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Wrath of the Titans.

Watched Wrath of the Titans at the movie theater this evening. It had nice special effects, and was in 3 D. It has to do with Perseus, the son of Zeus, having to step up to the plate and be the hero. But, he likes his human life and thinks the Gods cause allot of problems.

I cannot go into great detail of this film. I find if you do explain out a little bit about it, then you will get the story plot to easily. The main thing to know, is that Perseus and the son of Poseidons, with a beautiful queen, go to save a God that is captured, by Hades and Ares. Impeding doom will happen if they cannot stop the plan to zap the Gods Power, which is being drained to Kronos. Kronos is going to destroy the world.

Been there, and done that. Seen these kind of movies, a thousand times. I have to give it a 3 on 5, and nearly a 2 on 5 for being redundant.  That is all I can say.

Have a great night, till next film...

The government is phasing out the penny.

Maybe many will be happy. Perhaps a few of us will be sad. That old brown, and shiny pink when new, Penny. A long time ago, you could buy a big sack of peanuts with a penny. Maybe a bag of licquorice Candy. My father told me, in the old days, you could purchase quite a bit with a penny. A handful of anything.

Now you go to one of those coin candy dispensing machines, and many of them take one or two dollar bills. When only 10 or 20 years ago, they would take some quarters. Go 30 years back, maybe dimes.

This is all about inflation. The rise of the cost of living. It goes up 3 % on average every year. Mostly, Energy, peoples wages, and goods go up in price every year. Gasoline, never fails to go up or break new barriers every decade. Once we get used to a price for a new high, it stays there.

I used to like the penny. When as a child, I would count them. My parents had big jars of them. I could not wait to get rid of them, and put them in those paper collectors we all use. The 50 c one…

Striped Bass in the Bay of Chaleur

Far as I know, it is illegal to fish striped bass in the Bay of Chaleur. Striped bass are fish you can see at the bottom of the water outlets. They tell me they are a predator fish, and that they can eat salmon smolts. The Federal government has put a ban on fishing them. They thing is, is when they grow in numbers, they do pick on other species of fish. And, do they ever get big. We seen them in some warm water inlets at at least 3 to 4 feet long.  With special glasses and a beautiful sunny day, you can see them pretty well, lurking on the bottom of inlets on a warm sunny day.

Some can grow to 6.6 feet. The Federal government protects the species, as they are labelled as an endangered species.  People were saying that the Striped bass population is high in the Bay of Chaleur, and that maybe in certain areas the Federal Government should lift the ban. Hopefully the fisheries will weight in, and see if the numbers did increase. If so, we need to know what effect they do have on salmon …

Brunswick Mines closing in 2013

The North Shore of New Brunswick has benefited greatly, from the Brunswick Mining Operation just a few miles away from Bathurst. With over 900 employees, full time, direct and indirect jobs lost, it will be a hard hit for the mining town. We have already seen 3 Pulp mills close in the north end of New Brunswick. This will be, particularly hard for businesses in the area. The mine has been in operation for around 50 years.

Everyone knows someone who worked or has worked in the mines. This mine was one of the largest in the world, zinc and lead ore body. The ore was transported to a local area smelter, where from there it was placed into a furnace where the lead would be processed. The smelter came with the mines. They do say, that once the mines close, the smelter will continue to operate. They will ship in more concentrate from overseas, as they already ship in 50 % approx of their ore from foreign countries now. We all hope it will continue to operate, as 500 jobs approx. are at this…

My book is not offered in Kobo format.

Who was to know. I assumed, wrong. That, my book was in all formats for the E Readers. One of my relatives asked the question; is your book on Kobo? I replied, it must be. To back up my claims, I went to the Kobo site. There, I typed in many of my different search words for The Supermarket Guy. Some sites offer it with a break in the Super Market. I could not find my version on Kobo.

