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It has arrived!

Back from the moose hunt.

Ah, the Canadian Moose hunt. Quiet mornings, woodpeckers pecking, and beavers slapping their tails in the lake.

I was with a crew of hunters again. In this team of 5, we had two licenses. The first friend with his first license got his moose the first day. A nice bull that may have weighted 1000 lbs. Then, a cow that may have weighed 750 lbs, was shot by our second hunter with his license in our crew.

I was there to help, and did not take part in any shooting. It seems the moose population is stable so far in our area ( Northern New Brunswick), but there were some hunters who are still trying to get their moose. Tomorrow is their last crack to fill their license.

We were lucky to have an area with little traffic. Allot of traffic makes for a harder moose hunt. What I mean by this, is too many hunters per square mile. In our area, which is top secret, the extra hunters are few and far between.

I had hunted in the past with people where they brought me to highly populated hunter areas.…

Part 3 has gotten a few reviews thus far.

Part 3 had got 2 reviews thus far lol.  A 5 on 5 star rating, then a 4 on 5 star rating just a day ago.  This is all surprising, as the book is not even released yet for sale ;)

No, it is no wizardry on my part. I think it could be just people that mistakenly could have put up ratings before actually reading the book. In this day an age, you never know... It could be pirated already...

Either from the publishing house losing a file, or from me sending in the file on just regular e mail... Or maybe some genius who hacked into my computer...

But, I am assuming that it is just misplaced typos... Oh well.. The ratings are high, anyways ;)

No time to chase after the wind, eight days to go until scheduled release to E stores..

Till next time...

10 days ready to print. Ready to order.

They received the last set retail pricing. 15.49 $ for the paperback, 3.99 for the e book.

It will be approximately 10 days before I can order some.. Approximately. I will get 5 free books via the mail, after their process is gone through. It takes 7 to 10 days to receive them. Amazon and Barnes will advertise them after the 10 day rush to be able to print period is over..

By that time, I will order some more books, just to ensure I have allot of copies for my contests and what not...

It will be available via my author ordering page, but for large orders of over 150 books it is done over the phone for efficiency and at a cost reduction.. Not sure if I need to order 150 books... I never did have an authors signing anywhere... I suspect it will be the same, in the future...

Till next time...

Sales price of Part 3.

The sales price on Part 3. Once again, a bigger book, and more costly per unit to produce. I decided once again to give the retailer a 40 % cut in the retail price. My Part 2 pricing was originally at 14.95.  Part 1 was at around 13.99.  This one, I hope to achieve just a little over the 15.50 mark.

I will see when the e mail returns, what the slices will be. I will get the least, smallest slice of the whole pie, I can be quite honest about that. The smallest yet, out of the three books per % wise.

The e book, I will try to maintain at a price of around 3.99.. This is the price the publisher suggested to me this time, as with the last two books I placed the pricing both at that amount. If I could lower it more on their ends, I would. But, that is what the publishing company and Amazon wish to set it at. I could not go much below from where it stood. I wish I could offer a 2 dollar or 1 dollar book, but when you go through the avenue I went through, it is not in the cards..

So now I w…

2 weeks ready to print.

In two weeks, the book should be ready to print. Near that time, Amazon, Barnes, ect will have the ability to order up this zany continuation of the series.

I had phoned my publishing company to ensure it was on track. I was worried that it could be delayed, as I did not see any updates in my e mail box.  Sometimes they do get truly busy, and possibly forget to e mail, but I leave it to no chance. I needed to know how far the process was, as there were times in the past where a second pass was thought to have been sent in, and was not. For days on end, the work on my book sat idle, and I had lost some precious time. It was my fault, as it did not get past my antivirus network. I had to arrange the file differently, to get it to the market. So to speak. With Part 2, it was difficult at times, as when I thought I sent some things out, it just landed in my outbox, ready to send but not sending. This is why  now, I always double check my e mails and such to see if it has arrived. Usually…

Someone asked me the other day, why do you serve the "hot" with the "cold"?

