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Now at 180 pages in my novel size format for Part 4

Part 4 of The Supermarket Guy is now at 180 pages in paperback format. I managed to do 3 pages the other day, and things are thickening up for the plot.  The world, conspiracy, and humor are all on the forefront of this book.

Still quite busy as of late, but things are chugging along, which is the mainstay. This book could be released after Christmas, or later in time, due to time constraints and lack of funding.

This book will offer a powerful humor punch, if I can get it off into production. Hopefully it will all link up, and make it at least on the e book shelves...

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Montreal! Montreal! Montreal- Library, that is!

Currently happy to announce that my 3 books, the total of the series, are available on the Library system in Montreal!  A person who really wanted to read them up that way, said that since I am a Canadian author, that the books should be in a true Canadian Library!

I cannot think of anything truer than Montreal! Montreal! Montreal-  Library that is.. I am not talking about Les Canadiens, their prestigious hockey team! The most successful hockey team of all time!

So if you live in Montreal, check it out on your way past any Library system in the city! The citizens of Montreal are lucky today, and thanks for the Libraries good work in the acquisition of these star players!

* If you are from Montreal, pass the word along-  Please give me a few reviews, on Amazon, or wherever you may do your reading.. And thanks...

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80 % done with "The Supermarket Guy IV"

Done more work to "The Supermarket Guy 4", was lucky to get a page to two pages and a half done. This was mostly cementing material-  work that went into the body of the text, to strengthen the story line.

I realized that I was bringing in some minor details from the events in Part 3, which could be deleted and expanded upon in a different way. And perhaps, a more humorous way. For this to take place, I had to go into the text and add, delete some parts of the text. But the additions proved more material for the body of the main text. And, this will lead to another action scene, somewhere down the road as well. I needed these very important links to make the story flow better, and to ensure connectivity and purpose to the story.

The book maybe 80 % done now,  but I am very busy as of late, with family issues and work. I do not know if I can finish the book for the fall of 2014. It seems like too long of a process right now.  Perhaps in 2015, near January, or later in March,…