In calling Dog Ear, their representative said they only offer it in Kindle, Nook, and I Book formats. That is it. Allot of my friends have the Kobo, so this came to me as a mild surprise. I am sure some computer wizards out there can change the format, if they really wanted to view it on the old Kobo. But, it is probably a few who can do this. I payed 150 dollars for the three formats, on top of my book publishing fees.

A person at work, commended me for writing a book. Allot of authors get commendations, especially the true famous ones. Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Pierre Burton. Personally, I do not think …

My cough is nearly gone now.

Was at work today, and to my contentment, my cough is nearly gone. I cough maybe once every 2 hours now, and it is usually a little grunting that may go on. Maybe I am getting ready for moose season. The Antibiotics helped, within two days. It is all it took, for to get me to cough less from every 5 minutes to once every hour back then. I am glad, hopefully I can get back into some kind of exercising again. I do not want to go too hard, due to the fact that my cough kept me from training for a month or more.

Besides that, Twitter has helped me attain 419 followers. I do not know if I will learn much more about it than what I do now. You can talk to channels, and in channels as well long as you put the # mark ahead of where you are going. There are probably thousands of channels, and I do not know how to attract thousands of followers in a day, like some people who got the knack. If you can get into the window where they have selected followers, they do advertise for some. You have to …

Choosing a lawn tractor.

It is a difficult choice today in choosing a lawn tractor. I cut the grass for the last few years with a push mower, but now my lawn has expanded a 100 by 100 feet, besides the huge amount of grass in the front. It takes me 2 and a half hours to cut the grass at the house. My feet get sore, and the neighbor watches me as I sweat like a dog on a hot 30 C day. He drives by on his Club Cadet, and offers it to me. But, I hate to take someones machine. If I hit into something, then I would feel bad. I would pay for it, though. Still I cannot take someones machine.

I love the look of the Cub Cadet machines. They have everything. Cup holders, and hydrostatic transmission. Cruise control. Great ride and comfortable seat. But, the cost his fairly higher than the Craftsman.

I subscribe to Consumer Reports, and I have the ratings as well for these machines. The Craftsman, is rated high for reliability for 2011. Of course, they all have their small problems or major ones, that we probably do not …

379 followers on twitter. Beautiful sun out today. NDP Leadership.

It is sunny and warm today in Northern NB. As long as the wind does not stir up, like in the last two days, it will be nice weather. The birds of all sorts are back from the south. This morning a flock of them, were on the ground eating up whatever they could find, in between the last remaining snow drifts.

My twitter has 379 followers to date. This is without asking anyone to join. It was an experiment, to see how fast I could attain followers. I would get 10, sometimes 20 a day, sometimes 6 a day. I have John Mayer as a follower now, and I follow him back too. As well as 99 % of my followers, I follow back.

Last night, there was a NDP (New Democrat) convention on television. It lasted a day and a half, approximately. The vote went all through the day yesterday, as they did have 7 candidates at the start. In the end, it was between Thomas Mulcair and Brian Topp. Mr. Mulcair came out on top with 57 % of the vote. It makes for an interesting format, as you do not know whose supporters …

Income tax and the Government.

We all pay our share of income taxes in some form or another, no matter where we live in the world. Here in Canada, the income tax rate is progressive, starts at 15 % approx for less than 41 thousand, 22 % mid bracket range, then 26 % high bracket range, then 29 % for over 128 thousand approx. Then afer multiplying your income by that, there are all lower amounts to add to try to help the tax burden. This is the federal tax calculation, minus any pension contributions, donations, multiply by 15 %. You then do your Provincial tax rates, a little lower but starting at 9.1 %. You hope your non refundable credits give enough boost to subtract from this, and that the tax you payed in all year will go over what the feds and province take in. If you have children, then University alone is a shock when the bills are added up.

I already know, that at work, I make half of what I make. This means if I am paid 22 dollars an hour, I actually make 12 or so clear. This is due to the unemployment ins…

Water Levels extremely high in New Brunswick.

