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"The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium" books press release out today... Or tomorrow!

Here is the press release.. I personally find it to be a super job..

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Headline: New Fiction by Daren Doucet Features Latest Antics of Supermarket Mogul Summary: Author Daren Doucet’s new book released by Dog Ear Publishing explores the megalomaniacal antics of Edmund, the adopted son of Jon Acadou, the former nemesis of hero Harold Wannapus. Edmund’s mind-control efforts create chaos across the earth as Harold races against time to restore peace. (release date) INDIANAPOLIS – Harold Wannapus, hero and supermarket chain mogul, is enjoying the peace and quiet that followed the incarceration of Jon Acadou, villain extraordinaire. Unfortunately for Harold, Acadou and his adopted son, Edmund, aren’t content to let things stand. As this new book reveals, Acadou experiences a strange religious conversion in the lock-up and decides he must escape and regain his rightful place at the helm of the Edmundo Market, Harold’s biggest competition. Acadou is shocked, h…

New contest on Goodreads!

Part 3 has a brand spanking new contest on Goodreads.  It is doing alright so far, with 210 contestants entering in 2 and a half days. This is comparable to the first contest, only this contest is of a much shorter duration.

I am registering much less reads per contestants, as I do view most people from my past contests up there on the wall. Nearly deja vu. Much less readers, who wish to read my book.

I may just randomly go through the site myself, and just handpick some people to send some books to. I intend to buy some books next week, and just randomly give a few out to some people on Goodreads. This will get me some reviews, as I do not know otherwise how to do it fast and effectively. This is an option that was always stored in the back of my mind.

There are some authors who will often send free copies out to people on book sites in order to get some reviews. Maybe there are some who do have mailing lists, and just send them randomly like that. This is something that I have to l…

A possible excerpt from "The Supermarket Guy 6: Corrosive World"

Harold got up out of his luxurious straw bed. He walked into the kitchen, where his lovely wife was eating a bowl of high fiber, vitamin choked, wheat loops. Belching out a mild burp, he then opened their highly advanced technological fridge. Lucie pouted as the LCD screen playing the goldfish channel was abruptly taken away from her for an instant... This was going to be another one of those shaky, love spat relationship mornings.

"Bacon and eggs, again dear?", as Lucie frowned at her husband. Ever since he left the Banana Bowl league, his appearance was stunning her. He no longer had that semi muscular, lean physique he once had just a few years before his retirement. He was now eating a smorgasbord in peppermint candies and heavy beer during the day, and this was starting to trouble his healthy organic wife.

Harold threw half of the pound of bacon in the pan, which began to sizzle. "Yep. Bacon again. It keeps me regular when on the toilet. And maybe 4 eggs to go wit…

Part 3 new contest is on at Goodreads.

Another contest to try to get some more much needed reviews. During the absence of this contest, there was indeed no spark of energy being created to sustain the much needed views of my book. After the contest is over, I am aware that the buzz for this book could be very well over and done.

It is hard to sustain that somewhat of a showcase without spending real dollars in the advertising world. Something I was hesitant to always do. I thought the books would truly stand on their own two feet, and that the word from people reading it would spread from town to town.

I will wait for these reviews to come in for Part 3, before finally deciding the next route of voyage for the series and Part 3. Reviews will indeed indicate the popularity, and the necessity of finishing Part 4.

Here is the link to the Goodreads giveaway, as listed below..

I do not expect this contest to build that much attention as t…

Marketing Materials to arrive next week.

My newest line of marketing materials have been slated to arrive this coming week. The 10 or so posters, the 2000 business cards, and the 250 post cards will be here very soon!

This makes approximately 6000 business cards I have stored for the three books, the 750 post cards I have here at the house, and the 30 or so posters stocked up with that.

There is no doubt, the business cards are an easy giveaway. Just walking around, wherever things are taking place, you can hand off a card just in introducing yourself to new people you meet at fairs or what not. The postcards, not quite sure what to do with them. It is much better for the fans to have them, as a collectors item, or to send to a friend somewhere else in the world.  The posters, well once again, a fan item or a collectors item. I hung a few at the local bookshops a long while back, they are now not visible. In the garbage... The posters are just a passing thing, and are better off in the hands of fans or collectors.

I will be…

Those four nasty errors have been corrected in Part 3.

