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The real Supermarket Dominium in real life.

Supermarket Dominium. What does it mean? It means the race of the big grocers to dominate, control, supermarket supply. Be number one in the sales of the food that you bring home to consume.

An interesting development has taken place, in the last year or so in Canada. This has taken place in the United States probably for quite a while, as Wal Mart has been entering the grocery market. As well, they have taken my book on their internet shelves, to my gleeful content as well.

Could it just have been a coincidence, where the retailing giant has already captured approximately 30 % of Mexicos grocery market. I wonder what will happen to Loblaws, Sobeys, and the rest of the gang here in Canada.

First of all, I expect lower share prices for the above companies. And they are the only two companies that I mention here. Local co ops, and other mom and pop grocery stores, will see market shares go down as well.

Wal Mart. What a great time to invest into your shares, over the next 2 to 5 years.…

Universe Gladiator Part 6- The Final Battle to Glory!

Mokei then slowed down his ship. Alarms were going off like insanity. Warning alarms! Harold began dancing, as he thought it was a new disco hit from Lady Gaga!  Mokei screamed "Harold, the Foamers have us surrounded. Their ten ships are aiming their foaming guns at us now! We are doomed!"

The Supermarket Guy winced "Quick, get me the leader of the Foamers on the screen right now! We need to establish a bluff, and you leave this to me!'

Mokei opened the intergallactic airwaves to the evil Totalitarian Foam Warrior, the leader of the pack. He talked before issuing his order to strike the single vessel from Oblirigon. "You got allot of nuts, coming here alone.. Alone... To take on the might of the whole foamer fleet! So, it is you, Mokei! How did you ever get out of being foamed! Well, no matter. You will be foamed again, and this time we will make sure you will never make it out for a million light years!"

Mokei yawned, pretending to be tired "I have …

Universe Gladiators- Part 5 ( Sometimes, a hoola hoop may come in handy)

Mokei was now approaching his planet after being led there by his mighty space jets. Harold looked at the viewing screen, which depicted the planet as a large gob of hardened foam. He could see a dot, working away trying to break through its hard crust. Whoever it was, he was hardly making an impact.

"That dot down there, breaking through the foam at an excruciating slow rate. He must be a government worker on your planet, forced to work for to save his planet. Why, if i was down there, I could have broke free half of your planet by now!", as Harold let go a passage of gas.

Mokei smelled the sweet smelling fragrance "Wannapus, master, please, how did you know he was a teacher? My instructor! You are greatly wise. But please, do not cut the cheese when on this ship. Methane to us is like heroine, and it makes me think crazy. Why, I could put my nose up your...."

Harold pushed Mokei away "Alright, I get it. I will hold it in, until I can get a match to light he…

Universe Gladiators- Part 4 ( Drinkin beer tonight so I might as well finish her off)

Mokei nearly cried "Our planet has been foamed, Wannapus! Foamed hardened, by the dreaded Foamers from the planet foam!"  Harold coughed in his hand for a minute "Yeah, right, sure... But keep calling me master, I do like that title. After all, I am number one in supermarket sales, the world over, yet again for the 10 th year straight!  Why should I care about you, Mokei, and your silly little story"

Mokei fell to his knees "Master, soon the foamers will come here, and foam your beautiful planet. You need to come with me, immediately, to show me the way you fight your evil nemesis, Acadou.. Otherwise, your sales maybe zilch when they foam your entire supermarket empire!!!"

Harold thought about this for a half second, and replied "Enough said! Like I need foam gel in my hair to look good, like that sickening Jon Acadou! Get me aboard your ship, and let me drive! I am a great driver, by the way!"

Mokei smiled, and realized he had found the key to…

Universe Gladiators- Part 3. Wannapus is an alien???

Mokei landed his space ship on Harold Wannapus's back lawn. It was midnight, and it was a full moon. Harold was dreaming of doing the hoola hoop world record champion, and was just seconds from achieving the near 73 hours had gone bye, yet a bright light in the sky opened his eyelids wide.  "Damn!", he whispered loudly, "I nearly broke the record in my dreams! That meant that reality would soon follow in its footsteps!"  He got up slowly, as he did not want to wake his wife, Lucie Wannapus from her deep slumber. She had played scrabble in Chinese all night, against him who was cheating with a Chinese pictionary.