Just in driving by a few local streams and rivers, the levels were 4 to 6 times the normal flows. In some of the rivers, you could see some ice jams coming down the river. Last night, as reported by CBC news, a family had to be rescued from the middle river as they were surrounded by water. Local rescuers could not rescue them, and a call was made to the coast guard helicopter in Nova Scotia to come up and pull them out.

The last 7 days of above 12 C, with blistering winds, helped to reduce the snow down from 6 feet in my yard, to barely two feet now.

My father did have water in his basement this year. Some years, he has none. He plugged in his temporary sump pump, which was already hooked up and ready to go. His basement is not finished, so it did not matter that the water rose. Just that he does not like to see it rise to high, as it could get into some electrical apparatus. Some of my neighbors, who do have finished basements, do not like to see a fast melt with rain. This year, we…

The snow is 1/3 gone from Northern New Brunswick

We were one of the lonely areas of Canada where, the snow did stay on the ground. In Montreal, there was no snow. I Alberta, the snow did not stay on the ground as well. But, in Alberta, they require and hope to have a snow base for to help give up water to its fields when the sun hits it. This year, they will be hoping for early rain as there was no snow covering their fields for awhile. Drought conditions are hard on farmers.

My coughing has reduces significantly, to maybe once every hour or so. I continue to take the antibiotics, and puffers. Yesterday I watched a report on the CBC about asbestos brakes. A mechanic had lung problems as a result, cancer, and many operations to help him live again. Asbestos in brakes, and as they hit the side of the steel drum, they accumulate there inside. I seen mechanics use air tools to blow the dust away. None used any masks or any type of filter. They all should use a filter, when working around any automotive dust. I think about my work place …

Cough is starting to go away. Politician and Pensions.

With the antibiotics, it seemed no to take long. My cough now, in just taking 3 antibiotic pills, has been reduced to a cough every 2 hours. This is a cough that lingered for 3 weeks and a half. Many people that I talked to, had the cough for over a month. I am thankful to the big guy upstairs that their is still medication out there that can work against some stuff. We always hope that the pharmaceutical companies can keep ahead of these virus strains, and produce the drugs necessary to kill it dead in its tracks.

I still will not do very much until the cough is cleared completely. I needed to relax a bit, and clear my lungs. I do feel 80 % better. The doctor gave me a nasal spray, to clear my nose. I never used it yet. First time a doctor has ever prescribed me, a nasal spray. It may come in handy in the future, I guess.

It is plus 17 C in Northern New Brunswick today. Here, our MLAs after 8 years of service receive pensions. If they stay longer in office, they recieve approximately…

Got into a rut with writing.

There is no doubt, I did start working on Part 4 of The Supermarket Guy. A version when they were all in high school. But, I lost the desire to write for awhile. I found that it was really taking allot of time from my other hobbies, like weight training, sports, and even my own work. It is quite something when you are on a roll, and write for an hour or a few hours straight. Then you ask, where did the day go. And, I do get that feeling of tiredness afterwords. My eyes also get tired at checking out a bright screen with black letters jotting through a white blanket.

I may write again, probably in the fall if things go well. I decided to take a break, unless things really ramp up in the next little while. With the release of "The Supermarket Guy Part II, Rise Of The Market Overlord" to be out in approx. 6 weeks, if it does well out of the gate then the pen will be put to paper much faster. Maybe in the spring or summer months, so I can keep one volume ahead at the time. It is …

Got into a rut with writing.

There is no doubt, I did start working on Part 4 of The Supermarket Guy. A version when they were all in high school. But, I lost the desire to write for awhile. I found that it was really taking allot of time from my other hobbies, like weight training, sports, and even my own work. It is quite something when you are on a roll, and write for an hour or a few hours straight. Then you ask, where did the day go. And, I do get that feeling of tiredness afterwords. My eyes also get tired at checking out a bright screen with black letters jotting through a white blanket.
I may write again, probably in the fall if things go well. I decided to take a break, unless things really ramp up in the next little while. With the release of "The Supermarket Guy Part II, Rise Of The Market Overlord" to be out in approx. 6 weeks, if it does well out of the gate then the pen will be put to paper much faster. Maybe in the spring or summer months, so I can keep one volume ahead at the time. It is …

Star Acadamie sold out times 2.

