Sunny day in the North Shore of New Brunswick!

Seems like the fall is now the best time of the year,  for New Brunswick.  It is just that we had so much rain in the past few months of summer. The nice warm but cool breeze,  and the fresh potatoes from the ground with some fish caught in the Bay of Chaleur makes for a nice afternoon.  Today,  I took my mother out for a drive and my Dad.  My mother got arthritis,  and it makes it extremely hard for her to get around.  Hopefully someday they will find a cure for that terrible debilitating disease....

Today,  I was picking bean pods in my fathers garden.  Then a friendly neighbor stopped by,  that I have not seen in awhile.  He found out about my book,  and asked for a copy.  I explained that I had none on me at the present time,  but if I seen his truck in the yard,  I would most certainly drop it off within a few weeks.

If the world,  was much more like the rural sales I have been doing around my home town,  I would be in the top 100 with my book...  Have a great night,   till then....


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