is quiet.

All is quiet.  The end to a pretty eventful week.  My friends requesting books,  getting me to hesitatingly sign them, and then walking away.

The good news is,  there is a beer festival in Bertrand,  near Caraquet,  and my wife said we should go there.  For once,  I completely agree.  A beer festival!  Full of suds...  Here comes the Dud..

If the weather permits,  I will go down tomorrow to see what is going on there.  It was exposed to rain tomorrow,  but everything is set out under one of those big tents...  I hope they set up allot of portie potties to handle the other kind of liquid...  Till then, cheers!

Sunny day in the North Shore of New Brunswick!

Seems like the fall is now the best time of the year,  for New Brunswick.  It is just that we had so much rain in the past few months of summer. The nice warm but cool breeze,  and the fresh potatoes from the ground with some fish caught in the Bay of Chaleur makes for a nice afternoon.  Today,  I took my mother out for a drive and my Dad.  My mother got arthritis,  and it makes it extremely hard for her to get around.  Hopefully someday they will find a cure for that terrible debilitating disease....

Today,  I was picking bean pods in my fathers garden.  Then a friendly neighbor stopped by,  that I have not seen in awhile.  He found out about my book,  and asked for a copy.  I explained that I had none on me at the present time,  but if I seen his truck in the yard,  I would most certainly drop it off within a few weeks.

If the world,  was much more like the rural sales I have been doing around my home town,  I would be in the top 100 with my book...  Have a great night,   till then…

I was going to let my hound dog write my blog tonight!

I was just going to set the computer down on the floor,  and let my hound dog write my blog tonight...  Sometimes,  you never know what will appear.  She is some smart dog.  When we ask her to go for a bath,  she understands the word,  bath.  And then runs behind the couch to avoid being soaked.

Truth is,  like many writers,  you get into a writers block.  Sometimes information just does not sky rocket like it usually does,  way up in the cranium.  But,  all things being said,  today another 3 people asked me to sign my book.  Another 3 of my co workers.

Once again,  I thought they were foolish for asking me to sign the book.  I really think they are making fun of me,  in a smug kind of way.  Yet,  they are so serious,  when they ask it.  I walk away,  and then I hear "You got to sign that,  you know".  I reply, "You got to be kidding me".  "No,  really, sign the book!",  was the end reply.  So I laugh,  and I tell them what I already know.  They want ded…