Those four nasty errors have been finally corrected today for Part 3. Now I will order a few more copies, just in case I do a few more contests or what not. It may take another week or so to have them loaded up, as I am not sure as to the timeline for this.

Things have went into another standstill for my books. Part 3 is just idling away, and could fade into obscurity just as the other two had done in the past. How well Part 3 performs will truly indicate whether or not to complete Part 4, which is sitting halfway done on a thumb drive stashed away in the house somewhere.

Part 5 is still in my mind, and would be allot of fun. After those two novels, if I am ever lucky enough to complete them, I may write into different avenues of comedy, exploring peoples faults and how they people secretly perceive them, and then how it all unravels to produce a sudden change of sorts. Maybe like Scrooge, who knows..

But I am far from that point now, but I will keep everyone posted. The worst case s…

Contest has ended on Goodreads!

The contest has ended on Goodreads, with 2 winners from the USA, 1 from Canada, 1 from Bulgaria, and 1 from the magnificent Saudi Arabia.

Books will be sent out shortly, as I was terribly busy with some family affairs this morning.

The contest garnered 467 to read, and over a thousand contestants. It did much better than I had predicted. If the numbers roll out correctly, the to read numbers could be 490, as indicated on a different dashboard at Goodreads.

It takes them awhile to update these numbers, sometimes delayed by a day or so.

Have to go mail some books, till next time...

Here is the web page for Part 3.

Clicking the above link will take you to my webpage for Part 3. I love the blue colors, as compared to the other web page colors. It is a breath of fresh air, don't you agree?

Contest for Part 3 has done much better than I thought it would!

Everyone is much the same. You roll something out. Whether it is a renovation, a reparation on something you own, or even a contest. You try to gauge its cost, success, under runs or overruns. My contest that I had started on July 25th of this year was expected to garner 200 to 250 reads at the maximum. This was from the popular Goodreads site, where I had placed 2 contests up for Part 2, a year ago.

So you can imagine my surprise when I currently have 408 "want to read" out of an approximate 979 people joining up for a chance to win a book!  This is nearly a 40 % ratio from the total contest applicants. This is truly a surprising result for my own intuitive thinking.

I expected around 200 to 250 "want to reads", the reason being from the length of the contest. 3 months was the length of this contest, because it was a book that was in the process of being released. I will not get this chance again, unless another one of my future books is in the process of becomin…

Thank the readers for the great star rankings!

The other day I had received another 5 on 5 star rating for the newest addition to the series, Part 3.

This is the second 5 on 5 star rating to be had so far, with someone who gave it a 4 on 5 star rating a little while back.

This gives Part 3 a 4.67 stars on 5 rating, the same as my highly popular Part 1, which stands at 4.67 stars on 5 star rating. Hopefully, Part 3 will entertain the masses just as good as Part 1 had done. Part 2 has a star rating on five currently at 4.4 on 5, which I am truly thankful for also.

When you read this blog, you have to understand, that I have to ask the question. How can all of those star ratings can be wrong?

I went to a Chapters Indigo store a little while ago while in Fredericton, N.B. on some business that was going on there. I was impressed by the new titles coming out, and seen a young man checking out some books. For fun, I passed him one of my book cards. He asked, what is this? I explained to him that I am a writer, and that if he liked tha…

Part 3's contest has done fairly well.

Part 3's contest has done fairly well. It is winding down to the last 6 days of this contest, to win a free copy of "The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium".

I have well over 560 contestants, which may eclipse my Part 2, which had approximately 640 contestants.  The difference here is the amount of people who have placed it for a future read. So far Part 3 has garnered 238 to read,  while my old Part 2 could only attract 80 or so people to read the middle novel.

This contest did not do as well as the others, but it averaged around the 70 % upper range in the level of books, so I think...  There is no way a self published book can do as well as the traditional paperbacks, unless you are very lucky.

I will try to look for a fall book fair of sorts, around the Atlantic Region to go to. If not, I may even try to go to the New England states to look for a book fair to sit my book down at.  This is an avenue that I did not explore yet, and it is one that I should not lea…

Part 3 in the garage.

Part 3 is currently in the garage, for to fix the four obvious errors that were recently discussed a few blogs down. I will be probably waiting for its re release within approximately 2 weeks.

