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Frisbee an Olympic sport?

The International Olympic Committee was hearing deliberations on making "Frisbee" an Olympic sport. International Frisbee champion, nicknamed the human "GPS" for his uncanny ability to catch a Frisbee anywhere within a hundred feet from him when using the toilet, stood on the committee to get Frisbee as a Gold Olympic sport.

He stood up and gave an enormous preamble to make Frisbee that great sport that everyone wants it to be:

"I catch a Frisbee in my teeth. I can catch it with my feet. I can even catch it between my crutch! Frisbee is the future of the Summer Olympics! That nice little plastic plate is just more than some unidentified flying object that some just had placed on You Tube to make a few ten hits.... No, Frisbee is a great hat. It is a great plate, when you are lost a thousand miles in the woods. It is great when you got a little smiley face on it, and it refuses to get sad when you are down and out on drugs!".

He slammed his fist on the de…

Guy from PI invited me to live there, and become big!

A guy from the Philippines invited me to move there! Read my books, to people who really believe everyone is a star! He said there was some local musical acts from the 60's and 70's who were big stars, that are still big stars in the Philippines... He told me, I could be a big star too!!!

Well, I intend to go there now... As the USA and Canada has rejected my books, maybe a warm heart and a big pot of hotdog stirfry, may just hit the spot...

I can see it all now. Heading to the shore, in my little pump boat, singing "she wore an itsy, tiny, polka dot bikini", while candles float on lillipads on the water in the moonlight air.

Then, the crowd dispersed wide and in thick throngs on the beach, with their banana slides, sliding right into the water.

From there, with my Megaphone, I will read them Part 1, as I swig down bubblegum flavored lambanog, and read my book during an audio event that maybe broadcast on the National Philippino TV!

If they elect me as mayor of an I…

The Bridge of Deaths, by M.C.V Egan

Here is a wonderful book and author that I have been so lucky to have met! M.C.V. Egan, who is the writer of "The Bridge of Deaths"

The Bridge of Deaths is a love story and a mystery. Fictional characters travel through the world of past life regressions and information acquired from psychics as well as Archives and historical sources to solve “One of those mysteries that never get solved”. Based on true events and real people it is the culmination of 18 years of sifting through sources and finding a way to help the reader feel that he /she is also sifting through data and forming their own conclusions. The journey takes the reader to well known and little known events leading up to the Second World War, both in Europe and America. The journey also takes the reader to the possibility of finding oneself in this lifetime by exploring past lives. FIVE STARS FROM THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

The beautiful book cover, as seen on!  A 4.5 star rating on 5, tells us all that thi…

No chicken is cool sporting a leather jacket, made from one of your barnyard pals!

Fancio the hen, was out pecking and eating worms in her little fenced off area. When her little poussins began running back and forth, she hurriedly pushed them back into the safe shelter of the hen house.

There, she could roam around freely, and talk to farmer Liceyhead. She spoke up quite vividly, as she was the star egg layer in this farm "Licey, ole pal. Do you not know that I lay approximately two dozen of eggs per day? While all the other hens are lucky to lay one per day? Winter is coming, and I deserve a little bit of a bonus... After all, you do want those two dozen of eggs every day, now don't you?"
Farmer Liceyhead looked over at his old bull, near the fence. He threw out the piece of straw that was in his mouth and replied unwillingly "I know how to fix you up! I got an idea, now. It is a win win situation for me, and of course, I would not want you to fall off of your production on egg laying!"
The next day, farmer Liceyhead came out with a brand …

Sochi Olympic medal event- The snow decathlon!

All of the major countries were gearing up for the final event of the Sochi Olympics!  The snow decathlon! Even though the gold medal game for hockey, curling, and the snow angel event was ongoing, the snow decathlon was were all the cool people hung out to see who would be snowman champion!

First event, which incorporated three in total, was the run up to your nuts in snow until your testicles froze. Competitors ran around the track in their shorts, until their average ball temperature was the lowest of them all. Best times, those with the lowest recorded temperatures would win! This was done in the 1 foot, 3 foot, and then 10 feet deep snow, where contestants had to wear snorkels in order to breath around the track...

Second event, was the snowball artistic event, where competitors would launch their snow balls from a line, then catch it, then roll it down the line until it achieved a maximum mass. They would reach a near free fall slope of a hundred feet, where the competitors wou…

Finally, success has come in a glorious form!

