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A huge thanks to my German fans!

Thanks to my German fans, who presented themselves here 15 times last night!

I want to wish them a super Octoberfest this year, I only wish I could go there one day and drink their great beers while I read them an excerpt from my books!

Once again a super thanks!!!!

Huge Lobster catches this year in New Brunswick!

There have been some great lobster catches here in New Brunswick. So many, that allot of fishermen hauled up their traps early in the season here in the North Shore. The season starts near the lower part of the province in the next little while, near Shediac, the lobster capital of the world!

This is a problem for the supply and demand situation. The large amounts of lobsters caught, will result in lower prices for the upcoming year ahead. Especially when Maine floods the market here at times with their own lobster, processors take the cheaper USA lobster over our own fishermans lobster. And they say that the lobster season is much longer in Maine than in this area.

I remember a time when the lobsters were scarce, when the prices were high, and you would be lucky to get a mess of lobster come near the end of the season. This is not the case as it stands right now. I think better conservation practices, have turned the tide to create an over abundance once again. The lobsters they thr…

Decided to join Facebook.

I decided to join Facebook a little while back now. This was the result of trying to get a little more of a social vibe out and about. Twitter seemed to be more of a place to find salespeople selling their stuff (not much unlike what I was doing), but you could meet some fantastic people on there too! Facebook seems to link up more with people I have not probably seen for many years.

I did find it strange how a social networking site wanted to know your birthday, and such. That is the thing I liked the most about twitter. You just needed a name, and a password to get in. I do not think it is a good idea to put all of that information on a site, but many people put that and much more on there.

I still prefer twitter over facebook, for now. It is probably because I love its format, and its ease of use. I find  facebook so far has a bulkiness to it. It appears awkward, but maybe after I experiment with it I may come to enjoy its features much more later on.

Just that I done some searchi…

Was sick again last week!

I got hit with a big flue again last week! It stopped me from enjoying a total week of pretty nice weather, and some work too! Seems like I am losing out again on all the fun. I hit the Vitamin C and Garlic sandwiches pretty heavy... Oh, no, not garlic sandwiches, you say! No, but I did steep some water in garlic. I will  try anything to hit a cold hard in its tracks. Just that the stuff probably didn't work all that much for me at any rate. Allot of people had this flue over the past 2 weeks or so... It was a tough one to shake off..

I had to see the doctor on two occasions. First, for some cortisoids and cough syrup. I did take my puffers as usual, but I do not find they help me all that much.

My coughing has subsided quite a bit, but even the medication left a large amount of pressure on my cranium and a little bit of nausea.

As far as doing anything at all last week- even this blog- Took a back seat to my cold. The heat from sweating, joints sore for some unknown reason or ot…

Analyzing the three covers. Bringing in the links.

The three covers for this book series grew from each other, and helped the other get a little grandeur, as time went by. If you scroll down far enough, you will see the two books in the mid bottom right corner of this blog. The third part is just two slides down from here.

First the main characters garb never really changes. The orange hat, the yellow shirt and the green pants. He looks childish, immature in nature. Thus, this really explains his true character quite a bit, in the three books.

 In the first book, he brings his team along for the eventful voyage, right into Part 3. Just like what is portrayed in the cover on Part 1 as well. The innocence of this book cover is essential, just as we all depart from childhood into our busy affairs or struggles in life.

Part two shows the conflict which is happening where things all started for these two men. The two CEOs, brought to the brink, out of their cushy leather reclining chairs from the safety of their boardrooms, into really ta…

Focusing on the cover page below for Part 3.

The book cover for Part 3 is fascinating in many ways. Here are a few things that I can pick up from it, right away. But, you say you are cheating, you are the creator, and so I am on those two counts :)

1. The first thing is that the book cover is a real scene from the book itself. It is over exaggerated, just like most book covers are done.

2. The threats are real. The dangers are real times two. Maybe 3? Jon Acadou is holding on for dear life, and so is the self proclaimed hero, Harold Wannapus. Is that a nuclear sign on those rockets? Egad!

3. What is that growing between Harolds bum cheeks???? He has the mane of a sheep! His hair color has changed to sheepish color!

4. Maybe the sheep does have a major roll in this book? Is it a heroine?

5. The sun setting with the stars finally appearing probably tells us all that things maybe coming to a head or an end.

6. The plane tells us of the powerful forces involved.

7. The African desert is just below them? Is that the Mediterranean se…

The Cover for "Supermarket Dominium", by critical acclaim...


Is your reaction time on time?

Today I wanted to find out what was wrong with my Dads septic pipe. It had plugged in minus 30 Celsius weather this winter, and we had got it unplugged with steam and by breaking apart the pipe.

Just a few days ago, my Dad said his flow from the toilet was backing up at times. This had occurred for some time in the last year and a half. Since the house was old, I thought that the main vertical pipe may have sunken and caused an inability to flow to the sewerage tank.

After my mighty night shift, I decided to get up at 10:30 am like a real man and find the problem out.

I dug out the extension we put in in late February. It was just a fast fix, to unplug the line, with two little connections in between the old pipe. The old pipe is probably a mix of cast iron and some other material. Someone at a retail store said it could be asbestos mixed somewhat. That did raise my eyebrows somewhat, as asbestos is taboo these days. Only unless a top model may wear an asbestos fiber mixed with cotto…

Plant a tree and save the planet.

