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Blog is up 11 % from Best Months Viewing

Once again, a great thanks is at hand for pushing my Blog up to 11 % up in viewership from my Best Months Total.

This is one day, before, it all wraps up for January. I will be away tomorrow, as this is why I am writing this blog at this time.

I will be back again, Sunday, on New Years Day. I found that I had allot more viewership from Germany, England, Italy, and India. The most unique was viewership was from the beautiful Ukraine.

The United States and Russia are nearly tied for first in viewership, with the USA still on top.

Canada did visit a few times, but not very much.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for tagging along.. Till our next adventures in Book making, which will be very soon again. Part 2 should be ready to be produced in mid January, or less, but the book may take 4 months to get on the shelf... I will talk about the process here, as things unravel, as slow as they may come.. Till then..

Did a few pages of correction today!

Part 2: Rise of the Market Overlord, is coming along fine. The correction process, in which I call polishing off, is doing very good.

It is a good thing, to go through it again, as some things are added, and some things are taken away. Mostly, allot of things are added, so far, to add more volume and humor to the book. It is like, icing on the cake, so to speak. Polishing can only help your book or writing out, and rarely does it make it worse.

I seen people laughing at some scenes from Sherlock Holmes Part 2. I said, if the people laugh at that stuff, they surely will love even the weak comedy lines of my book in some areas. Maybe it is just, that crazy Canadian humor bug coming out to roost!

I still have a long ways to go, as I am far from the back. I rather go a little slow, to make sure it all fits together right. The book is, going to be very good as well. Maybe better than the first. I am not sure, but it is up for the public to decide.

A tragedy in the family does slow you down…

Strange how things are not so apparent

I remember doing a small blog on the song, Pumped Up Kicks!  The song has a really good beat, and, without knowing the lyrics, I thought it was a song about kids playing and such. This song was done by, Foster the People.

But, I guess it was about an unfortunate shooting event ( I am guessing fictional), somewhere where this Robert kid goes on a shooting spree. And, you cannot outrun bullets, and he has a quick hand. Some people I know, who are very sensitive (care bears?), once learning what the song was about, stopped listening to it. I do not think they should stop listening to it, as you cannot shut your ears off to, this sometimes violent world, or ignore what is going on out there at times.  If we pretend the problem does not exist, how can we correct these situations.

What we have to do, is to be more accepting, of everyone. Bring them into your circle of friends, even if they are not normal or not up to a certain standard. The only standard people should have, to receive a hel…

Watched Sherlock Holmes Part 2...

Watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie, Part 2. You have to love, the gradual revealing of things as the certain peril is seemingly, going to take place.

Sherlock, definitely has a skill, for to see the most non obvious clues, and put them together to get out of a situation. Once again, the ability to preset yourself up by seeing clues left behind by your adversary, for to get out of a perilous future situation when you meet again, is what this film is just about, about. Like a game of chess, perhaps, thinking of the next move, and his next move.

I personally liked Part 1 better. But, this film is alright, and intriguing. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Did not have much time to work on Part 2, of my book. It seems, I have fallen behind. I have only corrected 20 % so far. I was looking to be, honestly, done by now. I will need to crank up the speed, hopefully by next week.  Have a great night, till then...

My first buying Reiker shoes

My wife told me that Reiker shoes were from Germany. I looked on the internet, and it does appear the origination was from the Black Forest in Germany, by Herr Heinrick Reiker (courtesy of eHow style). Still a family company, they have operations all over the world.

The shoes are, incredibly light, and for a winter shoe, very comfortable. My wife tells me they will last a long time. I like Clarks as well, and Rockport, but to find a nice winter shoe is sometimes a hard feat. The Reiker seemed to fit the bill, and the style was with two side zippers. I am not used to the zipper things, as I always had laces for my boots, but it makes for a nice change.

They have an antistress system, where the load of the foot is more distributed throughout the sole. And, the shoe is, as they announce, light. I say, it is light as nearly a feather, compared to all the other shoes I wore over time.

Will try to work on my book a little today, as some bills must be paid first. It is windy, and cold, now i…

Passed my best months previous Blog Record by 1.5 %

I was wondering if, I would go past my last months blog results... I did not expect to, as the Holidays are here, and I expected everyone to be drinking beer!  Not only that, the worry was also, due to an unfortunate family occurrence, I had to stop writing on here for a good while... So, this comes to me as a good surprise!

But, the beer did not stop people from coming on here! I am happy to announce that my blog has so far, an increase in viewership of 1.5 %, and it is not even the end of the month yet!

Besides that, I mentioned to another side of the family about my Book this morning at a small cafe. They did not, know anything about it. I was under the impression, that they did know something about it, but I guess some of them did not.. Oh well, now they all know.. I think..

Being at the relatives family supper last night, we had a lovely time, the children were singing Christmas songs, and it was very well done! Thus, today, I had no time to go over anything, or do any work on my…

The Supermarket Guy III, subtitle top secret, is accomplished.

I am glad to report, The Supermarket Guy III :_________________  Has been just about completed, today.

The length is probably a bit longer than Part 1. I am impressed with this volume. I hope the people like it, and I hope I can publish it, one day. It is slated for 2013, depending on sales with Part 1 and 2. I can print it off faster, if sales go faster.

Altogether, 640 approx pages of comedy, in three volumes...

I have reached a milestone today. I just have to do a little bit of a few pages to the ending, but, the journey is complete.

I may send to copyright office within a month or so... Thank you for your support during this time, we will talk later.. Till then...

Watched Tin tin last night!

I went with my French relatives, to go and watch Tintin last night. Stephen Speilberg did a great job, with this production of the French Classic cartoon series. The cinema was just about, nearly full. I do understand a little french, so I went to check it out.

The best part of this show for myself, was the motorcycle scene, where he was driving down the hill side town in Morocco, and things were literally falling apart on him. The computer animation, is indeed, something to behold. As, it does appear, nearly like real life. The captain, the story, was, indeed a 4 out of 5 stars for me.

It is just, sometimes, the way Tin tin got around some of the barriers in his way, was a little to simple for a writer, like myself to understand. It is easy, when writing, to get out of a situation by creating a simple way out. A big dog, for instance, being scared of a small dog.  It is not, just realistic to me, unless I am missing something with the canine element.

I have to go to boxing day shoppi…

Time lines for writing..

When writing, time lines in the book, in my view, is somewhat important. More so, for suspense or thrillers. Even for psychological thrillers.

For comedies, like what I write, I do not think it is as important. As, everyone takes a carefree attitude, and you want to get away from the seriousness of writing. That is why, many people, run to a good comedy every so often. You just want to laugh. The timeline, therefore, in my view, is somewhat important, but not as important as the more serious type of dramas.

But, I need to go over the timelines a little bit in part two. Just to make sure, they all fit to some sort of logical framework. I went over 3 pages today, but, relatives are still around. I have little time to fiddle with this as of late. But, I will be trying to get a good day or two at it, very soon!

