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Third draft nearly done.

The third draft is nearly done,  as I have only to sift through 25 pages of material.

It is tough when going through it again. I added more depth, but the most important element being clarity to the writings. It will be a much more, pronounced, better flow than ever before.

This book should reach 260 pages, in approximate length if things go correctly. The book cover is complete as noted below. The other half instructed me on making the cover darker with the color schemes, and to fill in the title with certain colors such as green. Green did not fit the direction of the book. It needed excitement.

The height to where the action takes place, tells of the urgency of the situation. The world is located down below, adds to what is at stake. It is a great book cover, and it is drawn out by hand. Although I do not have the steadiest hand for cartooning, it turned out with much imagination and direction as to what is happening in the book.

I hope to be done the 3rd draft this week, but with…

Wow! What a book cover!

Book cover is complete for "Supermarket Dominium".  Maybe it will become a collectors item! I am proud of this installment, and hopefully this week the third draft will be done.

I went to the book cover, ahead of finishing the 1/4 left of the third draft. I will try to complete in the next few days, as I was lucky to get this done in the last few days.

Been terribly busy..

Till next time..

Book cover for "Supermarket Dominium" nearly colored up!

All the color has been added. It is truly a cover, to be reckoned with. Inspired by comedy, it will be one for the history books! Unique, dangerous, and funny all in one!

I was lucky to get time this morning to do the coloring, as this afternoon we had a few visitors over. It is a beautiful day today, on the North Shore.  Till next time...

Book cover drawn out for Supermarket Dominium

Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy: Supermarket Dominiums book cover is now drawn out.

It just needs to be all colored in now. This will take another day tomorrow, possibly, if I get the time. Today time was short for me once again. Night shifts took a toll on the body, and I slept probably half of the day today.

The first original book cover in my mind was to place the 3 main characters in the desert. There in the background, a nuclear weapon is blown up creating a sandstorm. The two heroes shown in the desert sand, gasping for water, and hallucinating. The main villain triumphant with his arms raised to the sky, pressing a button detonating it. This cover idea has been placed into the waste paper basket, as the newer cover includes a scene from the book. A humorous one at that,  in order to try to spark more interest for the book itself and the series.

As I feel I perhaps missed with my last two book covers. This one should be quite a bit better. I hope.

This is what brought about the t…

George Jones is now a Legend

He was called "The Living Legend" of country music.  Now he has past with the rest of the Legends.

My opinion of the man, as any fan would have, would place him up their with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in the American music stream of greats. Frank Sinatra once called him "The second best singer in America", after him. George Jones had an incredible baritone voice, and with no effort at all he could sing a wide range of slow and upbeat songs.

These are my top ten George Jones songs.

1. He stopped loving her today-  On many country music sites, this song is either # 1 of all time, or in the top 5.

2. The Corvette Song-  A fast, upbeat song comparing a car to a woman.

3. Someday My Day will come-  It is a tiring path we stumble through ( don't we all, but in the end his castles won't be made of sand)  a true song of renewal and hope.

4. I'm not Ready Yet-  A man sings about how he is always going to leave his wife, but he is not ready yet.

5. Aged 20 y…

Life is a continual taxation train

Just thinking about taxes and life. You pay taxes on your income in most countries. We pay property, and sales tax. How about inheritance taxes? In the USA, I believe taxes are paid on lottery winnings as well.

The money train is an expensive voyage. You take it all your life. We are on the road, and it is a road filled with tolls. We pay it all our life.

I was thinking about this the other day. As a baby, right up till our early teens, our parents pay our taxes for us so that the system can function for us. The only thing we may pay out of our pockets, is a sales tax here and there in our years before driving. Then comes the user fees to enjoy the things we love the most. User fees to get into parks or in some instances to use sports facilities.

Then the things like liquor, that brought in 180 million in taxes to the New Brunswick government last year. Cigarette tax, which I actually do agree with, to help pay for services. Then, the dreaded gas and tax on utilities.

To lead into th…

Visitors over the past 2 days.

My pace has slowed down the the third draft, over the last two days.  I had allot of visitors, which is a good thing. But on the other hand, it does affect my books rate of production.

