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My energy has waned for the book process.

I am beat. I do not want to admit defeat, but I am nearly there.

My energy has waned for the book business. It moves to slow, for this seemingly impatient, fast moving guy. I have nearly 60 people signed up to read my book, but when will they ever get to reading it, and finally reviewing it.

My giveaway will be done in approximately 8 days. Maybe after then, I will get some reviews. I will need good reviews, or fairly good ones, to keep going with the series.

Will Supermarket Dominium find its place in the publishing house?  Or will it find its recluse, forevermore, in the dark abyss of the dust bin of lost eternity?

The prognosis looks bad, so far. Can a glimmer of hope appear, to save the series.. Egad.

The book business, is terribly slow. It moves at a turtles pace, for this man. It sounds, like it is the end of the line for this book author. Yet, many like me, have went the way of the dinosaur. Fossilized in time, for maybe a future world to unearth the book and gaze and wonder u…

Lice ain' nice!

A friend of mines kid has Lice. A long time ago, lice was considered a thing caused by filth. How little do we know, that it is actually dirty heads that lice try to avoid. If you wash your hair every day, then lice will love you.

It can happen to anyone. If your kid is close to another kid, touch hair, share hats, it can happen as easy as that. Kindergarten, is a great place for it to happen.

You can get special shampoos for to wash it out. There are some areas which claim that super bugs have now been created, or super lice, that are resistant to these special shampoos. Also, if you are pregnant, check to see if you can use them first. The chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, and may have ill effects for the pregnancy.

There are natural products out there to use, that are deemed safe for child bearing moms. Tea tree oil is said to help to get rid of lice. Also, olive oil is said to coat the head, and smother the lice, making it unable for them to get air for to breath. It ma…

Went to Miscou Island today.

Went on a trip to Miscou Island today. There we went to a government beach, that had change rooms and outside showers.  The water was warm, and the beach is sandy. It could be, one of the nicest beaches in New Brunswick. Kouchibougac Parc in New Brunswick has nice beaches, as well as the Bouctouche area, and of course Shediac, "The Lobster Capital of the World".

On the trip to Miscou, you travel through nice towns like Shippagan, where you drive past rows upon rows of crab fishing boats. From there, you pass over a small bridge that opens up for the boats during fishing season at times. They head out to the Gulf of St Lawrence in hunt for deep sea crab. After passing by the fishing boats, you head towards the little island of Lameque. On the island, there are many beaches as well on both sides.  Once again, fish plants dot the area, with many small area fishing wharves here and there.  Also, the wind turbines are seen from the main road going through Lameque to Miscou islan…

When you got a twist in your back.

I twisted my back somehow, a little while back. It is a sharp pain, when I move a certain way. I took tylenol 3 for the last day, and today I decided to cut it off.

The first day the pain could be felt right away as I turned. The second day, it got a little better. Now, this morning, the third day, it appears to be better. But, I will try to avoid strenuous exercise for awhile.

I remember going to the doctor, many years ago for this.  He gave me some pain medication, and told me to rest for awhile. That was it. He could see the redness, stiffness.  I feel for those who deal with this, every day. It is an incredibly unpleasant, dilapidated feeling.

This was, from lifting on a 600 lb metal shed. We got it from sears, and my cousin asked me to help him load it on his truck. I was thinking that, of course, young and full of piss and vinegar, could lift it no problem on the back of the truck. I bent down. I put my fingers under the huge package near the ground, where the top was lying nex…

Does an writer lose a bit of his ideas when writing on forums.

Last night, I went a little crazy on twitter. I thought, I put up some great humor on there, and then it became lost forever. You can get into conversations with special people on there, and create quite the situation comedy, depending on what you are talking about. It would have been a great sitcom, for twitter, I thought. I said, man, that would have been good in one of my newest books!

Being new to writing, you always wonder if you will run the tap dry, and then you will not be able to think about these funny or odd moments in life later on when you really need them to finish off a book.

As in here, I try to be not too funny. As you can see, most of my blogs have pretty dry stuff in them, or maybe some of it is general knowledge and not too long. Allot of the blogs on here is about where I live, or may include a little personal life. At times, I believe that perhaps my blogs are too short. Other times, I think they are alright. Just enough for someone, to get a little insight int…

Fresh Mackeral in the Pot tonight!

I went to the fish shop today. I bought 4 big, humongous Mackeral, at 2 dollars a lb. It comes to, 5 and some change, but they are all cleaned and the heads are chopped off of them...

I cut them in two, and boil them in a pot for 10-15minutes. Do not boil them too long, just until the meat turns white. At the same time, I got some chow and potatoes ready to go.