Tomorrow, boxing day sales. Televisions are cut, by a few hundred dollars. I may break down, and buy a flat screen. I still have, a picture tube ( would you believe), in my living …

Christmas is passed, time to do other tasks!

Reading an article from Misty Harris this morning, from Postmedia news. He indicated some numbers, which I find, for myself, are hard to find. These are some of the facts he dished out on the 24th edition of the local news papers article.

Amazon announced this year, that it was selling 105 E books as compared to 100 paper books on its site.

The industry as a whole, E books now account for 1/4 of U.S. book sales, and 20 % by volume.

Most people, believe there will always be a mix of sales. Of the hard, and of the E format.

80 % of people predicted making more purchases from their E phones.

And, from that E phone, you can control your homes heating system, lights, ect, all from it. Some people believed it would eventually replace the wallet.

It just goes to show, how far technology has come, from using a VIC 20 or Commodore 64 in the early 80s. I used to love the programming of those machines, as we as kids, could change some of the programming fairly easily.  Just a few stats up there,…

The wife has got to drive!

I drank a few beer, too many today. Looks like the wife has got to drive! Too bad!

Well, it is not as if it is a shock. She never drinks, and if she does, she has maybe just a small glass of vino. Myself, I drink a few beer, to get rid of the toxins in my body. I think the alcohol has, indeed, a scientific cleansing effect.

It is also, contrary to belief, does not kill brain cells. My mother used to tell this to my father, all the time, on the holidays. It actually makes, more mental activity go on, to help solve, some of our most dynamic world problems..  The Prime Minister of Confederation, Sir John MacDonald, also had a few shots, to help him solve the dynamic problems of a new country, called Canada... God bless his soul..

Once again, Merry Christmas... My blog is on target for just coming even with my best months results. This is hard to believe, as I expected much smaller results due to the busy times of the holidays..

Once again, great thanks, and keep the sleigh between the po…

Turkey is being thawed out overnight!

The turkey has been thawed out in water all night, in the sink. It is an 18 lb turkey. Cooking time is a half hour per lb, at around 325 F.

It meant, I had to get up early this morning to check it out. The stuffing recipe will be from scratch, using some summer savory, bacon, and some hamburger.

It will be cold today, also. One of our relatives is bringing a piano, to play some piano music. I will have to drink lots of booze to drown out the keystrokes... I am sure it will be ok..

Maybe I may have time to write, or correct, some of my book of Part 2, as they will only be here at 5 pm. I could do this now, as we prepare some stuff for supper.

I wish you all a very, Merry Christmas. I hope it is a good time of reflection, with friends, past failures, past successes, and of much future goodwill.

Christmas Eve soon here!

I was late, shopping this year again! Fortunate though, that the malls were nearly empty. It is, not a bad time to shop, after all. The only thing, I seen a few people looking for those precious last minute items, and unable to find them. Clerks saying, sorry, we ran out, to several people walking along the aisles.

I remember the last few days of Christmas more hectic in the past, than now. Even the liquor store, their was no line ups this morning. There was no line ups, at the Canadian Tire store ( a mans paradise here in Canada), and the traffic was good at the major supermarket in town here.  Cold minus 14 in Northern NB, but sunny out. Good thing it is not windy!

I had no time to check, or work on my book today. Too many plans, with family. Too many visits, with other people.

I want to wish, from the bottom of my heart, and the top too, the Best for the Holiday season to all the people who supported me on this Blog site.  You all made it, an easier answer, to help me ascertain as …

Began to proofread Part 2

I proofread the first 40 pages of the main body of Part 2 so far. Minute changes so far, and it is really incredible the errors you can make when typing the thing out for the first time. I will try to continue to proof read, and then until January 1st,  to get it done. My publisher will read it for flow and consistency, and grammar/ spelling errors, as well.

Then, I will be given it back to go over again. Then, I will be given it twice to approve to go over any errors that may come about. I rather the process, have a second round of copy editing, but, we will see how it goes this time. This time I am a little smarter with the spacing after a comma, not typing out numbers, ect, so it should be a little easier for them to correct.

I still have a little work to do on Part 3, I may do some this morning, if the time permits. I got to do some, last minute shopping as well. Just that the whole sad news that I had to deal with, last week, was not good, and set me back quite a bit...  I hope y…

First time visit from the Ukraine!

Thanks to the Ukraine, for the visits! This is a first time ever, visits from the Ukraine, for this blog site! The map is getting greener and greener each and every day! Thanks again!

Part 3 is 99 % finished.

Part III of, The Supermarket Guy "subtitle is top secret", is 99 % finished. The ending is done. The length is there to support the body of the book. The ending has to do with three people near death. Even due to the sad circumstances, it is a light, hearty, ending. I am glad, somehow, I found it. It was actually during sleep, I found the answers. Strange how some things work.

It is going to live up to the expectations of Part 1, 2, and 3, and they do all link together finely. I am very much satisfied. I just need to polish 2, and 3 up a little more.  Polishing, in my view, has to do with going into what you have written to see if it all binds together very well. Sometimes, polishing can add 5 to 10 pages alone, to a piece of work.

Here in Northern NB, the snow has lightly fallen on the ground. I am glad we did not get the rain they had forecast.

The book store in Bathurst sold out in my book. I need to replenish the supply.

Bookstore sold out of my book!

Bookstore has sold out of my book, here in Bathurst. I will reload sometime this week, before it gets too close to Christmas.

This is good news for a change, as I must get some to Moncton on their shelves in the next week as well. I hope everyone has a good night, till next time...

The ending is coming along for Part 3

The ending is coming along well for Part 3. I have put in a few more scenes, and it is developing well. I need to read over Part 2, and get it ready for the presses for January. It is going to be a hectic time. If all goes well.

I soon will call the publisher, to send him the information required to start. I soon will be sending the cover page, for them to work on. This will be done by mid January, or sooner, for the starting point. I have not decided on an E book for this version. It depends how well the first one goes, during this process. If I do decide on the E book, it will be priced this time,  close to the first or Part 1 price of 3.98.  A price of a Starbucks coffee!!

If one thing is noticeable, during the writing of Part 2, and then Part 3, maybe the humor has vanished a bit at a time, as each part has been written. Maybe not so much in Part 2. I worried about this somewhat. I was hoping I could find, funny circumstances, funny events, that could warm a heart. I cannot rely l…

Wrote a half page on Part 3 last night.

After the grieving, now and then, I just mustered up a little bit of writing on Part 3 last night. I need to get my mind back in the swing of things. I am still lost for the ending, as I led it in to another situation as of late. I needed to lengthen it out, as I did not foreseen it being that short. It is still good enough to publish, but I like to achieve approximately 200 pages in length per book.

