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Trying to explain "Mozart Requiem" and the link to "The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium"

It was a part around just after the mid point of the book. I thought of a scenario, where a very important, thrilling, music was needed for a background piece to move the action along. To make things interesting.

It had to be classical music. After all, isn't that was where all the modern music we all listen to today takes its roots from?  As my English instructor once told me, there are only so many plots that we can take and make a story out of, and it all originated from Shakespeare. Interesting concepts. Are we just expanding on what was then?

Here is a link to the Mozarts Requiem from a St. Matthews choirs internet page.

Very strong words, and it was indeed Mozarts last work. He did not have time to finish it, from how the story goes from Wikipedia, but it was completed by a different artist over time.

In reading the words, it directs you to a poignant, straight, get to the point to a kind of a last stand. The end. A funeral …

Breakfast was 15 minute drive.

There used to be a place where you could get breakfast around here at 6 am in the morning. All except the popular Tim Hortons chain is open, and you do get tired of that ever so often. Breakfast sandwiches can only go so far, you know.

With the loss of jobs in this area, so have we seen the closure of allot of restaurants, gas stations, specialty shops and what not. We just had the mines close here a little while ago, gone with it are 900 jobs.

Not that I eat out at restaurants all the time. I just wanted a break, and something different from what I do too. The breakfast was good, and went as far as the next town to get something in my stomach. Eggs benedict with pan fries, with the pan fries actually crispy. Not soggy. I nearly went to Tim Hortons, as they have expanded their menu a bit. I go there quite often for a cafe latte.

Here is a tip for those in Russia, Europe, UK, who live in the big villages. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in life, but it seems the price of coffee does …

Already thought of something that I could have put into Part 3.

Strange how things always come to mind, when thinking about a work. Just lately, I thought about adding another line of humor to Part 3. Something came to me today, that I had missed. It probably would do just as well without it, but I will add it on soon as the publishers editors are done with the first pass.

That just goes for saying, I could review my work time and time again, and probably could continue to add some intriguing or funny situations to make the book go along much farther. Stretching it out, so to speak.

I inquired about a contest on Goodreads today. The thing is, that it takes 90 days from the point of publishing in order to start a contest up and running. My book would be done in 4 to 5 months time. So I would have to get things ready for a contest come the first of August, to be on the safe side.

I could check Shelfari if they have similar or different rules. But I like the ease of use with Goodreads, and find it more organized than Shelfari. Just a personal opinio…

This was what Part 3 may have looked like at first if not redone

This was exposed to be somewhat of what Part 3's cover was going to look like. Only the man to the left would have been burly, and muscular. The main character in the middle is exhausted, nearly at his ends. To his right, is his old nemesis who is actually helping him to stop the villain from his destructive plans. The cross in his hands shows a reform of sorts from his old life of crime.

I am glad I went with the latest cover, as it does what was explained down in the last blog.

Till next time...

Tomorrow the Book Cover will be sent to the publisher.

The book cover has a funny scene from the book, right there in front for all to see. And what may possibly take place, in the future, is happening all around. You can see how the main character has possibly changed into something new... Something unknown...

I am glad I changed the book cover. The first one had the main villain on the front in a stance of glory, with his hands spread out powerfully and encompassing the main theme of the book. The other villain, Harolds old nemesis was down on his knees too, trying to avoid his fury. The main character was down on the sand, bewildered and fatigued from the heat of the desert.

I hate to truly reveal the cover of the book here. I thought I could do it, and spoke about doing it, but it is even harder to do it now, as to take effect away from the books launch. I do not believe I can reveal the book cover here earlier than expected, because of the changes I made in mid stream took me by surprise. Maybe I can post the old book cover I was th…

Reason behind creating Part 3.

I said I was not going to do it, but I could not resist. I started up Part 3 into full production. Some of the reasons are as follows, but it was a difficult decision altogether.

First reason was the reviews on the past two books. I had some formidable reviews, from people in the USA and in Canada. This stuck in my mind, as Part 3 is around the realms of Parts 1 and 2 in its very own zany way. I am unsure if I deviated from the norm or not, but the critics will see.

