Another person at work liked my book!

Another person at work found my book to be very good.  And then asked how did I accomplish such a story.  Then someone came during the late hours of the night,  and asked to purchase one.  Then in the morning,  another person came in and asked to purchase one.  He also remarked that it was quite something to do,  and that he was impressed by the fact that I wrote a book.  I am always taken aback by this reaction to writing it.  Then asking me to sign it,  which is too much.  As,  I feel I done nothing extraordinary.  That in a universe of 140 million books,  mine is just a dwarf star.  For awhile,  I felt a little foolish,  actually to even have tried to attempt the feat.  But,  as the old man said,  if you do not try you will never know the end result.

The % of money made, in order to produce Part 2,  is now at around 4 % of the grand total.  I like doing the percentage thing,  as I find it gives me an idea of how long I have to go to get to 100 %.  Still a drop in the bucket,  and many more books to sell before embarking the main character on his second journey..  Till then...


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