Part 2 of The Supermarket Guy: Rise of the Market Overlord,  is well more than 200 pages. The countdown is on to its publication, as long as there is no big problems that arise in my life, again.

Part 3 is probably around 175 pages. I am still chugging away at it, and luckily, it seems to be coming along very well. But, the ending, had to be stretched. And, I need an ending. Hopefully it will come to me, later on... Have to do some business with a burial later on today. I want to wish everyone a great day, and I will talk later on.  Till then...

Went through the Kevin Eikenberry seminar!

What a great motivational speaker he is.  Kevin Eikenberry, and his 4 points on how to follow through on a sale. He gave some advice, that, I already knew, but it was refreshing to hear again. He sells products and acquires clients for to help them systemize and sell.

I knew I had the first two points of his plan. I had the design, and I had the means to deliver. The third, was the selling point which has other branches to it. I am a poor salesperson. But, yet, I did sell pretty much out at the local bookstore here. I guess I am not that bad, after all. Just that on a huge international scale, I am a flop at the top.  Then the systemization, making things easier. Well, this is exposed to streamline sales later on.

He went on to talk about reviewers, as one caller asked, should they pay for a review. He believed, in not doing so, but it was up to the individual.  I believed also, that you should not have to pay, for a review.. There was much topics of interest during this free 90 minu…

Thanks for support through this time!

Thanks for the support through this time. My blog is still on track to beating last months highest total ever!

It is all thanks to you!  Till then...

Did not have time to write the last few many days.

A family tragedy definitely slows a person down. I had no time to write over the last few days. I had no time to get a few things done around the house, in the last few days. I need to even go tomorrow to make some funeral arrangements.

There was even, a special seminar given by Kevin Eikenberry, one of Dog Ears most famous writers. He actually did sold good enough one day, that Amazon had to shut down the site for awhile.  It was a 95 minute seminar, for free, on how to improve your business and sell.  It was free, and I was dealing with going to one hospital to the other at the time ( one hospital 3 hours away).

I will try to get to that this afternoon, and listen to the full thing. I think everyone hopes, that some bad things in life, hopefully never changes a person. I hope it only changes myself for the good.  My comedy poetry, as shown above, has taken a hit. I did not feel like changing the poem at all in the last few days.

Last night, after meeting some family, I did get a cha…

When tough news hits around the holidays.

We have all heard, unfortunate news when coming close to the holidays. Losing a friend, or a close family member, or perhaps a hard financial hit.

One of these three things happened to me just a little while ago. When this happens, as many of you all know,  allot of things goes through your head.

First, you ask yourself, what am I doing wrong in my life?  My first reaction was to blame myself first. Then came, the outside factors. Was it pollution, was it our habitual daily life routines that produced this problem. For instance, many think that cancer, maybe is caused by much of our daily habits.  The third, I think, was the spiritual aspect of it. Being a spiritual person, it was tough to take, losing at such to a great extent. No one believes they will lose, at such a great cost.  There maybe other factors in where you can lie or try to lie a blame as well, that I have not touched base with here.

The first thing, to cover is was it myself to blame? In this case, after much analysis,…

Sold 3 or 4 books at the bookstore!

I did good in the last little while at the bookstore. They said I sold for sure 3, they could not find one, and the only one they could find was on the shelf. I consider that good for this little bookstore.

I maybe away for a little while, as something of family importance has come up. I hope to be back, maybe Thursday or so..

Sorry for the brief message, but I will be back.. Till then..

Sold at least two books at the local bookstore in Bathurst!

The lady who worked at the local bookstore, indicated to me that I sold two books, maybe more at the local bookstore in the last week or so. This is good news, as traffic is relatively light there, and my book is virtually hid in the corner with a flyer covering half of it.  She was busy making sandwiches, and asked for me to return tomorrow to talk to the manager there.

I need to go tomorrow, in the afternoon, to check how it really has done. I may have to restock the store, if they sold over 4. I am not sure how many has left the store, but a definite two has sold, the lady said.

It is a shame I could not get to Moncton. Other things stopped me from going there, this week. Maybe next week, I may be able to go for a quick scoot. The wife wanted to go with me, and when her schedule is the way it is, it does not match with mine, and then nothing happens. She wants to do some shopping down there. I give her one more week to get her schedule in line with mine.. If not, then I scoot down …

Christmas tree is up today!

Put up the Christmas tree today. It is an artificial one, as we tried the real fur trees years before. I found that sometimes they would tip over, and I had to hold them up midway with strings at times, attached to both sides of a wall. It made some messes, as sometimes, the needles from the trees fell on the floor, as usually we kept the tree a little past New Years as well. If you got a hardwood floor where you put your real tree up, then a mess of water on it could ruin a section of the floor, if it tips over. My Christmas tree area is right where the hardwood is laid out. It fell once, but luckily I was at the house to sop up the water quickly enough...

My father and mother used to take me into the woods, to get our Christmas tree year after year. I noticed, as the years went by, we had to go farther, and farther into the woods to get a nice tree. This was from 3 to 12 years old. The nicest trees were being taken, by, us and everybody around the village. This was in the late 70 s …

Two new visits from China!

Today is a Super day! I got two new visits from China! A great thanks for the visit from China! I only wish someday to visit Beijing city! And, the Terracotta warriors, what an incredible feat. Every face is different, so I was told...

My E book is now at the Price of a Cola and a bag of large chips!

I have to spread the word again, the word is so good! My E Book is now 3.98!

The price of a chip and a pop, but only, healthier! And you will come out of it much Happier!!!

Just in time for the Holidays! Buy that great book for your serious English teacher, or University English Professor. They will love, "The Supermarket Guy", for the holidays to read over and to drink beer with!

I have to advertise, to make sure, the word gets out, cause at 3.98, we may wear out the hard drive of the servers.. Till then!!

The tree is growing outside!

The tree has grown outside in the front. I had to buy another string of lights, to make it look full. Last year, it seemed to be alright with what I had. I will have to trim it this year, if I want to continue to use the same set of LED lights. I still rather the old Mom and Dads old style regular lights, as I may change next year if I get the inspiration to do so. The older lights are just so much more, I don't know, appealing to me, anyways.

I watched the Naked Gun 33 & 1/2.  What a great comedy, very well done. It is hard to shake, Leslie Neilsons straight face and serious look, when he is playing really dumb. Anna Nicole Smith was in that show as well, and the shadow thing in the end with her in the light, was, funny. Tragic that these stars are no longer with us now.

I watched the Hangover 2 a few days ago as well. I found it well done, but I found the first one the best. I knew, the marsh mellows they were eating had something to do with what was going on. This was prett…

Part 3 is humming along.

Part III,  "_________",  of The Supermarket Guy is coming along good. I will write some more today, as the time permits. Only, I fear, it is not as lengthy as first conceived. I will analyze what to do, as I continue to race, maybe to fast, to the finish line.