The other night, I had realized that I had made it into a different dimension. The third... No.. The fourth... No. probably the negative 5th!

I was browsing through the book universe, when I realized I had been planted on Lousy Book Covers dot com!  I was perplexed at this great achievement, and wondered if I had won a free book cover with the author of the site!  Is this his business, after all? If he does design covers,  I imagine all of his book covers are zillion dollar sellers! Mine, of course is not... It all has to do with, the book cover, of course...
Here is a link to the site, where you can find many book covers being carried away by the sickle of the book cover pundits!
But, not to mention I am also on this site-
Now, the site "Lovelybooks", title speaks for itself.. Lovely books... Obviously someone in the super site of Lovely Books must know s…

A Valentines day every woman dreams of!

Valentines was just around the corner, and Grethinka was thinking of how wonderful it would be to meet her Valentine this year at the annual slug and chew event, hidden deep in the beautiful Ozark range. There, the most popular chew and slug event would be held, somewhere in the mountains in a forest of deep celestial beauty.

There, contestants would chow down on a heavy plate of all you can eat wings, and drink beer until they could do no longer. The winner would win an all inclusive vacation to the Eiffel Tower in beautiful Paris.

She was sitting across the picnic table from the last man that could stand up to her voracious appetite. Rugdebuttox. Thousand watched in awe, to see who would end up being this years chew and slug champion!

He called for another plate of extra steamy hot wings, as so did she. Only, Rugdebuttox let out one howl of a burp, with so much air pressure, that it stopped Grethinka from finishing her next plate of wings that was just dropped before her. She loved…

GMO foods.. Watch this video, courtesy of You Tube!

Click the link above, to discover the brave new world of GMO foods... Interesting video, and could it be causing food allergies, and Autism as well?

We must ask the tough questions, and make sure GMO foods are labelled, and non GMO foods are labelled as such as well. People deserve a choice!

Interviewed on two sites, while having an honest review on a third site! The end is a calling!

It was truly great for these people to give me the opportunity to have a chance to get out into the internet wilderness and be seen. Two interviews on two spectacular sites, with huge amounts of traffic. Much more than the daily amount on here, as one site garnered 400 to 500 hits a day. The third was another honest review of my book, which garnered a 3 on 5 star. This was for Part 3 alone, as I wanted a test on how well it did, when someone did not have the knowledge about what happened in Part 1 or Part 2. From what I gained from the result, the reviewer said somewhat that reading Part 1 and 2 would have probably produced a stronger result for the books rating, so this was not bad, as it did achieve a warm review.

As far as sales go, I did not obtain one sale from all this process. Now, I have maybe another review in the future, but I am doubtful this will produce any significant results. I was surprised to hear from some people, that my cover did in fact lack the luster that was r…

Vitrictus forgot about Valentines day.

Vitrictus spent valentines day, all day at the house. He was drinking beer, and watching his black and white television. His family was poor, but they made ends meet by buying and selling old antiques. He now and then would take a break from watching his television, and splattered a few flies, making blood soaked pin marks on the wall. He wore his white undershirt, with his big belly expanding the egg yoke stains on them. His pants were at least a few days old.

His wife came out near midnight, just past Valentines day. She talked, disrupting his favorite late night show, dream girls gone wild "Vitrictus, did you not know that today was Valentines day?"

Vitrictus yawned at his wife "It advertised it all day, that it was Valentines today, dear. I just had so much going on here. Well, watching football, and what not. And, I had to finish this case of beer before it spoiled. It is not as fresh, when you open the carton. Then when drinking this morning, it is hard to go out…

The Book Caster is an interesting website.

Here is a link to another interesting website. A site, where you place your ideas on who could be cast for the main characters in your book.

or   for my books link.

I did not get posted on that site yet, but some of the ideas I threw around on a thread on book blogs were the following.

Jim Carrey would have been the best "Supermarket Guy",  but Mark Walhberg is funny too (with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys), and Ben Stiller. These guys are just too middle age now for the part.
A young Adam Sandler, maybe even James Franco (he is funny), but once again the age is there. Franco looks young, though. James Franco could do the job, with some Hollywood magic. I would say 1.  Andrew Garfield, could be "The Supermarket Guy 1, 2, and 3", but 2. Benjamin Walker would look good too.  These are two young, up and coming new stars.
These were my ideas, on who could play the main protagonist in my b…

Tallingwood the pirate!

