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The Supermarket Guy 5 could be finished, today!

Part 5 is finished in my view. I reached a finish line, a page limit that I used in the back of my mind to close it all up and publish it. I could stretch it out another 20 pages. I may do so, or leave it as is and possibly create a Part 6 to extend the childhood antics of the hero a little farther into history.

Of course, the text has to be proofread, a few times over. Things have to be added, things may have to be taken away. But all in all, the book could be published this fall or near Christmas time. There is not really any rush in the matter, as I took a year late to get to this point.

The reason for being so late, was a lack of inspiration. Procrastination. Family affairs, duties, and something called my real work and home work here at the home.

Besides that, there is nothing, absolutely nothing new on my book front. It makes it that much harder to publish this fall. I was going to do a paperback version of Part 5, but never had the energy to get it jump started. Hard to pour m…