The third draft, when reading it from a hard printed copy, has revealed to me more errors than I had first thought. I will go through the corrections again on the computer, and try to fix it up this Friday or Saturday. It is strange how I seemingly can see the errors better on printed paper than on a computer screen.

I hate my bad habit of using "as" throughout the text. I found this time around too, that I used too many commas. This is the the first time out of 3 books where I used too many commas. What has gotten into my head, in using too many commas in a work.

I wonder if a writers mind wanders over time. Maybe if you read someones material, and you become magnetized to their style of writing. I did write a book awhile back that had very long sentences, and allot of commas in its paragrap…

Paying editor royalties?

That was a question in which may have came to me in a phone call from a local editor, by what he meant what sort of "Credits" you will provide for me?

I highly respect editors, and some do great, and others do mediocre work. I always thought you paid a lump sum (that is the overwhelming majority of the cases, I do believe) and they  just polish the grammer, spelling, and understand the flow of the book. In no way, should an editor change the "ideas" of the book.

This is something that I ensured, that my ideas would not change with the editing process during the first two books that I sent in to a publisher. Although, the editing was done at the publishing house. The publisher gets a cut into the book, anyways.

Point being,  do we give a Doctor, Nurses, royalties on the birth of our son? For the rest of their lives, for helping bringing them into the world?

The book is the authors creation. If it was not for the writer, there would be no book. There is also no guar…

"Supermarket Dominium" printed off

I printed off Part 3 of my series. It will be near a 260 page satire book! Same format as the first two.

My book cover has changed in my mind already. I was hoping to make it funny, as to entail elements of its inner pages into the cover. I realized that Part 1 was good, but it did not really contain anything humorous on its cover. Part 2 was humorous a bit, but hardly. Just two clowns battling it out on the front page, in the Supermarket aisles with two long french bread sticks as swords in their hands, was the main focus on the page. The seriousness of the lightening and the evil protruding eyes on the cover, probably led it to be more of a drama than a comedy style of book.

I will try a few different things on the front. Perhaps a spy sort of atmosphere. Perhaps a scene from the book, or maybe many scenes tossed onto the books cover.

A person who called me today offered to do the editing service for less money than my current publisher. He said he was going to give me a deal, and …

Newborn baby and sleepless nights.

A newborn baby brings allot of joy into your home! Also, allot of sleepless nights! I have lost allot of sleep over the last few weeks. And have been doing extra chores to help the other half get things done...

My mother told me of a story where they used to use 60 ml of carnation milk and warm water in a bottle to feed children way back in the 60s. I thanked her for the story, as I thought that I could possibly use it in an emergency situation. Lets say a few moms make a run at Similack at the stores, or Nestle stuff. There are allot of different brands of formulas out there. My wife decided on the natural option of feeding.

Thereby, this in itself takes more time. Yet, the hospital says it is better for their immune systems when the get older. Even though it may take a few years off of my life at the end of mine. I am just kidding, of course.

This is the main reason why I could not get my book out earlier than what I should have. Sleepless nights and more chores to do around the ho…

Looking like a local editor will edit the book.

Will wait until the pricing comes in, but it does appear that a local editor will be doing the edit work on my book.

Should not be too long now for the last phase to go through before publishing. He will contact me friday on his rates, and from there I will see how competitive they are with other rates out there in the world of self publishing.

Till next time.. Have to print it all off and to the third reading, in which I am terribly behind in my work..

When you leave something behind.

The other day,  I forgot a bag of dog food one of the major food stores in Bathurst. I called back, to see if the staff there would have saved it or placed it somewhere.

To my surprise, she looked through her "forgotten list" of items left behind by rushing shoppers like myself. I have a funny feeling that I may have forgotten it underneath the cart when loading the top items into my vehicle. Oh well. I usually forget something at a store, every 3 rd year or so.

The reason being, of course, is probably the rush factor. We are always looking to get out of other peoples way as fast as we can. I think we all have to just slow our paces down by a few seconds, and to reorient ourselves with our own business transactions a little better.

Today i will look for an editor, in the local area. This is what is now truly impeding my progress with Part 3.

Till next time, have to go, someone wants me to rush again.

Next step is the Third Draft of "Supermarket Dominium"

The next step is completing the third draft of "The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium"

This process will be fairly fast. I will read it through once more, and make minor changes to flow, or the story line. Take out the elements which seems cheesy, or awkward.