Car insurance came in today. It is a depressing time for it to arrive. Just around Christmas, when so many bills must go out already.  We pay for something that we hope, we never have to use. Just for, the terrible event someone rams into me, or just hope I never ram into anyone either. This is all about chances. What the chances are, of this or that happening. Maybe a negligible amount, but who can take a chance without it.

I heard tell of a person that drove without a drivers license for years. Therefore, he had no car insurance. And, I do not imagine he traveled to far out of the village, either. Just imagine, getting away with that, for over 20 years? Not paying the license, insurance, but what about the plates? Th…

3.98, or the price of a Starbucks cofee!!!

The Supermarket Guy,  is not available at the new price of 3.98!!!

Get it now at,  or Barnes and Noble,  Kindle or Nook!

At 3.98who can wait?

Just in Time for The Holidays!  

Todays visitors are from..

Today, I had visitors from Russia, United States, India, Germany,  and finally the United Kingdom. This is the second visit in a long time, actually, from England. Only 2, while Germany has come quite a bit, as well as India.

I was wondering when, I was going to get another visitor from England. And today, I am pleased to have someone visit this site from there for the second time! Hopefully a few more to come!

The best fish and chips, are from the United Kingdom, so my father tells me...

The e book price is exposed to change, today. So the Rep from Dog Ear Publishing, has indicated to me. I will go to the sites to see if indeed, the price is lowered from 8.99 to 3.99 or so.. Have a great night, Till then..

Checking out the Agents

Today, I was checking out some literary agents. It is tough, to get one as well, as they are all inundated with e mails from everybody throughout the world. If I can only get an agent like 007, then, I could probably get my book to the President of the United States. Or maybe the President of Russia. He, or she, would be a good agent. I would nick name them 007 anyways, and they better like it.

Went for a walk in the snow covered woods today. There was branches bent over the trail. There was, a few trees fallen on the trail. We had to zigzag through the maze at times, as the trail now resembled a tree cutting operation in some areas. The heavy snow from a day ago, was to wet for allot of the trees to handle. Even while walking, in some areas it formed a crust.

Allot of traffic in Bathurst as well. I will have to do some Christmas shopping soon, I find I put too much things on the back burner at times. part three is nearly complete, maybe only 50 pages to go to the finish line. I am no…

Always a welcome visit from Germany!

Thank you Germany, for visiting.

I only hope, one day, to go to the beer festival there, in the future!

Oktoberfest!  Here I come.... Bring on the beer, the dancing, and the beer, and the beer...!!!

Hey brothers!

Listen brothers! Just wanted to tell all you Supermarket Maniacs, that Part III is coming along fine.

I am near to its completion. It is flowing well, and, it maybe available in, 2013.....

You got to hate, that 13 on the end of it.. But, the Mayan Calender says 2012 is the date.. But I think no one knows the time... I think it will come as a big surprise.. Like, when in 2000, when the programmers made allot of money off of the 0 thing... Nothing happened..

It was exposed to be, a heck of a time... Power failures, computers gone wild!  Well, here we are! There is only one guy who can save us from 2012... It is Harold, The Supermarket Guy... He is great, I wish I had half of his brains..  Till then...

Welcome Italy!

A wonderful visit from Italy. The vino is good there! Thanks for the visit, and hope, many more to come!

My blog is a little less on track than last month, than getting allot of views. This is understandable, as the holiday season is here. Time for Christmas Cheer! I expect a  5 % less viewing in views.... Maybe more..

I will watch again, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, with the chipmunk racing up the Christmas tree, with the cat diving into it. Wonderful story. Here is a tip of the hat, to John Hughes!

Rejected by Nelson Literary Agency...

Just got rejected by Nelson Literary Agency. At least, it was fast. At least, they e mailed me back. At least, it was polite. At least, it made me feel alright... Because, at least I tried... They did mention, someone else might take me on, and that it just did not suit their portfolio.  I understand completely. Rejection is easy to come by, in this game.

Well, these things happen. I expect them to happen, again and again. You see, I am the dark horse. I am the horse, that is exposed to stay in the barn and eat black straw. But, I am looking to get out. I am not probably the most beautiful stallion out there. I will kick until I smash a way out of the barn, and hit the tracks racing wide open. Once I get on the track, I will never look back. Because, I can get the job done. And cross the finish line, before the rest.

Someone out there, will find it. Someone out there, will bridle it. Someone out there, will tame it. And bring it to a pinnacle.

Maybe someday, an agent will knock on my …

Snow as expected, 10 or more centimeters down!

Will snow the rest of the day, in Northern New Brunswick. Although, there is rain reported down towards Bas Caraquet.  It could change to rain here in the afternoon, as the temperature is hovering around the zero mark.

Wet snow. Not fun to move.

Worked on my book (Part III) last night, wrote another 3 pages. The only thing I am worried, about, is the ending. I wonder if I did not explain enough, does it have enough drama and excitement?  Certain elements like the main building where the action is taking place. You wonder about this often. Does the reader really care, about, a real fine explanation of the whereabouts on how to get to a certain place. Or where the elements or structures are in the building. I am hoping not a great deal, as I am trying to incorporate the descriptions of inside the building as simple as I possibly can. I think you can get into boredom if you go too far, in mentioning about the finest details. I am also, hoping that I am not being to slack on the descripti…

20 cm or 8 inches of snow for tomorrow.

The forecast changed fast. It was, Sunday, calling for rain on Thursday. Now, it is snow. It will be great news for the ski doers. The Northern New Brunswick trail system is probably one of the best snow mobile trails in the world. People as far as California have come up, to ski doo on the trails. They either bring the machines up from another location, or rent them up this way.  A few establishments will rent them, and rates do vary, depending where you get them from.

I wrote about 3 pages of Part III, of the Supermarket Guy today. I know, and am fairly, fairly confident, that it will finish with a little style. There is not much to go now, I will be at the finish line in no time.

The only thing I have to watch, is leaving it go to far away from where I left off. At times, I stop writing do to other commitments, and then find myself having to read everything over from scratch, to see how everything adds up in the end. Even the finest details, which are important to a writing, can be…

Snow here for Northern New Brunswick

Snow today here, in Northern New Brunswick. Rain for tomorrow. I was looking for a literary agent, but, it is as difficult as finding one to suit your needs, as it is trying to find a run of the mill traditional book publisher. They have stacks of papers, e mails, and may only respond to you in 8 weeks. They usually take between a 10 to 15 % cut on a deal. Now, this would be between the book and a film producer, to get it into film.

It is no doubt, going to take a miracle to get that idea moving. At times, I do not expect, success, but I know there is a small chance. I wonder at times, if I am too biased of myself. You always wonder, if you are going in the right direction. I think it is good, as a person, to re evaluate your direction in affairs. You can then tweak your ship, change the rudder direction, and then sail for a faster port of call.

