Been so busy lately...

Been so busy lately.  Doing a bit of landscaping,  moving more earth around.  Never got a chance to check the bookstore to see how my book has done in Bathurst.  Maybe a sort of feeling of ignorance towards it has risen up inside of me.

Well I would not really say ignorance,  as I do have knowledge about my dire situation.  I am just letting the truth set, sink, into my skin.  I think I do know now,  it does not matter how fast or how much money I do spend to promote the book,  it will always be a small seller.  Maybe sell 10 or 20 a  month, then a few years later,  very few.

Part 2, 3, and 4 will never be printed to production.  They will just collect dust over the years.  Maybe if my maid keeps the house clean,  no dust..  But, how am I exposed to afford a maid on a POD authors salary.... Till then :)


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