Someone asked me the other day, "Why do you serve the hot with the cold?".  He was referring to my prefaces at the start of my books.

Much like serving up the hot along the cold, or the fries along the ice cream.

Each book has a preface, a sort of serious thought before undertaking the zany voyage. At first, I did question the value of having a preface to my stories.

In Part 1, the preface was just about singing the praises of the supermarket worker. They are incredibly undervalued at times, and perform great work in order for us to get fed. The preface in Part 2, was a little more thinking along the lines of the economy and why we need a certain force. But it leaves the room for a debate. The preface in Part 3 goes much along the lines of Part 3, but reinforces the idea somewhat. It tries to enhance the issue of respectability and tolerance. Freedom and choice is its crux.

And throughout the 3 books, you will see how certain forces of evil are trying to tear apart that cru…

Part 3 only a month away!

Part 3 is only a month away. I double emailed the publisher to follow up, to make sure they got the go ahead to run it through the presses.

I will probably start to finish off Part 4 in the next few months. I have been losing allot of good ideas throughout the time gone by, as I had no pad and pencil to mark these ideas down for the story. I hope to rekindle them all once I start writing again, maybe even tonight.

My website still has to be revamped, to include this book, with a little excerpt out of it as well. It probably will lead to another Google preview.

On the Dog Ear site, I had recieved 411 likes on my book. This is really great, yet I believe they are people that are just passing by and clicking on the like tag for maybe the Dog Ear site.. Or is it for my book? Did that many people read my Part 2 so far?  I do not believe so, unless there were allot of pirated copies going around. It all makes for an interesting chase on the internet... There was another pirated site I was …

3rd revision sent back. Off to the presses.

3 rd revision sent back. It appears the errors that were still true and blue, are now erased and clear. When the hard copy arrives, I will still read through it again and make sure it is of high quality. I do not care if I have to stop the printing presses, and recall the book to make changes again.

It should be good, as the errors that they missed and that I had created during some changes in sentence work that I had made, have been fixed. It is always good to get a second reader, to read through it again and again in order to ensure there are no errors that exist.

Thing is that I am alone. No one in my family lives close by, and the ones that do live close by are probably not interested in reading that much to do a recheck on my work. Everyone got different interests, and I do not blame them. Then there is the reliability factor. It could take them a month to read it. Then there is the busy factor. Everyone is busy these days.

The editing done by my publishing company did iron out …

3 rd revision has been sent to me.

The third revision has been sent to me again. I had looked over the revised corrections, and everything looks up to snuff... So far....

I will reread tonight, and tomorrow, for a third and final check. If I find more errors, they will e mail me back the body text again, and I will have to read it all through once again.

Even though I find my story very entertaining, there is only so much of rereading of your own material time and time again, you can stand. Just that every time I go through it, I could probably still add some humor and material here and there, thereby making the book even more attractive. Perhaps I should have waited another 6 months before releasing it.

I probably read through that text ten or more times now. This is the most grueling process that any author must go through. You must ensure that the product is very good, and unfortunately enough, spell checking does not completely do the job.

With Part 1, I had the same process to go through. I made corrections in th…

Film agents?

Is it just me,  or is it really hard to get a literary agent interested in your work.  I have e mailed several firms, but they are all too busy to respond to my requests for information about the process.  I will not go through the list of firms I had tried, but I truly understand that they are duly busy. They do have a tight schedule to keep, and have mountains and mountains of book requests on their lists to keep them at bay for many of a year. Not an hour.

So I decided to try out film agents, for tv. This is new to me as well, but usually a literary agent firm will have film agents in their organization. That is, if they are big enough. I am currently searching for film agents, and will see how that process goes. I had e mailed one such an organization just a short while ago, but nothing come back as well.