He ran out to his back yard, as Mokei walked down from the landing deck. Mokei said "I come in peace, Wannapus, and from a planet, many airmiles away!"  Harold looked confidently at the alien, who had 4 eyes and a long nose, 6 arms, and twenty toes "You got allot of toes. Have you come for my electric nail clipper. I had just invented it…

Universe Gladiator- Part 2- (Finding the perfect Gladiator instructor)

Mokie cried, as he could see his planet was solidified to the point of desperation! "Damn those foamers! Do they have any inkling of mercy at all?"  He hugged his intelligence tribal officer, as he pushed him back. He glared at him resoundingly "Give me your carbide tipped egg beater. I will start to remove the hardened mass from our beautiful planet. It may take several ions, but who cares. It has to be done. I have a box of oreos, a strange meal from earth, but it will give me lots of energy to do what I must do. And this pond of semi toxic water, will be alright for me, as we are a tough planetary race! What you must do is go to a planet called earth. You need to talk to a real gladiator, a real universe gladiator, and learn how to fight and defend our planet, once again!"

Mokie reached up to the stars, and screamed "Earth! That dirty, polluted old planet! The humans are so busy playing Super Mario, how will they ever come to my aid! Last time I traveled t…

Universe Gladiators - Part 1 (Star Wars, Star Trek who???)

Captain Mokei, was flying his ship with his mind. He flew it with his mind forever, since he was a baby in his cyclonic diaper. It is a diaper that shoot out waste in a high velocity cyclone, into orbit, from his beautiful planet of Oblirigon. He was travelling at the speed of light, and heading towards the outskirts of the coffee bean galaxy. This galaxy was full of black holes, meteorites, and comets.

Much danger, but not enough for this war ready captain. He served in many intergalactic wars, against his dreaded foe, the Foam Throwers. The Foam Throwers had a spaceship in the shape of a great aerosol can, and would shoot out the foam beam as fast as a laser. The foam usually surrounded the ship, and made it as hard as a meteorite, making the ship useless. That was until Captain Mokeis ship was sprayed on, and he put space age high carbide metal on his super sonic can opener, did he chip his way out.  After many light years, he finally drilled the last bit off of his ship. He was n…

The Supermarket Guy 4 , over halfway done.

The Supermarket Guy 4, is nearly halfway done. It carries on from the same style of humor, as previously seen in Part 1, 2 and 3.

It will make for an exciting cliffhanger in the end, if I can make it that far.  The process is going well, but the body needs to carry it through to the end.

I had much difficulty earlier this afternoon, in keeping the flow going. The ideas were not coming in quite as fast as they usually do, but tonight, I patched and retorqued allot of the paragraphs, which caused the story to be highly entertaining and as zany as the rest.

Hopefully I can continue until the end, towards the cliffhanger. It will take some time, as the time is not there like it used to be for my writing... Also, the sales are not there either....

I will have to do this one on the cheap, if I can finish this one up... Maybe publish in the fall?  Just an E book version.. Probably yes..

Till next time

Another 5 on 5 star rating!

Just received, yet another 5 on 5 star rating, this May 11/04.

That puts part 3 at eight 5 on 5, with three 4 on 4, then a one on 5 star- a mistake from a person, so she said... But she did not correct it yet... Oh well.

Thanks for the 5 on 5 star rating, as this propels part 3 still around the 4. 2 on 5 star average..

Till next time...

A true spaghetti western!

Mr. Blud, AT Smokin, and Beefbrand were all sitting at a wild west saloon somewhere on the Texas plains. A 20 horse town, so to speak, with lots of gold mining, cattle ranging, and whiskey making.  There was everything in this small plains town, to be contented with....  Yes, even, their spaghetti was the best in the west!  So their trigger happy chef, proclaimed.

Mr Blud ordered up a meatball supreme, from Master Chef Trigger Happy. He dug deep down in the pot, and reached for the softest, juiciest meatballs!  He fired them on top of the heapen helpin of spaghetti within minutes, and then slid the plate down carefully to the gunslinger from the north.

At Smokin asked for the hotest spaghetti sauce you could find!  Al Dente, too! Only made from the hottest peppers from Mexico, and the hottest Chilis, he served up a scorchin, hot, sauce that could weld your lips shut if you just ate it too fast at once...  Smokin was the gunslinger from the South.  The Chef served him up a hot plate..