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Part 4 's progress to date

Part 4 has been moving along rather well. Thought of a few more ideas, and the motion of events keeps expanding, the crazy situations keep extending outwards too.

I have probably, roughly, two more scenes to complete to get to the 99 % completion factor, as described below. I expect this week to obtain the 99 % factor, and then the other 1 % is cleaning up the text, which grammar and punctuation will be corrected to the best of my ability.

When in the 1 % zone, it means when proofreading it, many changes could occur within the text. This was briefly described below as well.

Not sure if this book will compare in length to Part 3. It will probably be closer in length to Part 2, but one can never tell.

The main character always seems to have a hard time with one of his friends in each volume, and this one is no different, due to the mismatch in personalities.

Right now, I have to figure out how the main character gets out of an explosive situation. Need to do some real, deep thinking. A…

The whole "Supermarket Guy" humor series could very well pass an important milestone!

The whole "The Supermarket Guy" humor series, could pass an important milestone with the creation of Part IV.

It could mean a thousand pages in print size, for the pocket sized book! It may fall just under, or just above the thousand page mark.

This is an achievement which I thought I would not reach, as the creation of Part 2 was a big question. Part 3 was an even bigger question, as the sale results from the two first books were dismal. Part 3 started late because of the poor starts on the first two, and now Part 4 is lagging behind approximately 6 months to a year from a year to year production date, due to low sales volumes.

This is probably why Part 4 has taken so long, and is indeed, behind schedule. Taking my time with this one, due to the poor attraction for the series (although the reviews have been 4.0 out of 5.0 for the whole series- from 43 reviews)

Part 4 will definitely be the last one, unless it performs very well. After this one, I may hang up my hat. It app…

Great progress on Part 4.

Today, I had some great progress on Part 4. The book is coming together better than expected, and could be possibly the best in the series.

It may rival the length in Part 3,  but not sure. It is bigger than Part 1 at this instant, and around the same size as Part 2. But, I am not finished this Part 4 yet, so it could be bigger than Part 2, or even Part 3.

I have still around 2 scenes to complete, but sometimes on scene can grow into a little more action, or humor in between, as what has happened today.

Then when editing the material, it should grow a little more again ( more descriptive writings, and putting in some things that I may have left out), usually calls for the main body to grow as well.

I am at around 52 000 words now. We will see how the rest goes.

Till next time.

3 scenes to go and part 4's body is 99 % complete

Yes, part 4 is 99 % complete after I finish the next 3 scenes.

Then the other 1 %, is just mending the fences. Cleaning the text, adding a bit of humor, subtracting some cheesiness, making it fit together better ( the times, the action, all has to fit)

To find the time to get the other three scenes completed... Maybe two weeks time.. Maybe.. I got family calling on me just now... Have to go again@!

Another scene completed yesterday.

The ending was completed yesterday, of Part 4. It was an ending that drug on for awhile, but it added for 6 more pages of zaniness. What is left, is 3 scenes to a conflict scene, then I have to hop over and do the entrance scene to a fortress and finish up another conflict scene.

After that, what is needed to be done is to brush it all up. Spellcheck, reread for flow and see if the content matches up with events later on in the musings, perhaps expand some paragraphs, maybe take some out. It always usually leads to a longer text, when I perform these functions.

It is probably because I am not a descriptive writer as I should be, and I need to refocus more on the elements that make people see what is really going on in a certain area or situation. How much is needed, and when is too much is too much detail?  Then the humor element. Need to cut out the overly amount of cheesy material. Loved the scary movie series, but I am trying to keep it a little realistic. A little more than those…

Part 4's progress to date

Been sick again this weekend, terrible cough and sinus trouble. Seems to be better today, and yesterday I did not feel like writing at all, but I pushed myself towards the keyboard and began to type away. I thought I might be ruining the newly written text by writing when sick, but it all seemed to mend in the book very well.

I managed to write about 5 pages, and could have continued if the time permitted. I put in some key elements that were missing already in the main text, some linking material, scenes, and it seemed to flow very well.

What is left to do?  Approximately 5 to 6 scenes, but who knows. I always like to gauge where I am in near completion of a book, as the scenes are already in my head, now having just to put them on paper to finish the text.

This could take another 3 to 5 days of writing, depending on how busy I am with things around the house or family affairs.

Now, the other problem of finding the money to publish it. Still thinking of the kindle option, to keep co…
Might as well post the review right here, as Goodreads does not at times put the latest review at the top:

"The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium" which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is the next book in a series that looks at the madcap hijinx in the food industry as Jon Acadou' s foster son not only concocts an ambitious plan which includes the control of his foster father's supermarket empire but also conquest of the world. The story begins with CEO Harold Wannapus's desire to grow his supermarket business while his rival John Acadou is behind bars when suddenly his customers are clamoring for edmundo's products. With Acadou's escape from prison and his newfound faith he does little to stem Edmund's diabolical plan which includes development of a mind-controlling drug to be distributed in their cola product. Only when Jon teams up with his rival Harold can the two stop Edmund's plan to dominate the world.

As the quirky events unfold the …

Another 4 on 5 star rating- Another and another and another...

Read this latest 4 on 5 star rating review from Goodreads.  The only thing wrong, was the book cover. I can take the prunes with the whiskey in one glass, no problem!

Thanks to the reviewer, and hopefully more reviews to come!