This day, I would like to thank Russia for the views they have been giving me on here. For the past 3 months, it has been outstanding. Once a…

Twilight the breaking dawn. Or the sleeping yawn?

Well, what can I say about this movie. It is a nice, chick flick. My wife took me there to see it. I was, dragging myself through some scenes that never ended. Like, when the two were kissing at their wedding. The kiss, must have dragged on, for a minute. Was it longer, you say? Then, their love making.  That also, must have dragged on, for 15 minutes.

There was, allot of dragging on. I drug through it. I have to say, I do find the Vampire Dairies, a breath of fresh vampire story, as it always leaves you hanging on an edge, even after an episode. You cannot wait to get to the next episode, and, this too, is somewhat of a chick flick. My wife loves to watch it, so I am stuck watching it too, but I am much more happier with the werewolf battling the vampires and actually killing a few here and there while doing it.

I liked the first of the twilight series, much better than this one. But, it just depends what you like. I like action flicks, so I guess, that is why I am a little hard on …

Another one of my passions in life, Politics!

I know many people, abhor politics. They have many of a reason to do so too. Usually, elected officials do not deliver on their promises. Some break promises in a vagrant way. The electors boot them out, if they do a terrible job at the helm. Thus, goes the election cycle.

Someone promises something better, all the time. Lower taxes, better schools, good roads, and maybe even that mega project in an area that needs one. If you say the right things, you can get elected.

People are always scared, of saying the wrong things. Raise your taxes, raise corporate taxes, no new construction, we are in hard times.. No one wants to hear that. Could someone get elected on such a platform?

Definitely, throughout the world, it seems there is a race to the bottom. I think in some areas of the world, we reached it. A race to the bottom in taxes, and changes in labor standards around the world, as we see most manufacturing go to lower wage areas. It has been said, it is only the price of oil (transpor…

Done my 12 hr day shifts!

12 hour day shifts. They can make you tired, irritable, and sometimes behind in work at home. But, in the end, it has got to be done. As we all have to do, what we got to do in life. We get the job done.

The Christmas tree needs to be put up this week, and a trip to Moncton book store to drop off some books. Something I should have done months ago, but the time did not open itself up to me. This will be a true test of how the book will sell.  In a big, bookstore. I have it pegged up here, in a small bookstore in Bathurst with very little traffic. I am not sure I sold even one, but one of my friends was exposed to go in and pick one up there. I will see tomorrow if he has. He has been fairly busy as of late, so maybe he has not...

I notified my publisher of the possibility of publishing with them again.  As, I was quite satisfied, with the end product. Only, the editing process was a little too fast for me, and a little overwhelming. This time, it should come in at a lower editing pric…

What are Jump Tags?

I guess they are bookmarks. 9 people thus far have jumptagged my website, at

Here is where I found it..  Interesting site...

It is time... Time to decide...

I think the time has nearly come. I think time reveals all answers to many of a question asked. I ask myself a question quite often lately.

Will I produce Part II,  "Rise Of The Market Overlord"?

I think time has much answered that question for me, right now. I am 95 % sure, of producing Part II, "Rise Of The Market Overlord".

This is due primarily, not to great sales news. It is due to; A. People that bought it loved the cover. B. People loved the story.  C. People found it funny.

This will, indeed, be my last writing venture. It will probably be, my last humor novel. It will be started in mid January, as long as no serious problems arises with my private life. That is why I always keep a 5 % close to my chest, as we can never tell, the future.

Will I go with the same publisher?  I will talk to them, give them a first chance. It will be released approximately on the same date as, Part 1.

Part III, "___________",  may never be released. This one, has to h…

Did not even start, Christmas shopping yet!

What to buy?  Where to shop for Christmas?  So many choices, so little time. Oddly enough, I waited right until December 24 th last year to shop. And, oddly enough, the malls were not up to full capacity at all. The line ups were really short, as it was only myself (the oddball) and a few other oddballs shopping so late.  Maybe, it is the way to go. As everyone is getting into the habit of shopping early, at least around this area.  Just that being in a Northern, shrinking demographic, there is only a few department stores you can choose from... Sometimes, hard to find items are, exactly hard to find...

I try to support the local area malls. My wife tells me at times, we need to go to Moncton to shop. I find it so busy in Moncton ( southern New Brunswick has built up way faster than the shrinking North), they have all the stores there. It is definitely nice to go now and then, but I try to help my fellow retailers as much as possible.

It is hard to shop, what do you shop for? The peop…

New visitor from Romania!

A huge thanks to Romania, for visiting my Blog today! First time someone from Romania has come for a visit! My map is going to all turn green one day, there still is hope!

Funnest response for my book ever!

I do not think I will ever forget the funnest response for my book ever! A lady who works at my workplace, was  sizing us up for jackets received for a safety award. I also brought up a donation for a charity at work. She took the donation, and then went with her friend for me to try on a jacket. After the fitting, I asked the question.

How did you like the book?

She laughed for a good ten seconds, put her hand over her mouth, and then laughed some more, and finally revealed "It was some funny, it was so clearly done!".  They then went on to say that I should have sold the book at the workplace during break time. I was not up to that, as I felt that at work, it would just be more of a sort of charity again. I did have in the past some pretty good responses as well, but I found this one was the best, as she was laughing just thinking about it.  I reinforced the usual saying, that I always say "Are you sure, you liked it... It is ok, you can always say you do not like it,…

Time to put up Christmas lights!

Will have to put up some Christmas lights today. The neighborhood is starting to put them up, already. Some areas of the province, and I am sure throughout the world, will look a little like Disney land for awhile. And, it is for the kids, of course, but I do enjoy some peoples presentations. It sure is beginning to be that way, as the decorations when I was young was limited to a few plastic mold Santa Clauses those old bright lights.

Now you have the led lights, you have blow ups of reindeer, snowmen, white deer, moose, bears, anything you want you can have. It has truly become a spectacle to see, just to take a walk down your lane, or a drive down the road. People are imaginative, and in some municipalities, contests are held for the 1st, 2nd, third best decorated houses. Some houses are just clustered with lights, and it makes you think about the hard work they done to do such a piece of enjoyment for everyone to see.

There was a time where I thought the practice of putting up lig…

Blog up 59 % since last month.

Probably the best month ever for this blog. An increase in viewership to 59 %! This has been a good month for me after all! I have passed some other interesting people blogging in viewership, something which I did not think would happen. I am extremely satisfied with the blog results. They were better than my expectations.

I had a dip in viewership in August, and then from there, this blog has taken off exponentially. I know I will have some future dips in the coming months, as I do believe it is something like the stock market. It goes up, sometimes way up, and then can go down, sometimes way down.

Today I wrote another three pages of Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy. I was fortunate enough to have Part 2 still there, and added a link to link it to Part 3. I did the same to Part 1, linking it to Part 2.  They are all linked together, with chain stronger than the coldest steel...

Thanks for viewing, and hanging tough when I did not have much to say... Till then..

