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Part 4 now 74 % corrected.

Part 4 first draft now 74 % corrected.  It has grown by over 15 or so pages.

This could be a 360 page book or so, or plus.

Hopefully will have time this week to finish.. Wish me luck...

Still a bit busy with some family affairs, getting this tied up...

Till next time.

72 % of Part 4 corrected.

Part 4 is coming along good again today. Had a bit of time to go over another 5 %.

72 % corrected, and many changes, to make the text stronger and better.

This could be a 350 page long book. If I can make it to the finish line.

I will keep chugging along in the next days to weeks ahead.

The Supermarket Guy 4

The Supermarket Guy 4 is now 67 % completed in the first draft.

Only 1 / 3 rd remains to be edited and checked before sending it away to a real deal editor.

I was thinking of producing it by rough copy.

Good idea, or bad? What do you all think?

Why not, have an artists work be seen in the raw, imperfect form, before being corrected by someone else.

Would it be worth more? Less?  Interesting concept. I know we all think it would be worth less, if not edited properly.

Editing does change a few things in the text. Not so much as the thought process, but perhaps the isms here and there that get cut out.

Maybe. I will get it edited, but it is going to take allot more time and effort to get it all done...

Till next time.

Part 4 of The Supermarket Guy

Part 4 of The Supermarket Guy 1 st draft is now 58 % completed. This one does live up to the others in humor content, and will be the largest volume of the series so far.

This is probably due to the problems I have had in finding the time to produce it, with family issues and what not, but on the other hand it led to a slower production of this book, which created probably a Part 4 and a little of another book all in one.

Slower production usually means a better product out of the gate. Better reading. Better humor. Maybe this fall it could be sent to production, which takes 4 months to create from then.

We will see how it all goes. I have been making sure the links to different chapters do stick together well, and that the spell checking is great, and that the grammar is good too.

I had an idea for the front cover. The nemesis playing basketball dressed in his golden suit. Leaping up towards a hoop. He has something round in his hands. It's not a basketball, but a new product of…