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A blazing hot 4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3"

A blazing hot review for "The Supermarket Guy 3"-  here are some of the comments extracted from the review site!

This book was really good! There was incredible comedy, occasional childishness (added ore silliness to the comedy. Always a plus!), sheepmen and amazing-ness! I was laughing every time I picked this book up. An added bonus is that the author made the cover! How awesome is that! I a definitely recommending this book for the comedy alone. It's a fun (and really funny!) book to read!

A 4 on 5 star review-  thanks to the readers, again and again and....

4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3"

Today I received a 4 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3" humor book.

Comments that stood out for me were "At first this book had me all sorts of confused but once I got into I realized this book has it all. -"

No doubt, the beginning was very trivial to me. Should I go with it, entertain that sort of direction, or completely change the first chapter. But, when realizing the total gist of the movement, the total theme of the book had to be going that way. And to go that way, the beginning had to be serious, and I tried to add sparkle to beginning of the book by adding some slight humor. This was indeed, very difficult, but it appears it may have thrown off some readers- a good and bad thing all in one, perhaps. Maybe not, especially if they read it right to the end.

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3 on 5 star review for "The Supermarket Guy 3"

Glad to have received a 3 on 5 star rating / review for "The Supermarket Guy 3" today.

Some comments that stood out for myself, personally, were "A really humorous book-" , and "Got a good chuckle out of it-" , and the man revealed that he will give it to his growing daughter once she can understand this type of humor.

Quite evident from that review that I do have a certain style of humor, and glad that this review revealed that as well. More reviews to come,  but overall, from 95 % approx. - all the reviews received so far shows that the book is a truly humorous read.

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Been sick for awhile.

Caught another flue bug a little while ago, and still under the weather currently today. Coughing, nearly non stop at times, and this is what I usually get every 2 to 3 years, or sometimes more frequently. My family physician was booked for the next few weeks, so I took a trip to another doctor at a walk in clinic.  There, the usual pulse rates, temperature, and what not were taken. Listening to my lungs with a stethoscope, hearing the wheeze of a mild congestion. Not pneumonia, just a little congestion.

The coughing was not a severe as the first day I got the bug. I would cough nearly non stop, and even could manage a half hour of sleep every so often during the night. Laying down seems to exacerbate the coughing, and even last night, as the cold weaned off from its massive thrust, I still coughed every few hours at a time when laying down.

What I tried this time, was Robitusin cough medicin, and tylenol "cough" tablets. The mucus did come up, and it was white. This was ra…