A bit of butter and salt on top of the Mackeral, and now you are talking something delicious. Just a point to add, there are allot of people who do not like the texture of Mackeral. Some people do not like its thick texture as compared to the lighter Cod, Haddock, ect. But, for many of us, it is a good fish and it is caught locally. You can fry the fish also, and it does taste very good. On the BBQ, or even in the oven. No problemo.

Herring would be good too, and it is. But, the work at getting the bones out, is very hard indeed. Some people like salted herring up along this way, but I never cared too much for the salt taste o…

Someone compared "The Supermarket Guy 2" to a film today.

Someone compared "The Supermarket Guy 2" humor style to the "Army of Darkness".

The Army of Darkness is a film I never seen. It was released in 1993, and about a discount store employee who is time warped to a medieval time (from Imdb) movie database.

The only small similarities I see, is that both articles are about employees of a store. Interesting how, someone would compare it to that film. I may rent the film now, If I can get a hold of it, to watch to see what happens in there. But, no where does my character in the book I wrote goes back in time, like this character in the Army of Darkness. As the review continues, he then looks for a special book to save the situation, but instead reads it backwards, which releases an unfortunate army of skeletons against the land...

Maybe it is our writing styles that are similar. Interesting. It has a 7.6 out of ten ranking on Imdb.

Besides that, not much new.. Still holding the fort down, till next time

Feeling a little blue today.

Once again, I have this nagging cough, but this time add on a nasal congestion. I will go see the doctor, maybe today or tomorrow.

I sent off 4 books to the local bookstore, of Part 2. Having a hard time to do so, because I feel this process does not help me one bit. It is better for the people, to order them online. It shows up on the rankings better, and such. But, I did drop them off for those who are anxious to have a copy. I have 6 good copies left here at the house, and 20 of the original antiquarian copies (The ones with the mistakes in the title and on other pages).

Glad that Dog Ear corrected these errors, when I ordered the other 10 books. I did not want to receive any copies with any more errors in them, as I may have sent these ones back. I still believe they will be worth money in due time, and that collectors will ask for them in 10 or 20 years time? Maybe I am still a dreamer.

I have currently 263 people signed up for my giveaway. As the giveaway gets longer in time, a…

There is even a list of worst books, on Goodreads.

Fascinating. I just this morning, typed in the words, worst books in my search engine. And, the first thing that popped up was a list from Goodreads. There, people cast votes for the worst books they had ever read. The first 10, were famous books, which garnered some famous films from them. Some of them, cult followings, for the books.

I rested a bit. I looked at the thousands of votes cast, for just a famous book that is a famous film. I sighed. I wondered how it could be? And, I wondered how a list could ever exist. But, there it was, as you can readily access as well.

I then took a sip of my blueberry tea. I then realized, that even the hot published books can have their sour days also. I ran down the next ten, as famous radio personalities, more divas, a president, and some religious books hung their hats. You look on other sites like Amazon, and you will see even some well respected classics on there. Unbelievable...

Here is at least, the link to the Goodreads one:…

First bad review today.

I had the first, bad review of my book today. A one star out of 5. The person said plainly, the book did not do anything for this person. I am glad the person was honest.

This is alright, and I knew there was going to be criticism coming from some places in some areas of the world. I love criticism, as I know the book is not for everyone. The world would be a boring place, without the critics. I am a critic too, after all.

I will be watching the reviews ever so closely. If I do get too many bad reviews, it will definitely end my writing career. Which, is alright too. I can focus my energies elsewhere, and try something else for a change. Maybe open a business, later on, when I get things a little more in check.

Yep, one star out of five. The other reviews, should be interesting too. As I have said, if I get too many under 3 stars, it means something is too out of whack for me to continue...

Till next time...

500 days of summer

Watched "500 days of summer" the other night with the wife. Another, chick flick, I guess...

But, it was interesting enough. How a man can fall in love with a truly independent thinking woman, someone who does not want to be tied down, and how certain ruts along the way can be devastating to something that is actually building up.

It does play on the question of "Is it meant to be?".  Very interesting ending, as the climax is quite a shocker.  If you put yourself in that situation, and try to feel for the person being affected, it is quite a thing. It is a deep, profound, biting feeling when something like that happens.

It is a quirky film, and I assume that is from the directors style. It follows the style of an old tv series, I thought, of "Pushing Daisies" a little bit. I did not care for the style that much, but some people may like it. The shoots of people in a dreamy state, or  people thinking about situations in a dreamy state, was not quite for m…

Blog is frozen in time.

Yes, my blog is frozen in time. I was away for awhile, as thoughts were running through my head. As an author, this is my situation as it now stands.

1600 plus followers on twitter. 55 approx. people to read my book on Goodreads. Over 5000 hits on E blogger. I could have had more, but I fell off the wagon.