I understand that they too, are busy, and that possibly only a handful of these books do actually make it to the realm of movie magic world. This is a long shot, even longer tha…

Winners of "The Supermarket Guy 3" contest on this blog!

Here are the winners of the Part 3 giveaway.

John from Sacramento, California.

Henry from Moose Jaw, Canada

Andrei, from Samara, Russia

Phillys from Phoenix, Arizona

Olivia, from Aukland, New Zealand

I want to thank the little over 2 thousand participants that entered this contest! It was truly fun, and to see how half of the contestants came from over other places in the world!

Remember, the other Goodreads giveaway is still current until the middle of October, 2013!

Till next time...

My book is currently advertised on Amazon at 3.03 $

Part 1 of "The Supermarket Guy" is currently listed at 3.03 $

I had to highlight the price, because even I cannot believe it. It is currently being sold at that price at, and I believe it must be due to its ranking being so low.

Currently, my book is at an Amazon rank of 7.4 million, from the top. This tells me that my book is not moving, at all.

This price of 3.03 $ may go up at any time.  Nowhere in my lifetime, did I ever believe that a book selling site would reduce my books price to this value. It is hard to believe, or maybe I am missing something here. It is the paperback version, after all, and the highest rated out of my 2 published books thus far.

I find it hard to believe no one is biting on that price. As I did advertise on Google awhile ago, the ranking and thus sales did not go up. Shipping and handling does cause the price to creep up a little bit, might I add.

This was a book that was actually rated at 100 thousand one time, and at 500 thousand at…

Cover come in the other day!

The cover for Part 3 came in as expected. Only changes were to my name going across the skyline underneath the plane and over the subtitle... I looked at this for quite awhile... I thought, that is truly the only place to put it... Unless they expand downward the Northern part of Africa, and place my  name down where the Sahara stretches...

On the back, they placed missiles going through the synopsis. Now, this synopsis is a little longer than the other two. I may have went a little to far with that, but it is a larger book in volume. Perhaps a fault with my paraphrasing abilities. In the end, I would have liked to see the main characters true nemesis from the front view over to the back, but there was just not enough room to put it in there...

That is just the way it will fly...

It is fine, and at this stage in the game, I feel it is too late to fine tune an already truly appealing cover to a humor book. Too late for this cat to change his game now...

It is strange, but oddly enough…

What happens after a series is completed?

"The Supermarket Guy" could go on forever. But, I only have the room for a Part 4, and a Part 5. If I am lucky enough to make it that far. It all depends on how successful Part 3 is, which is to be released this October sometime.

Then there is room for a book of the main characters funny poems. I was thinking then of writing about a type of strongman who lives on the street, when a mob enters in and tries to take over his block.

Then there was room for a personality of sorts. A main character who is all self centered, so to speak. Another humor book, waiting to be unleashed.

Then room for another book, about a lady who gives her husband a hard time over her passion or thinking in life.

That is 6 volumes of books, I could write. But, it all depends on how well Part 3 does... If sales are flat, then so is my pen. It is fine, as I will try to open up a business of sorts in another field... We can never stop moving, or dreaming, even if we fail..

Of course, "The Supermarke…

2nd Pass sent back.

2nd pass has been sent back. Two errors that were not corrected,  that I had to resend to get fixed. Then, I made two changes to the text. This definitely makes more humor, just by adding these two little shots of humor instilled in the text.

First, I was worried that a name I had used was actually a real life famous person. Just by coincidence, of course, but I removed it just in case.

Then, I elaborated on a sentence to create a much more deeper effect in one of the paragraphs in the beginning on page 3, when Mr. Acadou talks to another character in the book. It adds a little enlightenment, so to speak.

Besides that, the two errors that were missed by the publishing house happens very rarely, and it is a good thing to go through it again.

When I get the paperback version, I will read it front to cover again. The published version may contain very few errors, but I will recheck to be sure.

I know I read books from traditional houses, where I could see errors in the text as well. Ver…