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Grandpa Wannapus vs. Grandpa Acadou: The final Karaoke!

The nurses aids and event co ordinator set the both men back up in their chairs, after frantically slapping each other in the face a few times... Now they were far enough away so they could do no harm, as they rolled them into each a corner place in the large auditorium.

The even coordinator smiled and took the mic "Ok everybody, it is Karoake night will all of our senior home pals! Who wants to sing first? Who wants to give everyone a joyful, tear jerking melodies of our past memmories? Maybe a few love songs for our senior Level 4 love birds out there, or maybe for those workers who have developped love affairs with our patients, tee hee!"

Immediately Acadou and Wannapus raised their hands and nearly fell out of their chairs in competition. Both wanted to sing, and sing badly. All the others grumbled and sputtered in disgust.

The event co ordinator pointed to Acadou "Ok, you first Grandpa Acadou. Wheel him up here, please. What will you sing for us today?'

He rol…

Grandpa Wannapus vs. Grandpa Acadou

Grandpa Wannapus and Grandpa Acadou slammed into each other up and down the hallway at Silver Haven Level 4 care home in Dubai. It was a luxury Level 4 care home, with a la carte meals provided for the rich and famous. Their wheelchair wheels blackened the marble white floors at times while jostling, with their axles sparking at the wheels when one put their continuing shortened walking canes in between each others spokes.  Acadou yelled when finally his cane was shortened so much that he got his finger caught in between the spokes. Grandpa Wannapus laughed. Finally they both arrived at the entrance at the same time, both falling out of their chairs and into the Karaoke hall.

The nurse and event coordinator hauled the two men up into their respective wheel chairs. She spoke harsh to them "Now, behave gentleman and no trying to poison or cut propane lines in an attempt to kill one another today, please. Enjoy the kaoroke, and please sing about how much you love the other one!&quo…

Harold Wannapus vs. Jon Acadou's New Year resolution!

Harold phoned Jon Acadou, who was getting the his nose hairs pulled out via a wax job.

He picked up his state of the art 1 mm thick glass phone with neon blue soft lit buttons "Ouch... Ouch! Harold Wannapus, how did you get my number. It is unlisted in the phone book and is upmost secret!"

Harold scratched his forehead "I found your phone number in a womens washroom at boob zone, the newest plastic surgery outlet for women who have money and are looking for a big sugar daddy like yourself! Just like you, I mistakenly took the massive boobs for a set of nuts way up there on the door, and charged in to the chagrin of a few over ballooning women!"

Acadou slammed his fist on his powder pad. A massive cloud of dust erupted, causing him to cough "Damn you Harold Wannapus! Will you ever stop your madness and imagery of mindless lies!" He looked up at his beautiful bosomed woman who was waxing his nose hairs "Please, more powder on my forehead, please!"…