The Star Acadamie music production is sold out in Bathurst New Brunswick, for two nights in a row. They added a third concert, to help with the demand. This is for the musical production that is from Quebec, and is in the format of an American Idol.

This year they truly had some spectacular singers. Lionel Ritchie was on last night, singing with the 4 women left, 3 who were to be eliminated that night.

I went to the doctor tonight, and I explained him the situation of my other two visits to the doctor. Once again, he put his stethoscope on my lungs, and noted there was some constriction there. He gave me some antibiotics for 8 days. And then directed me to continue taking puffers. I hope this does the trick.

Besides that, no news on the book front. In a week or two, I will be recieving Part 2, the first proof of "The Rise Of The Market Overlord".  I cannot wait until it is released.  I am anxious to also look at the first proof, to see if they or I missed any errors.

I hope …

Cough never really went away.

The cough has progressed from mild on Thursday, cough every hour, to now coughing every 5 minutes or more. The Puffers I took were symbicort and bricanyl. The first doctor gave me the first puffer, then 3 prednisone. I did feel a little better after a week, but then I started coughing like crazy again. The second doctor gave me 7 of the same pills, and then bricanyl. It seemed to go down after a week, but then once back at work, the cough came back strong again.

So, now I have to go to see a third doctor tomorrow. I am not looking forward to going back to the hospital, but I have to once again see why things are not progressing. The pill was to treat the inflammation, and the puffers were to open the airways (Bricanyl) and to reduce swelling of the lungs (Symbicort).  I drank herbal teas, drank orange juice to the hilt, made hot lemon ginger drinks, and nothing, works.

Some people mentioned to use a vaporizer. I seem to recall when I was young, that I did use the vaporizer, but the co…

Brief description of "The Rise of the Market Overlord", The Supermarket Guy Part II

This Novel is the sequel to the first part. The cover as shown to the side, has to do with a major battle between the main Character (Harold) and Jon Acadou.  The fire and smoke within the Supermarket, is really what is going on inside. A life and death struggle for survival. Will someone be able to put down his demon, or will it seep deep down with in and allow him to do the wrong thing. Thus, the reason for the dark clouds over the cover and the eyes peering through. It should be ready in 5 to 6 weeks.

Part 3 which is collecting dust, has to do with the main Character again being put into yet another higher situation of much greater importance.  To save the world. And, it does have a great twist through the novel, where the unexpected truly does happen. I cannot bark too much about it yet, as it is not in the production stages. Someone comes to his aid, where he thought no aid would be given, in a time of dire stress. I enjoyed writing Part 3 very much, but there is room for expansi…

Thanks for the visit from Saudi Arabia, and Ireland!

First time I ever got visitors from Saudi Arabia and Ireland. My blog traffic is up 100%, and just not even over the middle of the month.

Thanks for everyone who came by for a visit. Today will be warm in Northern NB, at plus 8 C approx.

Will be on later tonight to put in a blog, as I have to head for work today. Day shifts are grueling, especially a 12 hour shift. It is actually better to be busy, as the day goes by a little faster. Have a good day, till next time.

The last weekend for snow shoeing.

It maybe the last weekend for snowshoeing in Northern New Brunswick. It will be plus 10 tomorrow, then plus 15 C tomorrow. The snow will take a beating, as I would not trust the rivers or lakes to cross at this moment in time. Ski doos will be hitting the trails in the last hopes of getting in that last drive, through the many thousand km's of groomed trails throughout the Northern part of the province.