Pumped Up Kicks!

What a great song, by Foster the People.  Pumped Up Kicks.

I heard this song on the radio awhile back, and it has that easy going beat, relaxing, and reminded me of when I used to play soccer..  It took me back to when I was a young punk...  It took me a long time to find it, as on the radio I could not understand the main title to the song.  It kept playing on the radio, again and again, until I could recognize what the radio announcer called it..  Pumped Up Kicks!  A new song has become, a Classic..

Till then!

My electrical work for my Garage.

It cost 840 dollars for the electrical work done to my garage. This was for 4 and a half hours at 85 dollars an hour, then 8 hours at 30 dollars an hour (over 8 hour period).  The rest was taxes and a few parts. The 30 dollar an hour work was done by an apprentice. I got away a little cheap, so to speak.

Expensive, for 7 wall plugs, 6 lights inside, 4 lights outside, and running power from the house panel to my garage panel.

I know what i may get into in the next few years.  I might as well become a residential electrician, and make some money. This guy was busy for a week and a half until he came to see me.

I still had to fix some outside lights, that were not on tightly, and cock them with sealant around the edges as the vinyl face plate was scraped up a bit. One outside light was loose a bit. I always new electrical wiring was easy, but i was questioning how it was hooked from my panel to the outside panel. If it was not for that, I would have done it myself... You have to be sure…

Played auction 125 at my uncles house last night!

Played auction 125 at my Uncles house last night. I was allied with the women, and I lost miserably. I had two main trump at times, two partners ( playing 3 a team), and still made a hole. It was still fun, and obviously this is the way luck works. Some games you can hit your partner who has helping cards, and make the hand handily. Sometimes it is playing the right cards at the right time that makes a hand. Other times it is the actual bluffing of the bid, when a team is high in points, causes higher bidding than usual and allows for more holes. Just like Kenny Rogers, and the Gambler.

Foggy and misty here, and the temperature is in the pluses for Northern New Brunswick. My cousins up at my Uncles finally found out about my book. I kept it low in the family circles for quite awhile. The reason being, I did not want any charity book buying, as explained earlier. Now that my cousin has just found out through the grape vine, he wants to buy a copy. My Uncle wants a copy. I offered them …

This day is a special one!

My first view from Japan!  Thank you, Japan, for coming over for a herbal tea :)

To start Part two or wait till next year! Or buy that four wheeler?

I am not sure what to do. To start Part two of the Supermarket Guy this year, or wait till next year. Buy that four wheeler I have been wanting to buy, or just wait and publish Part 2.  My wife happily agrees to publishing Part 2, over buying a four wheeler. She is not a four wheeling person...

I like four wheeling, but I have a truck which I put in the woods already. But, with a four wheeler, you can just about access any area of the woods. When the trails get shorter, you can get in and get through with no problem. Sometimes you can go right into the woods if the trees are far enough apart. It is great for fishing, which I have not had time to do this year. You can get to those hard to access places (those special ponds), where you cannot get with a truck, as you are always scared to put too many scratches on it. And, when fall comes, hunting and enjoying the colors of the fall.

My friends at work plan allot of days,  where they all take off on their four wheelers to beautiful camps…

Thanks to viewers from South Korea and Nigeria!

Thanks to the viewers who made it here from South Korea and Nigeria! My map of the world is slowly turning green again, thanks to you!

Wet winter weather for the end of November!

Here in Northern New Brunswick, we have got some snow overnight that changed to rain in the morning. It is forecast to rain off and on till mid week, with a high of 12 C.  We are then expected to go back to minus 2 by Friday, with a little snow to boot.

When I was young, the climate was fairly cold ( in the minus) in November. If I remember correctly, once the temperature changed, it was rare for it to go into the mild again.  Not many people are complaining, though, because the cold weather is not fun. And, if one thing is for certain, we will have those minus 30 days sometime, in January or February. Some people are awaiting the snow for Christmas. Some people just want it for their ski doos, or for myself, to do some skiing. I am wondering if this is due to global warming, or the pacific ocean weather phenomenon.

Besides that, not much else to report on the book. I have to get one over to the neighbor, as he requested a signed one. I better do it before he forgets about it, and the…

Beans and wieners for breakfast!

My old land lady used to say to me, What?  You are eating beans and wieners for breakfast. I looked at her in an odd way,  sure, and, why do you ask so surprisingly..  Beans and wieners for breakfast??? Came the question again. She had never seen anyone eat that for breakfast before. I wondered if she lived a sheltered life, God bless her soul.

A book can be compared, to a breakfast plate. It is either you like it or you don't, or somewhere in between the two. My book must be, like a plate of beans and wieners.. The people out there say, what? A book, a fictional comedy, with lots of fiber and meat to it?  It slides down your stomach like the alphabet clings to your mind?

I love beans and wieners. I had a plate this morning, and it tasted just like Dad used to make for me for breakfast, when I was just a young pup. It is also amazing, how flavors can actually mimic flavors from a long time ago..  It was just one of those mornings..  So, I have to ask you all, to pick up a plate of…

Update on E book Pricing

My E book price on Part 1, has not been lowered yet. Now, I talked to Dog Ear Publishing on why it was taking so long. They e mailed me back, politely, saying it may take another week or so.  They said it actually does take quite a bit of time to lower it.

I will double check again during that time to see what happens. All I know, is that I did not believe it took that long to change the price of, especially, an E book...

Till then..

Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy halfway done

Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy is now over halfway done. I had some time this week to get to that point, and must say that it is coming along very good now.  I am probably missing a few links to get to the last scene, but I have a direction and am heading towards it.

The main character is having a tough time in this one. Probably tougher than Part 2. He is going through, literally, the gates of hell. Even a transformation of sorts, which will happen mid way through the book when it is done.

The end, I need to work it out a little, it is going to take some time, to work it out. The book takes place in two continents, which makes it fun to learn about the other continent as well.

As far as part 1, no news to report. Same ole, same ole. The strange thing is that when I do go to U tube, I seen an advertisement for Barnes and Noble, showing my book right on the top of the other famous books from there. I find this comical, as there is no possibility whatsoever that my book would be on top o…

A visit from Latvia!

Thank you for the visit from Latvia. My blog is now up 21% from my best month, so far! Thanks to viewers from Germany, and Russia, and all over the world!

You can be an expert!

You can be an expert, at any kind of repair. Today, I fixed my sink drain. The pop up mechanism was not working for the drain plug, but i went a little further than I needed to. I just had to replace the pop up nob ( rusted out), instead of the whole drain body and plug assembly. It cost 27 dollars, to fix er up.  Next, my drawer in my kitchen wheel went on the bum. It is hard to believe, the father in law found it before I did.  He looked at me, and said, watch, watch!  He rolled out the drawer, back and forth.  See, he said, see! It does not roll well.  A roller was chipped badly.  I replaced it today, but then had to even out the tracks so it would stop shimming to one side 3/4 s of the way out.