I walked through the local Walmart to see for fun, if my book did end up winding up on the shelves there. Of course, I knew it was not there before I even looked. I seen some beautiful books there, and some best sellers like "The Great Gatsby", "Dr. Seuss : Oh the Places you'll go", and the now famous "Duck Dynasty" series books.

No doubt, the great salespeople at Walmart know how to fill their prime shelf space with attractive books and big name sellers. Their online site is huge, and I can now see they are trying to get into the book niche where Amazon and the other big sellers are. They have a big advertising banner up there, so far, that says 40 % off. This is a huge competitor in the book market.

It should be interesting in the next few years, how other re…

Available at Walmart!

Great pricing and great value! Now, "The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium" is available at Walmart.

Go to their site, and compare their great prices! Follow the link below to the page!

Till next time..

Book taken out of production to be repaired for 4 errors.

Part 3: Supermarket Dominium was found to have 4 errors in it within the first 164 pages.

There was a few that was overlooked by the editing, and one overlooked by yours truly. I do not understand how after so many times after rereading it so often, that errors still persisted through the book. After these corrections are made, things should be nearly 99 % alright. Until other people read it and tell me about more errors, perhaps.

This is a frustrating process for me. Having the book released, and then pulled for a few errors. But, I would like the book to have the highest possible quality. It means allot to me. Now I have 15 copies of the book that have these 4 errors in them. If I do give them away, I must explain the reason why and to simply say I am sorry, and that they are perhaps antiquarian in nature. That these errors will be removed, never again to see the light of day.

When I read through it the last time during the third recheck, it appeared ok. My reading could be too fas…

Recieved my new books today from Part 3.

The book cover for Part 3 looks really great. I mean, I have truly outdone myself this time. Even the wife says it is a cut above the rest. I was really, truly impressed with the cover, and the color scheme and all. It is truly more attractive than the first two covers I had put out there on the first two books.

On the net, it does not do the book that much justice. But once in your hands, it definitely has something to be said about it. I would have to say, honestly, that my book cover for Part 3 is right up there with some of the greats too. I could not say that about Part 1 or Part 2, but this one.. Yep... Is a winner..

Need to read through it again, to see if any errors were present from the changing over to the print copy...  Till next time..

Interview done for Indie writers..

Just done up a new interview by Indie Author Land. It was a nice format, on a great website showcasing books from all around the world.

I hope you can take time out to check out this website, and some author interviews to boot!

Mine should be posted within a few days, as usually this is how long it all takes to get an interview up on a site.

Here is the link:

This site is totally new to me, so I am exploring it just as you are probably heading there now...

Have a great afternoon, till next time...

Cleaned up my Fathers garden today.

I unloaded my 5 hp tiller from the truck today. I cleaned up the rest of the garden, so that only some small weeds remained. I set the depth to a near maximum, and let the tiller chug through the hard, packed soil. Behind my trail, was a soft, brown spongy remains of what was once a heavily trodden area. The tiller did a good job, as it sunk its tines deep into the soil. Next year, it will be easier to place the garden in place. This was on October 5 th, and I was wondering if I would have the time before it really got cold out there to break the ground up.

My fathers tiller could not do the job, as it was a 5 hp also, but the design led it not to till as deep or efficiently. It made for a harder time for myself, and many more passes with his machine. This machine I have, concentrates the tilling area from behind the motor, and works really well.

The bean pods were shelled for the beans inside. We opened up the pods, and dropped the hard beans into a pot. They will be cooked on a low…

Frost covers the land.

This morning we got up to a beautiful sunrise. Frost covered the land. My dog had to go out for a number 2. That ruins the nice two sentences of intro.

Beautiful, calm, sunny morning with the glistening of the shadows of winter soon very fast approaching. Like the hands from the Arctic, reaching further and further down into the North American Continent.

It is never bad when it is cold. Only when the wind blows, then you really feel it. This first week of October is exposed to be a fairly warm and pleasant one. But I never trust the long range weather forecast. Do you?

Talked to another gentlemen at work the other day, about my book. He then referred to an Alan Jackson interview on how he compared my humbleness when talking about writing my books. He thought that was a big accomplishment, and that not many people could do such a thing. I replied that if you sat down and wrote a page a day, you could do it to. He laughed and said he could not attempt it. I reinforced my views for a se…