While eating at the Atlantic Host in Bathurst on the weekend, we seen the Ski Doo transport, with all the logos on it in the parking lot. There, they had brand new machines for people to check out. They are some beautiful, and fast. But why would you want to go fast, when you have an incredible view of white gold and some beautiful trails surrounded by trees. A typical ski doo, brand new, may cost starting from 12000. Then the suit, helmet, and trail pass. 1000 dollars maybe for a ski doo suit and helmet, and trail pass at 200 dollars. Then there is registration, and insurance for …

Headed to work today.

Headed to work today. It is exposed to be mild in Northern N.B. today, around plus 8. My cough that I had bad a week and a half ago has disappeared somewhat, now that I am only coughing once every half hour or so. I will take the puffers with me to work, just in case I take a hack attack. My Bronchitis/ Asthma is starting to fade away for another year.

My Relatives said I should take the flue shot every year. I did take it for the H1N1 virus awhile back, and I was in no rush to get it either. I waited till the very last minute to get it. I am not sure if it would help, as I get the cough every year or two. Maybe it would. But, when I sweat, and get into the cold after, then I start to cough. This time, I did not cough up much mucus, as the doctors said the congestion was not much in my lungs. It is even strange how a tickle in the throat, could make me cough allot at times. It is a strange thing indeed.

Well, time to go to work, approximately 6 weeks till the release of Part 2 of the …

Cars that can drive themselves.

Last night on the CBC news, they were showing cars that can drive by themselves. A piece done by Paul Hunter. 15 years ago, while talking to co workers, I mentioned that someday this maybe the case. The co workers said I was talking foolish. I thought that they were thinking behind the times. Now, by 2020, we may not have any choice but to drive a car that can drive by itself. It showed a few models from Volvo on last nights show, driving by radar and following vehicles on a highway. Ford also showed its system of parallel parking, while you still had to push on the brake when going back into the space, change gears, then go forward to brake again.

The only thing that the article worried about, was what would it do to someones driving over time. With less practice at the wheel, would we become less of a driver. When the system does not work, would we be as ready to drive and take the wheel.  In the fog, it showed the cars during some testing could create accidents. It would be difficu…

Bought an LG Smart TV 42 inch

Bought a smart LG TV LED 42 inch a few days ago at WalMart. It was regular price 898 approx, and I got it for 648 approx. I was going to buy it around January, but the advice from the wife had paid off. Wait a bit, the prices will come down. I was worried, and replied, that if the new models come out by mid year then I will be paying maybe higher for that new tv.

But, it happened as the wife predicted. What do I know? It appears not much. So, when I seen the price drop, I asked the front cash if they had any in stock. He first replied, I think the unit on the wall is the last one. I was disappointed, as I wanted one straight out of the box. He rechecked, and voila, he had a few in stock. They then came out with one with a damaged carton. Right away, I asked if they had one in a box that was not damaged. The clerk replied that the styrofoam would protect the TV anyways. I was adamant, and wanted one from a box that was not opened or ripped. If a box is opened or ripped, they should giv…

Government is laying off 30000 public workers.

Our government in Canada here is laying off 30000 employees, as reported by the CBC. This does not come as much as a surprise, as they probably make the effort to try to reduce government spending. Of course, for the first few years, the benefit will not be much. As having to pay severance packages (Up to 90 weeks for some), pensions for those who wish to retire (Some with no penalty), does not shave off much money in the first few years are they are still paying out the doll.

The only thing that I worry about, is service. Many people that I know, when applying online or over the phone for EI benefits for instance, get caught up into problems. Unable to get it remedied over the phone or internet, they go to the local office. There, you even get some people who are unsure of how to handle some cases. Lets take maternity leave, for instance. As you lose more experienced workers, who retire, you are hoping and relying on the younger workers who have to take up the slack. Service at time…

Nearly done reading "Heaven is for real"

Nearly done reading the National Best seller, "Heaven is for Real".

A very powerful statement, from a little boy of approximately 4 years old at the time. The book has to do with his out of body experience (He was not clinically dead), due to problems with an misdiagnosed appendix that busted for 5 days. Finally, in bringing the sick boy to another doctor, they found the problem.

