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50 % of Part 4 corrections 1 st draft completed.

The Supermarket Guy 4 has now 50 % of the main body completed.  This book will surpass the 308 pages of Part 3, easily.

I have been finding some errors in the story, such as where one part does not link up with the other part. This is what happens when writing every so often, while taking long breaks in between. You get lost in what happened several pages ago, and now in the correction stages, I need to continue to keep my mind fresh on what is going on in the text. Too long of a break in between of editing, can mean I will miss some broken links in the main text.  Hopefully I will not be too busy in the coming months ahead.

I am also trying not to correct too many pages in one sitting. I find the results are worse, and I do get fatigued easily, which leads me to rush through the text and make more errors.  I do correct around 5 to 10 pages a day, and that is it.

I project being finished of the corrections in a month or two. After that, I will look for a good editor, and try the leas…

Website asked to be taken down.

My very own SEO cart and website, , was asked to be discontinued the other day.

I was not up to paying for the website, something that did not bring in any traffic, and interest, from the general population.  I rather stay on blogger, than be on that site. But, I see the site is still up, and I do not know why.

This is kind of the start of the unraveling of my book series. I may produce Part 4, which will be the last of the series. Depends on the cost and what not. Editing was always a problem up around my area, as I always had difficulties in finding what I needed to do the job.

I have gone through 40 % of the manuscript, which is the biggest draft that I have ever created. After completing the whole thing, I will look for an editor, and then go see the publisher.

Difficult to justify printing another book that will not even break even with its creation costs. Self publishing is about that, for the majority of us all.

It is addictive to create, and we are nor…

A garden sprouts forth hope

Thundernose immediately backed up and threw his tail of steel, that dog wagging sign of happiness, into the hamster wheel.

The wheel then flew apart in a million pieces, firing outward due to its great centrifugal force. A wheel bearing flew and hit Minolita in the forehead, knocking her unconscious.

The hamster flew to the side of a barn, who began to chirp and become aggressive to Thundernose, the superhero dog, for destroying his only day to day fun activity and aerobic exercise. The super dog just swiped her paw at the hamster at a near speed of light speed, which flung the highly metabolic hamster into a triathlon, where the small animal could probably come in a tight second last against "doughnut ball Jep"

Mattpluck turned around, with a tongue hanging from his lips to his bellybutton. He began to talk with a strange accent "Frigging Dog! Where were u when da hamster started tuning da wheel? How come u did not safe me earlier!"

Thundernose just rolled over a…