Tallingwood, was the tallest, most fearsome pirate of them all! When he would place his vessel in pirate bay, all of the other pirates would quickly move their ships away from the best place on the dock, for him to anchor down. He with his might mateys would jump off of the ship at the dock, and go to the pirates tavern for some tea and biscuits.. You see, Tallingwood was an old English aristocrat, and he had no room for beer or drunkards aboard his mighty vessel.

He walked into the tavern, showing off his shiny pistol at his side. His mateys were with him, as they all rushed in for some tea and crumpets.

Tallingwood yelled "I will have a green, organic tea, with my regular mildly toasted crumpet! And a sprinkle of honey. And, a full tray for all of my mateys!"

"Har har!", came a wild yell from his mateys. Pockethold, the pirate of the North Sea began to whisper to his 1st matey, Rascalo who were sitting a little ways from the fearsome crew. "Rascalo, did he …

World Narrow News presents a startling new discovery!

World Narrow News has just reported on a startling new discovery. It could change the way you go to the washroom, forever more.

Jocki Ramphiti of Swaziland, has just invented what many consider to be a revolutionary move in toilet paper dynamics. He has a brand new patent on his groundbreaking toilet paper idea- A square toilet paper roll.

I interviewed Jocki, to get the sensation behind his new invention:

"Jocki, tell us the secret in the yellow mustard! What let you to invent a square toilet paper roll. I mean, obviously, we would think that it is going beyond our regular thinking convention. Have you just insulted our cave man inventor who invented the wheel? I mean, without him we would not have been able to get around"

Jocki- "No, I do not want to insult our cave man ancestor, who used to use trees to wipe himself. Well, it was quite simple back then. Unfortunately, we cannot grow trees next to our toilets. From my studies, the trees cannot rejuvenate fast enough …

4covert2overt ~ A Day in the Spotlight: GET TO KNOW ~~~~~~~~~~~Daren Doucet and THE SUPERM...

4covert2overt ~ A Day in the Spotlight: GET TO KNOW ~~~~~~~~~~~Daren Doucet and THE SUPERM...:    1. What is your book about?   The book is a humorous story, about two main competing supermarket chains, battlin...

The real link to my interview on Catalina Egan's Page, the writer of "The Bridge of Deaths"

Mijicio the wonderful masseuse!!!

It was not that long that the incredible "Sensational Spa" had opened, and Bentlio's beautiful women began working, massaging, those tense muscles into dollar signs for his spa. His spa had saunas, a salt bath pool, a health eatery, electro therapy, acupuncture, and beautiful wild coyote music to boot.

His business was doing good, until just across the street, some mysterious man opened his own massage business. He had no building, would just spread out his wheeled stretcher table on the street, and began his routine of stealing his business in giving massages. His little radio played some soft, relaxing polka music.

Bentlio's and Wandretti stood outside of his massive massage parlor complex. "How does he do it, Wandretti. Look at him, he is actually dancing on the back of the customer now? That cannot be relaxing, and his toenails are very long. Brown fungi contaminated, untrimmed, and very long"

Wandretti puffed on her cigarette "Hard to understand …

Honest review of my Part 3, no ties whatsoever to this super reviewer, Naila Moon!

Check out this great review by Naila Moon,  3 on 5 star rating for Part 3, The Supermarket Guy : Supermarket Dominium...

Newest blog interview, from "The Bridge of Death" website!

Please feel free to check out this interview, and please share with all of your friends!  Thanks!

The Vampire that became constipated! (Vampire Dairies eat your heart out)

It was a cold, dark, dreary day in Transylvania.  Pophfata, the mighty Vampire, sucked on his neighbor who was feeding on a diet of hard cheese, beans, bananas and chocolate.  Suddenly, it was no joke as when Pophfata would fly beside his next victim, he would let out a rip of gas. Flying over the city of Transylvania, he was letting out wild rips of gas, causing the air defense system to come on. A few times, he nearly got hit bit a few surface to air missiles.

He then went to his family doctors office, dressed in black, wearing sunglasses. There, he went to the admissions officer where she asked for his medicare card. Not having one, the lady screamed at him in a high pitched voice "I need to see your friggin medicare card, if you want some service today!".  The Vampire then hypnotized the secretary "You will let me see the doctor without any problems at all".  She acknowledged suddenly, "Yes, you will be the first one to see the doctor".

He rushed int…