To make a long story short, the boy during the operation to clean out the appendix and poison, briefly went to heaven. The father finds out, as the boy leaks out some stories over time. The boy knew about his father praying in a small room during the operation, as well the location of his mother. The boy should not have known this, as no one told him of their locations. The boy also knew about a family member named Pop, who he should not have known about. Pop had been dead a long time. These so far, are the two strongest points for myself, about the books links to heaven. Yet, I know what my atheist…

The sun is out and Plus 7 in Northern NB.

The sun is out, and it is plus 7 in Northern New Brunswick. The snow base is melting away slowly, and soon there will be not enough snow to skii doo.

The Ski hills should be still good for the next 2 weeks or more, as they do have snow machines to keep the base up. But, the Ski Doo season was alright this year if you had the time to get out there on the machines to enjoy it.

On twitter, I received another 3 friends today. I am up to 183 friends, without asking anyone for a follow. I do follow back, if the person that asks has a good page and a good angle to their tweets. Usually I accept everyone anyways.

Snow storm coming tomorrow, 10 to 15 cm then over into Weds. This will ensure more ski doo time and downhill skiing time. I bought a pair of cross country skiis, but to my dismay, I had no time to use them yet. I was sick with a cough for a 2 weeks, and could not take the chance to venture out into the wild. I start to sweat, then the cold hits the hot and it makes me cough sometimes…

Star Acadamie on tonight in Quebec!

The Province of Quebec, as well as New Brunswick, has its great share of musical voice talent! The Star Acadamie is on tonight! Only one of the men will survive tonight, as the male singers take the stage to try to harmonize their beautiful voices into votes.

Next Sunday, it will be the ladies turn to sing out the beautiful ballads, to try to convert each note into votes. Star Acadamie is the equivalent to the American Idol, or Canadian Idol, but only for Quebec.

Rene Angelil, Celine Dions husband has been on the show in previous episodes, in trying to help the stars with handling successes and failures. With many great international English and French singers on board to help the production out, it makes for a star stellar night. Then, the finally, is a duel of songs between the last female and male singer. The format of the show also has a half hour segment every night, leading up to a two hour approximate show Sunday night on TVA. All the singers are lodged into an acadamie, where …

A dog will gaffle down just about anything!

My dog went outside the other day, shuffling around in the snow. She seems to like to rub her sides up against it, which is quite unusual for any mammal to do. Does she get cold? Does she get a brain freeze, like most of us do when eating ice cream way too fast? She just rolls and rolls, in the snow.

Then she went up a little ways, and dug a hole through the snow crust. Kept on digging, until she pawed something from underneath and started chewing. By the time we got to her, and tried to pull it out, it was too late. The crunch crunch had faded as we reached to try to pry it from her jaws. She had swallowed, something.

As a pet owner, you always try to do what is best for your pet. She is a well fed dog, and all. If a turkey would drop from the kitchen table, we are sure she would eat until she could not move. Then, try to hide it somewheres. This morning, the dog is fine. But, you always worry, that just maybe your pet may become sick from picking up a scrap from outside. People some…

Watched Will Ferrells show "Everything must go!"

We heard the songs about it. Country songs, Sammy Kershaw, "Yard Sale", and George Jones "Closing of the door".  This is when the other half leaves, without even recognizing you are alive. They lock up the doors, and you find everything gone. This happens quite often, in the journey in life. To our friends, and sometimes to ourselves.

"Everything must go", is one of those shows, where Will Ferrell as Nick Hasley loses his job mostly over his problem with alcohol. He finds his credit cards do not work,  and finds his furniture on the lawn as well, with the door locked into his home. His wife has left him as well, over his crazy behavior. His so called buddy, a police detective, gives him 5 days to get things in order and to leave the lawn. Do a yard sale.

In the time he sits around his lawn over these few days, he makes friends with a young boy on the street. Emptying beer cans becomes his passion. He also makes friends with a woman who is pregnant across …

Winds are high here today!