Yeas,  you can do anything.  Put your whole mind and body to it, and it can be done. When in a time of mental blockage, just step away.  Look at it from a different angle.  Go on U tube. Check U tube if you cannot find the answer from Dad. Do a search, and you will find the remedy...


Glycol heating system in service...

Today, I was called into work,  to put in to operation the Glycol heating system. It is a mix of 50/50 water and glycol, heated to a final temperature of 150 C, by means of a steam heat exchanger.  This heats the whole plant.

First, I had to make sure that the condensate did not interfere with the good condensate drains. I had to drain it to a floor area that was designed for this. Only later when the quality gets better, we put the condensate back to the main Dearator.  Then, once I was sure I had a steam path to drain, I cracked open small bypasses, slowly heating the lines, and opening drains for the condensate.

I started up nearly all auxiliary pumps, which branch from the main pump line and supplies other hard to reach areas of the plant. It boosts the pressure, and ensures flow.  I had to vent allot of areas, of air, and one pump was air bound ( pressures equal at suction and discharge of pump).  The only thing with this system, is that the nitrogen pressure on top of the glyco…

Neighbor said book was advertised in French Paper.

Walking down the street with my vicious poodle terrier,  a neighbor came up to have a chat with me. He asked if I was working today, and how things were going. I did the same, asked if he was back on his shift schedule.

He then brought up the book, and I asked where he learned about it.  He replied that it was from the French Provincial News Paper, the Acadie Nouvelle.  I found this to be surprising, as I thought he may have heard it from word of mouth.  As where he works, some of my friends work there as well, at a smelter not to far away.

He asked for where to buy a book, and for a signature.  I said it should be no problem, and responded that I could get him one in the next few nights. We then parted ways. I was always wondering long ago, if when, how long would it take, for the neighbors to receive the news.

From June 1 st release, till now.  Wowzers...  As, I was not one to herald it throughout the village. I pretty much wanted the vibe to go through other areas of population th…

Discount Book store rates book higher than expected!

Thank you Discount Book sale store, for rating my book 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5!  It is a pleasure doing business with you!  @

Blog has evened Best Previous month!

My blog has evened my Best Previous month. Thanks to Russia, the United States, Germany, and great Pakistan.  Thank you all, very much!

I just got done making 8 meat pies.  I boiled the pork, moose meat, in separate pots.  I then put in an onion in with them near the end of the boil.  Then I got out my grandmothers meat grinder. I affixed it to a board, and began cutting the meat up in small bits. I cut up the boiled onion, and mixed it with some summer savory. This is using two packages of cut pork, and two moose roasts.  You can split it for a desired taste the way you like it.  I went a little heavy on the moose.

The crust was done as such.  Two cups of floor, tsp of salt, an inch or more slice of lard, a cup of water.  Mix the flour and lard first until pea size clumps result. Then, add in the water slowly at a time, mixing ( better results if lard is cold, and if water is cold).  Some people use butter, but in the old days, the butter was too salty in the old times.  This is why …

A dog knows where the treats are!

Going to my grandmother in laws, they were making a roasted chicken dinner. The dog came with us, and ran around the kitchen in great jubilation at the aromas coming from around the table.  I motioned at the dog, time to go for a walk. The dog had a hard time to leave the table, but, she eventually came.  We must have walked a good 2000 feet down to a shoreline, and then on the way back,  the dog took off running.

Where was she going?  Did she see a cat, a mouse, or a squirrel?  No, she was running in a straight line direction. It obviously worried me a little bit, as she could have just as well be heading towards the road. We called, but there was no coming back.  I whistled, but there was not even a turn of her head.

I ran a bit until I got to the house.  She had her front paws up against the front door, whimpering to get in.  Wagging her tail, and looking towards the window.  Well, to my relief, she went to the house.  She never forgot what was going on in the house, the roasted ch…

Being stressed out at the work place!

Yes, being stressed out at the work place.  It can happen. Sometimes, something at home causes irregular feelings at work.  The pressures of life can catch up with you in a snap. And, just cause that, a snap, in your right, justified feelings.  Some people call it a burn out. A stress feeling.  Some people are better at handling stress than others.  Some people are not. I used to see some people get red in the face, just over talking about their hockey team. Or flare up, just talking about a different way of doing things.  Some of these people never break down,  but some do.  It is a sad part of life, and they do need time to themselves.  This is where other co workers are needed to be nice, to help the person get back on track.

On other news,  Regis Philbin has retired from the Morning Live Show.  Kelly Rippa will do an excellent job there, no doubt, and I am sure who ever they get will do well also.  But, Regis was that special kind of talk show host.  He was always humorous, witty,…

Garage wired for 220 V if needed.

The garage is finally wired. It came through underground, from a 60 amp breaker, through tek cable, and then to a 100 amp panel. I have two double 15 amp breakers supplying what I need for now, in the garage. There is room for a few more 15 amp if need be.

In the 100 amp panel: The ground (s) from plugs ect,  is connected only to the ground to the house. There is no grounding rod. The Neutral and the Ground at the 100 amp panel are connected separate ( to their own supplies coming from the house). The neutral is connected to the neutral, and then the bus bars I have 120 V or 220 V if need be. This was done by a certified electrician. But, for now, I am content with the 120 V. The only problem I got into is with some lights I bought from a Canadian Tire store. One outside light looks bigger than the other.  Now, another has  parts missing. The fourth light is just fine. If I can only find the receipt to those lights.  That is going to be fun, as I am sure if you are like me, I tend to …

Blog has been more successful than my Book!

I am trying to figure that one out.  My blog is more successful than my book. I am just about at the peak of the same amount of visits as last month, my best month ever is about to be surpassed again. I will have to give up on my book career, and continue with the blogging.  Some people say blogging is the same as jotting something down on facebook.  What is the difference, someone once said to me a few days ago?

If the amount of visits on this site had translated into sales, here on the blog,  I would be producing Part 2 right as we speak, right now. Just like the Van Halen song,  right now!

But, it is not translating into high sales, but this is to be expected. I completely understand this phenomenon, and it is alright.  As I went into allot of areas explaining the hits on blogs, and that actually we may get a few thousand hits on a blog, and none of these may translate into any sales over a few.  It is the true reality of the Blog,  I think, anyways.  October sales have been flat,…

Another two people loved my cover for my book!

So far, another two people have given me high acclaim for my cover for my book. That is nice to hear, and I thank them for the comments. This time off, I need to focus a little more on the book again. Once again, try to spark some sort of interest in it, which I have not been successful at so far.

Guerrilla marketing?  Get me a banana, and lets get started...  Nahh, I rather use the ultimate weapon, a case of beer. Beerilla marketing... Till then..

Electricians here to wire garage.

