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A new poll at the bottom of the page, way past all of the other crap!

Yep. Time to decide whether to produce Part 4 or not.

I got a poll running at the bottom of the page. Notice how I put the yes at the far bottom, making people actually work to give an answer.

This means that, the 'yes', like in all telemarketing conversations that you may have in your entire lifetime, is not at the top of the line of questioning.

When the yes is at the top, it means it maybe more attractive just to answer the yes, at the top, because it maybe the only thing you may remember after becoming bored with the rest of the question.

I even placed the best thing about the question at the end of each answer. So you won't, or shouldn't get bored.

So it is all up to you.

You choose, if I should create Part four or just leave it in my time capsule for to open from my great great grandchildren in 2200.

You decide. This is truly a reality blog.

Till next time.

Part 4 First Draft Completed!

Part 4 of "The Supermarket Guy" is completed. It currently stands at 85 000 words, the longest book that I have ever created.

Now, to decide how to publish it, or not to publish it. We all know humor books is a difficult sell. Seems like you can get humor almost anywhere, and it does not offer anyone anything, like self help books do or non fiction.

The subtitle for this book was always in my mind, and I have not found any other to replace it as of yet. The cover for the book, I will try to draw that out next time, as I have done for the rest of the three books that have been published thus far.

If I do publish this one, and it does not sell, this will definitely be the last of the series for myself. I could not create any more, as the economics do not warrant even the creation of a Part 4 to date.

I would retire, from self publishing, and go into different avenues in life. Try businesses, or different hobbies, or something else.

It would be the end for the expensive art of…

87 % done on Part 4

Part 4 is 87 % complete on its journey through the first draft.

I was thinking, why publish it again. Why go through the trouble. I may just put it in one of those time capsules.

Dig a hole in the back yard, and leave it to be opened in the year 2200.  Why not?

Who cares about how well the book will do today?  How about how it could do in 2200?

A time when, perhaps, we will need some humor and be able to use laser razors, time travel, and probably need to take an old computing device out of the museum in order to view my old work.

Why not. Great idea, I am still working on it... But, need to get to 100 % finished product.

Till next time... Still working, too much, for too little time.

85 % done of Part 4

Part 4 is getting better by the minute. It equals the best book in any of the parts of 1, 2 or 3. I am sure of that.

If you loved any of my work from before, you will definitely be crazy about this one, Part 4 does not disappoint.

Just need the time to finish it. Taking a long, long time. Got no time.

In life, I am beginning to realize what is most important in it.

1. Health

2. Time

3. Money

Ok, I forgot to place family & friends in between health and time, or time and money, of course...

I am severely lacking in the time factor. Just do not have time to do what I want, working 40 hrs a week then doing things for family again.

Time is very important. Lucky are the people who have lots to do their projects, and finish them on time.

Just hope I have the time to finish to produce Part 4, and the drive, ability to get to the production line. I may cop out if things get too hectic.

Till next time.

Part 4 update

Part 4 is now approx 80 % done on the first draft. The text is really flowing well, and the book seems to be coming together incredibly well.

Still having problems finding the time to finish, but the slower the crawl, the better quality will be the outcome.

The other three books are mostly dormant, not much action as of late. I usually pick up a reader ever month, but besides that things are very quiet. Even Part 3 is probably near a year or two old now, so the chances of it getting any more reviews without any contests are next to none. Luckily I had many contests in the past, and got quite a few reviews on Goodreads way back then.

For now, need to hit the sack. Till next time.