Another guy at work offered to buy through Chapters!

Another guy at work,  asked it if would help me if he bought through Chapters!  I said,  it does help when the books are bought online.  But,  it does take at least a week to 9 days to arrive.  The other guys shrugged,  and then offered to probably buy them there as long as I signed them.  I relented after much urging,  and then offered to sign those too...

It is a beautiful September here in New Brunswick.  It was a month of plus 20 or so weather, and clear skies for the majority of the month.  Now the fall colors are starting to come out,  and soon the orchestra of colors will be rustling with the gentle fall winds.

It is time to get caught up on some work.  I have to clean the house, cut the grass,  go to my fathers to cut his grass, then do a small book tour...  Try to get some books out there on consignment... After much hesitation,  I think it maybe worth the while...  To take a trip down south,  and to get them on the shelves...  It will be  a fast trip..  If I only had enough rocket fuel and a super steel rocket to get the book up there on the moon.  It could get me some publicity...  Hopefully I will not blow up the neighborhood.. Till then..


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