I just lost my drive, in the summer heat, to continue the pace. Even on twitter, my progression has stalled to somewhat of a slower pace of advertising, albeit, smarter...

I realized, perhaps, that my strategy has been going the wrong way to selling my books for the longest time. It takes, reviews, to get things done. Reviews mean, everything. Am I wrong in thinking this way?  I made major mistakes with my first book, in not getting reviews for it. It put me back, by miles, in getting myself established.

To be quite honest, now I am just waiting for some reviews to reel in. If they are good, then, I continue my voyage in writing. If they are even middle of the road, I may continue.…

A chipped paint under the wheel well.

I found a chip under my wheel well, under my truck two weeks ago. I took it to the dealer, where I found out it will cost approx. 340 dollars to do the two back sides under the wheel wells only, and rock guard them or rock coat them. Might as well do the two sides, since one is already defective.

Then, the body shop is busy for two weeks or so. Tomorrow I will bring it in, to see if I cannot get my vehicle painted then. I am afraid it may spread to the side of the vehicle (rusting), as the rust has definitely got worse over the period of two weeks. We live on the coast, near a salt water bay. This exasperates the rusting effect, as we can smell the salt in the air during hot days, where we live.

Nothing new to report on the book front. Only, that two reviews from readers are coming up. I am anxious to see what they say about the book. I drew out the rough copy for the cover of my book of poems... It has a very interesting title, to boot.. A title, never thought of in the world of poe…

Thinking of Publishing and Bears!

Hi to all my viewers!

I have been gone to Kouchibougac National Park for a little while. There, I walked many miles, contemplating creating "The Supermarket Guy : Book of poems". The main characters contemplation on his thoughts throughout his life in general. I was going to publish this one, just for fun. But, then I realized I have not one true litmus test of book reviews for Part 1 or Part 2.

One person from work rated it 5 on 5. That is how she truly felt, about my book. I asked her if it was true, and she really said she really liked the book. I have a few others ready to read the book. 43 to be exact, so far, and am waiting for their reviews.

While at the Park, I seen a bear. I could only see its head, side view, from the cover of the evergreens that surrounded it. I then anxiously told my friend, quick, come here check out the bear! Once my friend shrieked, the bear took off fast in the woods. We seen it gallop towards the deep spruce and cover of the deep green back…

38 C on humidex in NB

She is some scrotching hot outside. Plus 38 C on humidex in Northern NB. Did I say Scrotching,  gesh. Ok, Scorching.

Well, it does certainly feel like Scrotching hot. It is hotter than scorching.. This is what happens when the heat, hits the brain.

Today at work, equipment was running hot. We could have had a trip, anywhere, anytime. The elements, especially the heat, are one of natures way of telling us that it can shut us down. Anytime.

On a good note, my goodreads giveaway update is at 180 contestants. This is super news, scorching news. I am happy that I did went a little worldwide this time... It definitely helps.. The numbers are way up for the giveaway.

Well, I have to go now, shower up. Work has made me, a sweaty mess. I do hope, it cools down tomorrow. Forest fires are a big problem up around this area. Do not get me wrong, I love the heat. Just, around 25 C...  Till next time..

New Contest has gotten 72 contestants in 12 hrs.

I have now 72 people signed up to win a free "Rise of the Market Overlord" book, just in approx. 12 hrs. This is better than the 10 or so, I had in the first day when the first contest had originally opened.  If I am lucky enough to see the numbers continue to grow, at the very end of the contest, it should blow away the first one by a long shot.

And, this time, I am in'the real' middle of the pack in the contests. There are other contests that are definitely garnering more contestants ( some in the hundreds), but this time my book is in the middle of the pack for gaining contestants. Very happy with the results, so far, and hope they will continue. Here is the new link to the contest. Join Goodreads, and experience books like you never have before!

Till next time...

Tomorrow contest will be released!

I am glad to say, that the Goodreads staff will release my contest tomorrow. As said before in previous blogs, it will have more of an international flavor.

The Philippines, Japan, Russia, Spain, and other countries will have a chance to win an autographed copy of "The Supermarket Guy 2: Rise of the Market Overlord"

This will be interesting, to see if I can even come close to beating the 411 contestants I had for the first contest I had on Goodreads. It was only open to residents of the USA and Canada at that time, due to the fact that I was just testing the waters. I was unsure as to the cost of the mailing and such, but it was not as bad as what I first perceived.

I was thinking of publishing "The Supermarket Guy" book of poems, but I have to do allot of convincing to the wife, to pour more money into something that has not seen much returns, as of late... Maybe if i drop have of my beer drinking, I could pull it off.. Nah..

Have a good day, till next time...