The winds in northern NB are high gusts 80 km/hr at times. The snow melted big time yesterday, as small streams of water could be seen cutting into the ice and snow towards the lower lying areas. It was plus 15 C yesterday, quite a change from the minus 5 or so before hand. Today, it is minus 3.

I twitted allot yesterday. I managed to get 10 followers, the most I ever had. I now stand at 147 followers. These are people that just jump on board. For a good while I have just be advertising to see how many people would click on and follow when advertising through the twitter universe. I put my advertising through channels called 200aday, then 3000aday. No one is hardly in the 3000aday universe. My posts are still on top from last night. The 200aday is more active, as the action is fast. We go there, thinking we can catch, 200 followers in a day, but this just does not happen.

Besides that, not much new on the book front. Still waiting for news on Part 2, but may have to wait 3 weeks befor…

Bringing car in for inspection and then registration.

Inspection for a vehicle in NB is probably around 20 or so dollars. Registration maybe around 80 dollars. I forget the true values, but it is that time of the year again. A new vehicle usually passes without any problem. I think allot of governments should let a new vehicle go without an inspection for the first 3 years of the vehicle. Then do it every year after. But, that is just my opinion. If it gets into an accident, then you would have to bring it in. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

I have now 132 friends on twitter. I have learned to cut and past to go direct to my book, every tweet I make. This should have, some sort of an effect, on viewership of my brand. I am unsure as to how much, though.
Below are the links again to the E book version at 3.98 on Amazon, and the free preview. I forget to add these on, and I feel that I should have been doing this every so often to help people get there as fast and as easily as possible.…

We always assume people know the details!

We always assume people know where to find a free preview of something. Typically, here I was blogging away for months on end, without any thought of posting it here.

I just thought about posting it on twitter, a little while ago. So here is the link below.

You can check out the cover, which I drew, and also the first 40 or so pages to see how you like it. I never thought much about the preview, but it does in the end, takes a good portrait in what you are reading or about to buy. It makes the process more fairer, for those about to buy any kind of book. Makes it easier to buy or not to buy, depending on how people take the first 40 pages... Have a good night, till next time...

Dropped in unexpectedly in Moncton

Drove to Moncton NB, which is around a 2 and a half hour drive from where I live on the North Shore. Went into Chapters Indigo, and asked a few sales reps where my book was located. It was an unannounced drop by. I gave them an idea I would be down by phone, but not when. One of the sales lady said the book is probably in the front where the cash is. She did not have a clue about my book or its name, and with so many books there who could blame her. Right in the front. I know of the location, and I never found it was that great of a location. Then, the regional manager (Not sure of his title but he deals with consignments) came around and I recognized him when we met 3 to 4 weeks ago. The sales lady said, there is the man who can help you. I replied that I remembered him.

I then asked, so the books are out in front there near the cash. He said, oh, they are back here just a sec. He went back to his side offices, to retrieve the books. I thought at least, one of them should be at the f…

Release Date in 2 months time.

The Supermarket Guy II: Rise of the Market Overlord should be available in 2 months time. If all goes well. Two more proofs will be sent to me, and after that, it is a creation. I call them drafts, they call them proofs. First proof may take 4 to 5 weeks. The second comes in a little faster. As earlier, I can make changes but it will cost 25 to initiate just one change, and 2 dollars for each and every other.
I seen a fast track system on their web page for 500 $. I waited this long, I might as well wait as well. More bad news, is that my books did not sell in Moncton Chapters. This is a definite devastating blow to creating any more books in the series. I do not know where they are positioned, either. They will throw them in the dust bin, if I do not retrieve them in 30 days. They do this will all books on consignment. So they say. Maybe the book was not well seen. It could be where they put the book in the store. Up this way in Bathurst, I nearly sold out. But, Chapters is wall to wa…

5 cm of snow this morning for Northern NB

Still snowing out this morning for Northern NB. 5 cm on the ground. March can produce some snow storms as well, as the groundhog did not see his shadow this year! I suspect a few more storms, but the rain may come at any time.