Things, hopefully, that the reader may find monotonous or that which does not continue to spark the flair of the story.

Nothing is perfect, and of course there are some borderline cheesy or maybe a few scenes that don't make scientific sense, but it makes the story flow. I try my best to avoid those situations, but it has to achieve the desired effect at the end to truly stand up to itself. They may be left in there for certain flow or a desire to show an element to the characters traits or inner self.

Yes, a good third reading. A small fine tuning. An extremely fast spell check.

Then, off to an editor... A local one, or one from a self publishing company? Then, reproofs to check out. This should be done fa…

2nd draft done on "Supermarket Dominium"

I am glad that I finally finished the second draft of "Supermarket Dominium"  with spell check gone through for many errors.

Today I went to try to find a local editor. Someone who can proofread it for grammar, mistakes, and flow.

I got a call from a local library, whereas I asked about earlier if the workers there knew of any editing people around the small city of Bathurst. They did not know, nor did the local bookstore there.  The call came to notify me of someones book release in Beresford.

It was an elderly woman of 77 years of age. Her book was in french, and there was a line up to get her book. A steady line up, might I add. It made me think of how I was missing out, in not having my own book translated and printed in French. She was selling the book for 20 dollars a piece. It was a 220 page book, approximately.

When I got to her, I said "Felicitations" in French. She asked where I resided, and such, and said she was overwhelmed with the response today for …

"Supermarket Dominium" 1/2 spell checked.

It is a simple process. Just letting the computer do its spell check, again. After the 2nd draft. I am midway through.

Then I will print it off and try to get it read this weekend. Even during the spell check, things are even more fine tuned to get out a few bugs still found in the text.

I am sure I could read through it many times, and add many more lines and dialogue as it comes to mind. It is amazing how these things just pop into your mind. You sit there reading your own stuff, and realize all of a sudden that it makes more sense this way or it achieves more of an affect in a different way. Trying to maximize the humor potential of the scenes or situations.

I need to try to find an editor close to home. I asked at a local high school, and they could not give me any direction. Next step is to ask the local book store owner if they know any great editors in the local area.

At the high school, I was thinking I could get an English professor but this did not pan out. Well, I will con…

When things go backwards in your life for a bit in time.

Things seem to be going backwards for allot of us in this day and age. We see pension plans, especially here in New Brunswick going from Defined Benefit to some sort of an investment benefit. These defined benefit pensions used to be guaranteed depending on your time worked and your age that you left the workforce. These pensions were for government workers, teachers, and energy workers, for instance. Now, they say there is not enough money in the till. So, the benefits will be reduced somewhat when people retire and take out their pensions. It may mean people working longer, for to try to keep up their pensions to levels they can comfortable retire with. And then if the stock market does not perform, then it is all "kakapooh". The politicians pensions probably will not be affected at all. Go figure.

And then the Union says we are looking at the plans, and the pensioners will just have to accept it. Well, seems like allot of other people other than the union are opposed to …

"Supermarket Dominium" 2nd draft completed

It is a big move forward to its production. The world said it did not want it,  but my heart said it should be produced.  I had the gut feeling, or some sort of bug inside of me saying it should be released. Even though the world rejected my first two books (well most of you out there).

I have what you call the itch. I am addicted to publishing books. I am just trying now how to produce them cost effectively, without going in the hole this time.

I need to write the synopsis for the book. A small introduction or preface, into the gist of the internals. The ironic parts of it all as it relates to this real world.

Also today, I went into the Bathurst High School library. I seen they were getting ready to move allot of old books out, as their shelves were empty. They would be ordering a pile of newer books to replace the older ones. I asked the librarian if she would like to have free copies of mine. She said at the moment, she could not take them, as she would be afraid they would be mi…

Only 20 pages to finish "Supermarket Dominium"

Only 20 pages to go until Part 3 is finished. Full of electricity, full of intensity, and jam packed with laughter. It only remains to link a few things up, as I found in some areas of the book I did forget some steps that were taking place in earlier chapters that needed to be brought in to the later chapters.

I will read through it a third time. This should require not much polishing. Then, take it to a editor. Hopefully a local one.

