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The Jon Acadou in cognito hiding out Christmas call to Harold

The phone rang at the Wannapus's. The ring tone was that of Dolphin's, quackling to and fro in water. He loved dolphins, his tree was covered with dolphin, whale, and shark ornaments. It was Christmas day, and Harold picked up his 1978 dial phone with an extra long extension cord. He walked out from his huge salon into his massive kitchen area. The turkey was in the oven, and he opened the door to spread some bacon on top. Layered up a few inches thick.

He could see the unknown number showing on the phone. He sighed "Is this a phone call from Pakistan. You want my credit card number again? I am running out of numbers, and..."

Acadou yelled on the other side of the line "Harold, you fool! It is me, your nemesis. Jonathan Acadou the First. I just called to wish you a very unmerry Christmas, and I hope you choke when crunching down on that delicious turkey neck you devour every Christmas at this time!"

Harold laughed "Yes, I want to wish that you go outs…

4 on 5 star rating today

This Christmas eve I got a 4 on 5 star rating for Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy. Very lucky to get reviews as of late, due to allot of problems with having time and the energy to put a few through for Part 4, as discussed earlier in this blog.

4 on 5 is a great rating. My books did not have the money to be put in for super editing, and had only probably above average but not "super" editing facilitators in my endeavors. Part 4 is only 2.99 on Amazon for E books, and the editing is not perfect their either. But, for the price, the story is great and humorous, and I do not believe anyone can go wrong for that price.

If I could scrounge up the monies for a written Part 4, it would definitely have to be edited much better. But, for an E book at 2.99, I hope people do not complain too much...

I may go right now, and put a giveaway on somewhere. Maybe Goodreads, maybe Amazon.... It is either I do a Part 3 giveaway, or Part 1 or 2. I think Goodreads allows older giveaways now...


Wishing you all the best for Christmas and 2017!

It is the time for Ferrari Rocher. Or is it Ferraro?  Maybe some eggnog, or is it dregnog? Butter roasted turkey, or beer bomb basted? Time for friends and relatives, or strangers and maybe a little danger?

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a bright 2017.

This blog has gone through a larger transformation, in that I had more visitors here from many different areas in the world, not just Canada or the USA. Most notably, very thankful for the visits from France, Germany, Poland and the U.K. Even some Asian visitors have been popping in on rare occasion, especially from India and Singapore. And, of course, Russia has been a big visitor on this site as well.

My Christmas. I only hope for peace, prosperity, and health for you all.

I do wish I could get a few book reviews for Part 4, but sometimes miracles do not happen.

The E Book route I had chosen did not play easy into any giveaway formats - Amazon only allows US Residents to giveaway e books on their site, Goodreads m…

The Supermarket Guy's Christmas special part 2 with Talk Show host Gradestoopid!

Gradestoopid twirled his pen and rolled his eyes "What in the bloody blazes can you do with clothes pegs, or pins.. Whatever! I have a few here in my desk, actually"  He placed one on his nose and began to chirp.

"My name is Harold Wannapus, total loser and jerkaholic" as he began to talk in a low pitched voice, with the clothespin pegged on his nose.

The Harold friendly crowd began to boo Gradestoopid.

Harold took a clothespin and began to press on the "V" end of it.

"Well, I usually like to make a clothespin house out of them. If I really get bored, I put clothes out on the line to dry. Try to tell that to my wife, she seems to always gets her pinky finger caught into the end of the pin. Ouchy wouchie!"

Gradestoopid sighed and took his pin off of his nose "Definitely you are no Jonathan Acadou, fashion haute couture specialist, runway madness man! If all that is what you were going to do, to come on here and talk about clothespins, then …

Supermarket Magnet and CEO Harold Wannapus sits down with Talk Show Host Flunky Gradestoopid

Harold Wannapus walked towards Gradestoopid's desk, on his live talk show. It was a Christmas special, and he was going to get roasted tonight by Gradestoopid... The host got up to shake his hand as he approached, and both sat down with Mr. Gradestoopid sitting behind his desk.

Mr. Gradestoopid smiled and tilted his head "So Harold, great to have you on our show. After several years of dodging our calls, running away from our paparazzi, burning our mail invites on your very popular sudoko television channel you host, finally we got you right where we want you. In the sweat seat!"

Harold tilted his back foward, and he could feel a layer of sweat on his back. He then stood up, and turned around. A circle of sweat was seen on his buttocks area, as the crowd laughed and jeered.

"So you had that greasy slimeball, Jonathan Acadou on here just before me? Usually he trains like a sweat hog in the gym. If I would have known you were classless enough to bring a guy like that…
The Fury of the Climate Changer-  The front cover.

Well, it pretty much describes everything the main character has to escape. Seering heat, heavy snowfall, tornadoes, and heavy rains just to be general... But it adds to much more than that...

The main protaganist spreading his legs over a fission in the earths crust, with the main villian scoring a slam dunk in his newfound sport of choice... The good guys scientist with the black curly locks, and the villians scientist with the bald head running to help... The villians muscular built son firing bullets in rebellion... A goat? Maybe it is a goat, and it too has a major part to play...

That big building in the back is a high security prison... Fires, floods, and snowfalls that amount to avalanches...  That rust bucket of a rocket in the sky, plays a major roll also...

The main character, half of his body is reddened by the hot sun.. Sun tan... The villians skin, partly green.. Well... Something chemical is going on?  And, that platte…