Second reason was that the book was good. The series was good. I felt it was good. I had that feeling, or senses tingling, that this would truly cap it off. Even if the book did not succeed, I could put an end to it here and be satisfied.

Third reason, I know a little more about the book business now. I will try a few things better, to get into contests earlier and such.

Fourth reason,  having created three books on a slate can only help things progress, somehow, along. By having volume, maybe Part 4 can happen in the yea…

"The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium" slated for production

The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium is slated for production.

Details will be given later to a release date.

Look for a contest on Goodreads, to be given out later on near its release date.

It will be available in Paperback, E Book versions of Kindle and Google as well.

Some people have good memories.

Some people have good memories. Some people have bad. This goes for life experiences, and also just in doing the fair simple thing of remembering things.

I have a hard time to remember important dates in my life. Peoples birthdays, or just simple things that happened several months ago. Of course, there are important memories that do stay entrenched in a persons mind forever. Times at a special moment, a place, which seems to stay cemented there over time. I seen on television on an episode of William Shatners "Weird or what?" where some people had the ability to remember everything, right up to the minor details. Just like a video recording of the events in the past. It was truly amazing to see that.

I am wondering if it is because of this fast paced life we now lead. So many distractions. When people talk to us, there is usually a tv, radio, or something in the background to perhaps not allow it to sink in.

Personally, linking this to my writing, if i get off track a few …

Spell checked Part 3 again last night

Part 3 spell checked again last night. I found allot of double spacing, and even a few more minor mistakes. This is probably why it is so important, even after going through the 3rd draft, to have it edited.

The thing I hate the most, is trying to get all of the parentheses and commas, periods after it, sorted out. I think allot of works have different templates for the periods, commas, and work around the parenthesis. I usually leave that to the editing department to strongly sort that out, and usually it was with the publisher.

This document is 68 800 words. It is larger than my other two works. I e mailed my publisher the other day about it, and saying how ready I was to go ahead with publishing it. They are quite interested, of course, and may or may not cut me a deal on the publishing part of it. If I decide to go with them again, it will be the third time.

And, it is quite pleasant after doing the first one. The nerves are not as bad as the first publication. There was worry, a…

60 % done of third draft.

Today I did a bit more progress on Part 3. 60 % done on the final draft.

Still allot of work to do, but am getting there. Now on time off, I will expect to be done this draft within two to three days. That will take me into the weekend.

Then the editing decision. Who will do it. Not sure. Looking to reduce costs. Just do an E Book? Maybe forget about the editing all together. I did the editing. Would you mind a few errors in the text, at a super price of a few bucks for a humor book of approximately 270 to 280 pages?

Thing is, I find that even some E Book publishers want to set the electronic books at a high price. Not necessarily my doing, but that is the way it is all geared. I did try to reduce my E books to a much lower price, but that is as far as I could go as everyone wants a slice off of the work. 3.99 for each book, of the first parts of the series, is just the price of a Starbucks!

Have to continue correcting. Actually found some hard fought time tonight.

Till next time.

Things have been idling along.

I have been on idle status. Nothing happening as of yet. Work has taken most of my time away from the last trail of editing on Part 3.

Want to wish a happy mothers day to all the moms out there in internet land. My mother is old enough that she did wash clothes on the washboard, they had no electricity for a time, and they baked most of their own bread and done their own preserves for the winter months. She did not have an easy life, as I was a baby that required 24 hr attention. I cried, 24 hrs a day when I did not sleep in between for an hour or two at a time, so the vacuum cleaner ran and the car drives somehow kept me content, and stopped me from balling.

Once again, where would we be without mothers. Thanks to all the moms for their caring!

My Part 3 has not got much progress to date. This frustrates me somewhat, that even being so close to the finish line I just want to dump it in the drawer and let it collect dust.  I just cannot stand getting off of one job and onto another i…

Feeling blue today.

Was under the weather today, but I got up to 50 % done this evening. There was little corrections to be done in many of the pages in between the last update. 
I may only get back at corrections Sunday night if the time permits, or even Monday night or Tuesday. Will be a busy weekend... Once again, no time for much of anything as of late.. It will be complete by next Friday, that is for certain.
Till next time..

