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Part 4 was ready to go... Still a no?

Part 4 of my book was ready to go to a publisher. A self publisher. I thought going to another self publishing spot may alleviate my cost problems, and bring them down to a responsible level.

So far, perhaps the upfront cost may equal that to my old publisher, or a bit more by 400 cigarettes. The amount that will be needed to burn in order to get myself to publish this thing.

Once again I am worn down. No time. But, the text is finished. The cover in my view is finished, but not in a self publishers view. The cover has to contain a back cover, and a spine. I was thinking, if I drew out the entire front cover in order to save me money, and yet have to just prepare a spine, a back cover in order to save more, then something is wrong. A spine just has to have the main title and perhaps my name alongside of it. The back, a blurb about the book and a frame or boarder around the words. Still, this takes time to produce a spine and a back cover, something I had not even thought about yet.


Harold Wannapus Billionaire eccentric even in polls with Hillary and Trump!

The polling numbers are out! Harold Wannapus is even with Trump and Clinton!

A reporter had this to ask on his recent visit to the U.S. Virgin Islands while on vacation while on the campaign trail "Sir, the polling has you even with the two heavy weights in this Presidential campaign. People do not understand how you are doing it. All you have offered in your campaign was to enforce a ten ply toilet paper act to make washrooms less difficult, a new holiday called alien day to celebrate the extra terrestrial life that you say lives here amongst us on earth, and a new citizen catapulting system to ferry people from one city to another"

Harold Wannapus drank down his pina colada "Poll numbers can be confusing. Who uses percentages in real life, anyways! Percentages, the old system used by the cave man in counting bison in the old west. Geuss what? There are no bison left roaming in our old west! Percentages have done them in! Well America, you can count on one thing! Wann…

Harold Wannapus the Billionaire Supermarket Mogul and the Presidential debates.

CNO Larry Pookohoon asked the first question to Donald Trump "Ok, the wall. Who is going to pay for it? You say Mexico? Do they got enough cement in Mexico to do the job?"

Donald Trump responded "Yes, we will build a wall on the boarder between Mexico and US!"

Hillary Clinton answered "Who needs a wall, lets build a friendship between Mexico and the US!"

Harold Wannapus pondered but then answered after the reporter Pookohoon shooted in his microphone "Mr. Wannapus, who is going to pay for the wall?"

The months and months of campaigning took a toll on the dubinair billionaire. He fluttered his eyes and could only think of peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. All the money he spent on the trail, his personal cash, to try to defeat the stalwarts of the Democrat and Republican parties...

He woke up and hit his head on the microphone on his podium "Uh. Oh. Ok. Yep, Well A wall, very dangerous they could fall and break a bone when catapu…