Fahrenheit 451

Just completed reading Fahrenheit 451.  I could not help,  but to link it up with my owns book progress.  Ray Bradburys book is about a world where,  no books are allowed.  The fire departments only function in this future novel is to destroy the books and home of anyone guilty of hiding them in their confines.  Ray Bradbury has a poignant, strong descriptive talent in pushing his story line through the pages of his novel.

The main Character is Montag,  who through meeting a young girl named Clarisse,  seems to change his concrete outlook on life.  He works for the fire department,  with its salamander and robotic hound,  whose prey it never loses track of.  Never.  As so it appears.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  I read a Halloween book in my teenage years,  which always gave me the wonderful feeling of Halloween by Mr. Bradbury.  I forget the title,  but will look for it now...  Love his writing.

Yet,  I find it interesting how it ties in to my books development so far.  I personally feel hauled into Ray Bradburys Fahrenheit 451.  How,  here at home,  it sells very well.  But,  go outside my own boundary,  the my book does not hardly sell at all.  It is buried among the other million or more published books out there.  Just too many books,  too little audience for it to be picked up...  Till then...


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