Electrical hourly rates for electricians today, 55 dollars per hour for one, 85 dollars per hour for two. Very expensive hourly rate. But, it is what they all charge, or some charge even more than that. Two came today for this job, and I suspect an 8 hour job, if I leave them go that far. We always hope we get good contractors for to do the job, and we sometimes get some really good ones and sometimes we get some of the other kind.

Nothing new on the book front. Everything is silent, as usual. Too quiet. They e mailed me back on the Freado game site for my book.  They said I need to join Book Buzzer Author Pro at a subscription at 9 dollars a month, to get my books on their website for to win at a game.  They have a QuizPro technology, where they can market your book through Facebook in a viral manner.  I am not sure if, I want to go through this route, especially when I thought giving the books to them free on their site meant people were happy all around. I will decide in the near f…

A website where you can play a game to win your stuff!

I was just checking this out a little while ago.  A website where you play games, to win points, in order to win free stuff. Like books, I pads, and other stuff. it is at

I will go check that site out, to see what it is all about. 5000 points for some books. Hopefully they got some Pac Man games, that is the only games I am good at, with that old Atari 26oo... The good ole days..

Till then..

Hydro Fracking In New Brunswick

As of late, shale gas exploration in New Brunswick has been all the craze. Large pockets of gas beneath seams of porous rock. You just have to have a special drilling machine, some chemicals, high pressure water to fracture the rock to produce gas seams in order for the gas to flow.

There has been allot of opposition that has risen up in New Brunswick over this practice. It is only, because in other areas of the world, especially the United States, where serious problems have arisen. The practice caused widespread damage of aquifers, supplying whole towns, rendering their drinking water undrinkable.

It is always the question.  What is worth more to you. Your water supply, or a gas supply that is only there for perhaps 20 years or even less. Environment vs. Profit. Lately, around this area we have been seeing short gain for long term pain in mining companies wanting to dig close to village water supplies for a year or two supply of gold. It does not really make sense, to put in jeopard…

The lure of a self help book...

There are allot of self help books out there.  Some to help you cook, some to help with your financial situation, and even some to help you sell more books. I usually find, that they, for the most part are, good sellers. They seek out a problem in someones life, and offer many or more solutions.  Some are there for to give an offer of a window of spirituality, and some are there to help you through your marriage or divorce.

I sometimes bought the odd self help book for to understand how to be better at taxes. The whole "for dummies"  series is a whopping success. In the end, I found rather the ways at how other people save money on taxes. Having a home business, you can claim allot of expenses, for example, in a leased car to renovating some of your home for the business. Most of it is geared into investing into retirement investment funds, or mutual funds, and how to ride out the storms. How many times have I heard that on television, I cannot count on my hand.

Do I need a …

Eating cereal to lower my cholesterol

I am a bacon and eggs kind of guy...  But, now and then, I take a break and get a bowl of cereal.  Sometimes some oatmeal, cream of wheat, or even beans.  My cholesterol levels are both around 5.5 or so, but, I still am weary of it as I approach my 40 s.  I love salt, and if I get a bag of chips, watch out. None maybe left in the morning.

I was thinking that comedies fall into, mostly, 3 brackets. One is the totally unbelievable (scary movie), the mid unbelievable ( Animal),  and then the believable ( Envy, National Lampoons Vacation, Ace Ventura Pet Detective).  And, I mean, they all fall into probably or touch the broad brand of the spectrum every so often. Everyone likes something different. Myself, I personally like the more realistic comedies more than the unbelievable, but I do like those too.  The Naked Gun films were classic, and, I am about to rent them again, as they fall probably somewhere in the mid unbelievable range to high.

Besides on the book front, there is nothing to…

James Blunt going to Moncton

James Blunt is going to Moncton.  The wife, and her mother, and some other relatives are going to see the spectacle. I will be working, unfortunately, that weekend.  The place is going to be crawling with lady fans!
I enjoy his singing also, and he has a range of style that transcends through the ages.  Not like some other singers, that only are suitable to either teenagers, or seniors, or the middle age groups.

No change in rankings for my book on Amazon.  I am assuming bland sales, as usual. New updates on sales to be coming up in November, within a day or two.

As far as income tax is concerned, I could not get an ITIN number from the U.S. revenue office due to my company not giving me a signed signature from a receiving officer.  If you make, under a thousand dollars anyways, there should be no taxes to report at any rate.  I will call the I.R.S. to make sure, when the time comes. I do not expect to make over a thousand, at any rate.

Well, time to go.. Relatives are here, I will b…

1 / 3 done of Part three, of The Supermarket Guy

Last night, I wrote another 10 or so pages of Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy.  It is coming together fairly well. I do not know which one is the best. This Part 3 has a prison break, with the main character being unpopular for some odd reason, and a F 15 strike eagle shooting at one of the main characters.

I am getting addicted, to finishing it up. I tell myself all the time, to stop writing after so many pages, as I will burn myself out. I am afraid that the brain will become overloaded, and I will not be able to think of new ideas on how the characters can get out of certain situations.  Or how certain situations must link up.

It was around 11 o clock last night, and, I had to stop writing. I could have continued, but I had a feeling that I would probably mess the story up more than help it. It just comes a point where, you have to put down the pen. Or the keyboard..

I think it is absolutely better if you think about your book, over time, and then add about a few pages a day or eve…

Best seat in the house on Remembrance day!

I always had the best seat in the house, on Remembrance day. My father, was a Second World War II veteran. He would talk sometimes, of how the war would go, the good and the bad. I found my father always to be tough, as he was always was as granite to showing emotions.  You would see a small effect of a wince, or a head tilt, after telling some ghastly details of some operations. Especially when talking about the more terrifying aspects of the war.

I made a pork shoulder roast for supper,  a gravy with mushrooms, some spinach, and bought a salad. My mother told me to put away the salad for another day. The gravy is always great with a shoulder pork roast. I emptied the roaster drippings from the pan, then mixed two teaspoons of flower with a cup and a half of water. I sliced some mushrooms up, onions, and then added some garlic salt. It was delicious. I had a pouch of gravy mix just in case, but it contains some MSG, so I decided to put it away for another day.

Well, that is it for no…

A rainy Remembrance Day.

The rain is coming down strong in Northern New Brunswick today.  I imagine all of the Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held inside,  under the cover of Legions, and School Gymnasiums. I will go visit my father today, to maybe watch the celebration on Parliament hill.  I think the weather maybe good up there in Ontario today.

Besides that, I found still some media releases coming out for my book. This is surprising, as the media releases were done several months ago.

I have found 2 new Media Releases in October. I found 3 more today, with my book advertised on, ebuyjewelry, and a dutch European site translated as Tasty Chicks.... All of these media releases, I had no absolute idea where they continue to come from or how they got where they are still going.

I am assuming two things. One, that Dog Ear is still promoting the books a little on the side. They know I have a part 2, and 2 other books in the work. It is in their best interests that the book actually sells, as…