Todays progress report.

Todays progress report is 60 pages reviewed and completed, or 22 % done.

I will continue as soon as I get off this blog, to review the 3 rd draft. Time has just not been there for me to complete the review as of yet.  Then decide what to do after with it. E book or the full smash.

The third draft did make a substantial difference in the fine tuning. I must have gained another 2 pages in material just in mostly adding or with very little deleting, helping the dialogue along.

I removed some traps in the writing, and even linked up some smaller items in the book to the ending.

Well, must continue.. Till next time..

Time was not that good yesterday to complete more work.

Had to run some errands yesterday, as I only finished 15 pages of the third draft up.  A little less progress than the other day.

And this morning, I have to report to work for some training of some sort. These kinds of things delay my progress in such a way that perhaps only next week, the third draft will be complete.

But from there, it will be ready for editing by a company I choose, then production. I hope things go well until then.

It is going to be 30 C today in Northern NB. Forest fires are ravaging the Kedgwick area of New Brunswick. I heard on the news they were thinking of evacuating the town. We hope today that the fire department and Natural Resources can get things under control. This is brush fire season, but with the lack of rain as of late, the fire departments in several locals of the province have been very busy.

We are expected to have rain in the coming days... Till next time..

10 % of final draft checked

10 % of the final draft has been checked.

This process has gone through fairly quickly. It should only take another 2 to 3 days, if things go well, to complete it all.  These are just minor touch ups from the third draft.

I figured it would go rather rapidly. Just in correcting the first 30 pages or so, I may have added another page or so in writing. It is good to get the final clarifications in, grammar, spelling and such.

It makes the editing job by whomever allot easier later on.

Till next time...

Back from family and work.

Finally back from family and work commitments. Now I hope I can get to finishing the polishing on Part 3.

Beautiful day here on the Bay of Chaleur, the sun is shining and we have a plus 23 C weather. Tomorrow is expected to be much of the same.

I have been putting on a little weight as of late,  and need to get out into that nice weather and start either walking or jogging. A friend of mine put on 60 lbs. Easy to put on, hard to take off.

Chocolate bars, sweets, and the ever so good beer! Have to cut back, and train again. I think my problem of not having enough time, has cut into my physical activity by a huge amount.

The book. Need to finish the book...

Till next time..

Third draft is complete.

Third draft is done. This means, no more changes to the main body. The only final work to be done, is to type the changes that I have made on paper into Part 3. It is the last push towards production.

This should not take long. A week if no interruptions come about, less than that if I truly get some quiet time. This weekend, I will be busy with my real job, again.

That is the latest update. Just lucky that this morning was a quiet one..

Till next time..

10 pages of material left to go over.

10 pages of the third draft to go over.  I still cannot believe that I am not done my work yet.

Usually I am always, ahead of my schedules.

A newborn baby can take allot of time away from your projects. Even weight training, which I regularly enjoyed, has taken a real back seat. I may return to it once the baby is more stable. I hope this period comes when he is on solid foods.

Although, the sleep is really getting better, as in the past few weeks. Everything adds up in taking time away from these projects.

With this third draft, I did add some new comedy to the material. It is amazing what you can add to a writing, just by continually reading over it again and again. I am sure if I read it through a 4 th time, I would be able to continue to add humor to it. Just ideas seem to grow and branch out, over time. You look at the scenes analytically, on how to improve the bang. I think if you go too far, you can go bust. Or get a little too cheesy, like in the genre of a Scary Movie- Maybe…

19 pages left to review.

This novel is hard to finish. A baby does take allot of time, in the first few weeks of birth. I have been steady at certain things, helping the other half get sleep and such. The baby is somewhat colloque (I spelled it wrong and have no time to check it out ).. So it is hard to get my Part 3,  to the printing presses.

I thought this was going to get done, weeks ago... With my real job taking 40 hrs a week away from my time, then the baby, and other family responsibilities it is really hard to find the time.

The wife is calling me already.. Till next time.