I remember in the 80s back in boy scouts, we planted trees in some fields and even went door to door to give out some saplings. If I remember correctly, we would plant them in peoples yards, a long way back. I thought somewhere it said that the smallest of trees are great CO2 absorbers. One of the gases blamed for global warming.

Global warming has been a neutral issue with me, personally. I do believe that our activity on earth is probably contributing to it, but I also believe that we are only accelerating a process that will eventually happen anyways. I do believe that Canada has done a great job in many areas of combating global warming, with the installation of wind farms across the country and such. Many countries have reduced their CO2 footprint, but where developing countries such as China where coal fired plants are popping up everywhere, it is a hard battle line to take. There must be a way to get developing countries off of CO2 increasing emissions. I know here in New Brun…

Time is the most precious gift you got.

Time is the most precious gift. I was thinking about how in the past few years, I had little time for myself. Some people have allot of time to go on vacation, fishing, or even go hunting if they so desire. My time has been eaten up by allot of different personal things in my own life.

What makes time so precious. It is friends, family, relatives, and accomplishments. What I mean, is the things you do. You see an end result and watch it grow. It could be your children, a work of art, or a principle you set forward. That last one is if perhaps you could be a politician.

What eats up your time?  People who are dependent on you, laziness, spending too much on bad habits, or what not.

This year I intend to go fishing. I will try to break the mold of being to busy in the last few years. Part 4 of my series can wait till November, but only if sales do occur. If things go awry this time, for the third time, I will put an end to my writing career. Use time for something more constructive.


The Apple I gadget what cha mack all it?

I bought the other half a apple I Pod the other day. I was quite surprised with its functions. It can take pictures. Something I did not know. It can use google maps with the GPS function, I think. You can even browse online with it, if you got a wi fi connection. Seriously, who needs a phone with a contract if you can get Wi Fi all over the place.

What a handy dandy little gadget. Touchscreen and all. The only thing it does not have is the phone contract. Well, might as well just surf to Skype. Some internet online chat provider will be happy to make your connection through your I pod, I am sure.

As far as the book business is concerned, not much has transpired. Like business as usual, but the business in the book world revolves ever so slowly for this dude. Not much new on the horizon, only that in July I will be receiving the book cover draft, and the first pass. I think as long as the flow is good, and understood in direction where I am heading with the thought process in the boo…

Takes 90 days before a book release to start a contest on Goodreads.

90 days before a book release, then I can start a book contest on Goodreads. I have approximately until September or October before it is released.

I could do a pre contest on here, but the last time I did not get many bites. Seems like people are shy to ask or even enter into a contest on a blog site. At least mine. So far to date.

The last few contests I had, on this blog site, I had a hard time to fill the winners. Why? I dunno. With Goodreads, I get several hundred contestants, and the books fly off of the shelf to the winners.

If you think I should have a contest to win a book on here, just pass me a comment. I would love to hear from somebody. Anybody?  Comment on anything, you see on this blog. Share your ideas, thoughts on something you liked or something that has similarly happened to you.

Ask me any questions on the book business. I will try to answer them. The next blog maybe about your questions. Do not be shy. Till next time....

Found a crib that was real wood in Moncton

Real wood, with no smelly paint. Finally found a crib in Moncton, NB that was from AP furniture. Young America had cribs for sale as well. These cribs ranged in price from 1000 to 1400. It was nice to find one without any smell, and made out of real wood.

Allot of cribs are made out of press wood, that can give off fumes for a good while. I would not worry if you buy your crib early, and the smell will pass off its chemicals over a few months time. Even so, I know what everyone else is thinking, and I can reason well with people who do not go for natural products. It is a rare low % rate that a babies growth or development will be affected by the scent of a crib. True enough, there are plenty of harmful toxins all around us, and some of it is invisible.

I believe we can handle a certain amount of these toxins, as long as we are not over exposed. Just that our crib, for some reason or other, smelled strong. I am not sure if it was the color of the varnish, or if it was the country it …

Another 5 on 5 review just added to Part 2 today!

Glad to announce another 5 on 5 review added to Part 2 today. This was unexpected again, as someone from the USA had read my book from Goodreads.

I am thankful for their praise of my work, as it does help me edge along in the creativity department in order to finish Part 4.

This is a total of 10 - five stars on five, out of a total 16 reviews or ratings for my book.

Very lucky so far to have achieved this high of a standard. Thanks to the readers.

Till next time...

Have a baby now and trying to find more enviro friendly products.

A baby takes allot of work, as mothers all know. They require allot of special care, and hopefully allot of good and safe products with their growing cycle in tune.

We searched on the internet, back and forth, for products that do not emit many VOCs, or harmful chemicals. Allot of baby seats were sprayed with fire retardant chemicals, which can harm your child over time. We tried to avoid this, by buying products that were rated safe by baby eco websites and such.

The only thing, when you live in a little area like we do, the choices are far and few between. Some cribs do smell, as it may take 6 months to get the smell out from the wood.  While the crib may have an eco friendly label, it may not be made out of solid wood, and the paint may still contain harmful VOCs.

We are looking into a few cribs made with solid wood, but it may take 2 months to come in when ordered. There is nothing quite local, as this can create some hassles as well. Some press woods may contain glues that emit …

Cover and first pass should be arriving in July.

The book cover should be arriving in July sometime, as well as the first pass of the main body of the manuscript.

It goes by fairly fast, as it is nearly only a month and a half or so away. I am anxious to get it for a review from the editing process once again on their end. Hopefully, I am thinking not many or hardly any changes are required.

Till next time..