Today will talk with Dog Ear Publishing to see if they received all the files for to produce the book. They will send me two more drafts. I will read them over, looking for more errors. This time, they may bill me if I find errors, or wish to change anything in the body. 25 dollars to start corrections, and then 2 dollars after for each and every correction. That was the way it was last year. This year I will check to see today if it is the same, although they did waive the fees last year due to it being minor errors.

The draft I receive back is the book format, and it does take awhile for to get these drafts, so it seems. A week or so apart? I forget now. Unless they changed their systems.

Far as twitter is concerned, I now have 100 friends. Bill Cosbys nephew…

Neighbor blew out the driveway

The neighbor blew out the driveway this morning. Around 10 cm of snow today. I blew his out last week, when we had a foot of snow. So he repaid half of the favor ; )

I think he knew I was sick as there was not much action around the house. I went out to tell him that I was indeed sick, but he did not need to blow that today. I feel alright to do the gate. The temperature should be plus 1 today, and will be milder this week into the 8 C or 10 C range. The snow will begin to melt in Northern New Brunswick.

The maple syrup camps will be in full force too, and they do have brunches all you can eat for 12 or so dollars at some locations. This takes in maple syrup, pancakes, eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, ect. These camps are usually full after church.

Besides my cough, as I have said, calm in the morning. Usually more coughing in the afternoon, as I found this time at night I was coughing a fair bit. But the cough has got less and less over time. It is hard to beat. I continue taking my medica…

Allot of tornadoes in the American Central States.

To my American friends, who visit on here often, I wish only healing and prayers for those who suffered much tragic loss in the tornadoes that occurred over the last few days.

We hope someday that better weather predictions, can somehow help people to evacuate out of these areas faster. We always wish these things would never happen at all, of course, but we know the reality of the weather.

The weather is the weather. When at very few times strong, it can have no mercy at times. Once again, our thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

Visitors from Singapore!

Had a few visits from Singapore today! First time visit from this beautiful country. One of the Four Asian Tigers. Huge financial and industrial, business sectors! And a great second home to many North American Millionaires!

Thanks for visiting Singapore!

Part 2 Rise of the Market Overlord

Part 2 was corrected yesterday. Did not take me long to do, but when sick as I am with headaches, from coughing non stop, it was a tough thing to go through. I am coughing a little less now. This always happens in the morning, and then It goes full blast in the afternoon. Calm before the storm. Usually. The medication also makes me to to pee every hour or two. And, I drink allot of vitamin C, Herbal Teas, ect, to try to help. I find not much helps.  Today will be the true indicator if the cough goes away. They say the whooping cough, is contagious among children. They go as far as there. My cough, I always had this cough since I was a child. I would not be able to stop coughing, at times for 2 weeks. It comes and goes. Sometimes I never catch it for 2 years. Other times, every year. Sometimes it battles off faster than others. This year it has been a real nag. One man I met said he had the cough for 5 weeks. My cousin had the cough for a period of many weeks too. We all get sick, now …

Seemed better for 15 minutes on getting up with the cough! Just an illusion.

When you wake up, from a cough, it is good for awhile. The first 15 minutes you do not cough. If you are asthematic brochiatic like me, once you are at rest, usually you will not cough. Getting to sleep is hard, as I will cough for hours before the fatigue wins the cough over. I am taking my two puffers and medication, and I think it seems to be helping (not much now in the afternoon). I did cough up a little more phlegm than usual. Nothing like the old days when they would give you a full blast of antibiotics and cough medicine with the old codine. But, with the limiting use of the antibiotics, now we deal with different drugs. This afternoon my head is pounding, and was coughing steady for hours. I am getting headaches with ever cough I do. I feel terrible.

It is should be much easier this time for correcting Part 2, as my spacing and my smaller details were not as bad for them to correct. Part 1 was all mashed up like potatoes in errors on the side of the page. This time, they are …