Besides that, I may donate a few of my books to the local libraries in town. If they will accept them. Maybe they got no room on the shelves. I think they will find a place somewhere in there.

Part 4 is 3/4 s done also. But, I will chug along at this one at a slow speed. This one does follow Part 3 in the story very well, and is another twist to another huge world problem. Since demand is low for my books, my speed is in low gear too.

I know allot of people say to always hide the negatives and accentuate the positives. Do not tell them your book is not…

Procrastinating again!

Nothing done again today! For Supermarket Dominium, perhaps the greatest long awaited humor novel of all time! I know you cannot hold your anticipation for long! Demand it in the streets. Protest!

Take off your tires from your vehicles and throw them in a pile on the road. Cover them with gas and burn, chant the Supermarket Guy slogan, and warm marshmellows and feed your friends! No, don't do that. Use the tires for a sauna. Fill em with water, in the 30 C heat of the burning sun and just sit your butt in there and drink beer!

Put all your empty beer cans into a pyramid on your front lawn. Drink all night if you must, to get it higher than your house! Place a big sign on the front lawn "Inside is the tomb of Supermarket Dominium, soon to be resurrected for all to see!" No, forget it. Take the beer cans down to buy another few cases of beer!

Keep protesting. Never give up hope, that "Supermarket Dominium" will never be published in this Universe!  Protest! Tie …

No time to go over "Supermarket Dominium" today!

Once again, my real life job is taking a front seat to my reviewing of my work. I would have actually liked to finish "Supermarket Dominium" this week, in order to get a head start on the editing process to come.  Things did not work out, quite the way I wanted.

There are allot of artists that hold down two jobs. Especially when your first job takes away 33 % of your time in the week. Then, family stuff probably takes another 33 % of my day time. Then there is time for fixing your secondary stuff (vehicles, house, paying bills) another 3 % maybe?  So subtract all of that from your daylight time.  It leaves a person with only nearly 30 % of daylight or non sleeping time to do your hobbies, entertainment, and in my case book creativity.

And you the reader, I know you are just or maybe nearly as busy as I am. No doubt.

Why is it that the modern times have made us more busy? Or was it much the same in the olden days? No, it had to be more busy in the olden times. Gardens, horse…

Todays progress on "Supermarket Dominium"

Todays progress on "Supermarket Dominium" is coming along fine. I am over 3/ 4 s done of the main body. I had to stop, as the mind was making more mistakes than helping. By next week sometime, it will be complete.

I must say that it maybe better than both Part 1 and Part 2. It will surely live up to the others standards. I am surprised at the level of humor I placed in this volume.

And it maybe the largest volume of the 3 books. Part 1 was 200 pages. Part 2 is 230 pages. Part 3 could be 240 to 250 pages.

It is just now to figure out whether to go with an E Book, and to what format. Or go with both a Paperback, if I can get a good price on editing locally.

Have to go, work calls. till next time..

Progress on "The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium"

I did a bit more editing today, on my second draft of "Supermarket Dominium"  I corrected many mistakes, and added more crazy humor.

Some links that did not quite link up, have been fixed. There is nothing more frustrating than putting out a book that all of the main characters end up in one point, and you do not know why or what reason they all met up there for.

My third reading will focus on this a little more. I think I did iron allot of it out.

Now, soon I will have to send for editing, flow, grammar. I really want it to be done locally, this time. I think it will cost less, but the editing will be great as well.

Well, time to go, and to continue proof reading. Nearly over 2/3 rds done..

Till next time...

North Korea and the rhetoric.

Been watching the news as of late, as we see tensions rise to a high alert status in the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is a moderate economic powerhouse, and a war would bring in serious effects on stock markets throughout the world. North Korea does trade with China, but the Chinese maybe willing to cut the trade in order to maintain stability next to its very doorstep. I did not know this, but North Korea does trade a very small amount with South Korea. Interestingly enough, this trade link is still open. Despite the cutting of the phone line between the two nations, it seemed as if over the years things would have no other direction but to get better. Old, hard line regimes are exposed to fade with time. Democracy and liberty is exposed to be a no brainer to the rest of those countries that are behind in the times. Eventually, logic dictates that they will eventually catch up to the rest of the world.

The effects on the United States- Another war, is not in the best interests of t…