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5 more people at work offered to buy a copy

It seems,  I have now sold 5 more copies at work.  This makes up to 10 copies sold,  at work alone.  One guy is going to buy one at the local bookstore.  It is nice of my friends to pick it up.  Now I understand how some people who do POD can get a spike in sales at the beginning of a release of a book on amazon,  just from relatives and friends buying it.

Two people who I have dealt with at Dog Ear love my cover for part 2.  My wife seems to find the colors not strong enough,  or pronounced enough.  I was beginning to think I was getting cataracts at the age of 37.

I never got a chance to read Part 2 again,  refine it,  read it again,  and refine it.  Spell check is done,  but all of the scenes and action has to fit in place in the time frame.  And to check to see if I still find I get the giggles when I read it,  over,  and over again.  Time for a beer...  Till then.

Friends at work love my cover for my book!

My friends at work,  love the cover of my book.  One joked,  that he did not think there was one operator who could let alone read.  Yet write a book...  That was a good one!  He was making fun of me and my crew.  One of my cousins got wind of it that I wrote a book.  He wanted one.  Then another cousin bought one,  now another cousin who knew that cousin wants one.  It is spreading like a glob of dream whip hitting a ceiling fan...  One noted that I could probably sell 100 books just at work,  since I get along well with the staff there  (approx. 110 people at our workplace).  I found it strange how the people at work wanted me to sign the front cover.  I warned them,  the value of the book may go down,  not up...  These things are hard to ascertain.

They did not believe that I did the cover.  I told them I had little choice,  to have the desired effect on the cover. As noted before, I was not sure,  how some other designer would do it.  I am sure a graphic art designer would have d…

Positioning of a book in a bookstore

I went to a book store where my book is on sale today.  I looked on the shelves,  I could not find it.  Was it on the wall shelves.  No.  Hanging from a disco light from the ceiling.  I wish!

It was behind the counter,  with some other books,  5 or so feet up from the ground.  It appears that,  after you choose a book from the shelves,  you go to the counter.  Right.  Then,  you peer across at the few books in the back shelves.  Aha,  there it is!

Personally,  I would prefer it to be placed on a shelf in its own category of humor fiction.  But,  how can you argue with the store owner,  who has not much book space to begin with.  Talk about cramming in books.  For now,  I am just pleased it is at the bookstore.  I had not really much time to go to other bookstores to do the consignment thing.  Just,  that I think it is not really worth my time,  unless I am passing by there.  I will see and keep that option open.

I understand now,  how marvel had a hard time to sell its magazines in …

New test title page is here! Part 2...

I have finished a test cover copy of Part 2,  Rise of The Market Overlord.  I will check reaction before deciding on to use it. It is over to the right on this page.  Till then...

Rain is here from downgraded Hurricane Irene

The rain is here from downgraded Hurricane Irene.  It just started around 5 pm,  Atlantic time.  I come home from work to rush to tie some things down.  Tomorrow,  we will get the most of the storm,  and by 3 pm the center of the storm should be a 300 km north of us.  Gusts of 90 km per hour or more will join the storm for some shaky weather.

I think,  when it rains,  I get most of my work done here at the house.  When the sun is out,  we all have a hard time to sit in the house.  I will continue to color away at my cover page for Part 2 tonight.  It should be done by tomorrow,  as it appears I will be in all day tomorrow as well.

As far as the advertising for my book goes,  I will decide tomorrow if I will place an ad over a radio station in the United States.  Prices range from 250 to 1400 per package.  My friend has sent 500 spinning logos of my book throughout his advertising realm thus far.  I am not sure what effect it will have.  Have a great evening,  till next time...

Complain to the head top department!

When something goes awry,  like an order that you cannot get on a promised date, and the arrival is really late and does not come in,  complain to the top.  I complained to the main headquarters in Ontario.  There,  they immediately phoned the dealer in New Brunswick.  Afterwards, I received a phone call shortly after.   Your garage doors are on there way.  I got them at a reduced price,  also.  I am sure everyone can understand short delays,  but several months is something else.

The last few days,  I drew the cover to my part two of The Supermarket Guy,  Rise of the Market Overlord.  I will paste it here sometime,  when I get some time off from work.  I worked a 12 today,  and was busy the last few days with some other business ( garage door chasing,  ect).  The Hurricane that hit the Carolinas is expected to be here Monday.  I thought it was going to be Sunday,  but we will be getting rain most certainly Sunday afternoon.  No other news on my book.  Things are pretty bland,  except…

Problems with ordering stuff from a store that is Disorganized

I ordered some garage doors in June of this year.   To this date, they did not arrive yet.  This is strange,  because  I was told several times that they would be in at such and such a date,  over 8 times.

Now,  what do you do.  I will have to change stores.  This store is the most disorganized store that I have ever been to.  It seems the most of them are lost.

What every business, needs is a good manager.   A good manager,  means that the people underneath the whole system acts efficiently and is trained right.  It means the aisles are tidy,  the product is supplied at the right time for to make a sale.  It means,  he is looking at the competition and seeing ahead any threats to the business.  And rewarding customers for mistakes,  cause even the best do make a few mistakes in time.

A supermarket is much the same,  as we can see from the book...  Still waiting for doors,  till then....

My cousin thinks it would do good as a tv series.

My cousin thinks the book would do good as a tv series.  He said it could be tweaked to make it available on television.  I understand that it could be done that way.

My thinking always was,  that The SUPERmarket Guy was designed for a major motion picture.  The title itself speaks volumes.  The character has no super powers.  He has only a few Super qualities.  One,  being athletic,  and second,  forgiving and something else in the end of the book that he does is quite wonderful.

The only question we have,  is who could play the lead role.  There is no young Jim Carey out there.  Chevy Chase is still handsome and funny,  but he would get rammed in the football game at his age.

They say be patient.  Maybe things will come together. I put 5 books on sale at the local bookstore here through consignment.  I have to decide if it is worth it to drive down to the big southern New Brunswick bookstores to deliver some there to be sold.  Just that the cost to go there is 60 bucks in gas return…

Where is my buddies from Canada!

So far,  it is only the great United States of America that is checking my blog.

What is wrong with those beautiful,  peace loving Canadians.  I am from Canada,  after all.  Maybe they have forgotten me for Bryan Adams or Shania Twain.

That is really understandable.  Listen Canada,  get on the bandwagon or the U.S.A. will push me to the top before you guys realize that I am at the bottom.

Tootlie doo!

Get a drive when you drink and fall down the stairs.

I would never drive home drunk.  A friends wife drove me home,  as I was feeling  no pain after putting up our 20 foot in the air moose scaffold....No,  I would not drive home comatose in a state that I was in.  Talk about a big job.  I was full of sweat from my head to my toes.

Sure, there was moose shit on the other side of the river.  Sure,  there was moose trails and lay down areas for mooose ( grass bent down in a flat area) for areas around our scaffold.  Good thing I got a GPS,  or I would be lost in the woods for a good while.  
My book is doing good so far with everyone wanting a free copy.  Just kidding..  Actually,  most of my friends and relatives want to read it and pay full price.  I did not want to charge full price, only cost plus HsT.
HST is the harmonized sales tax in Canada.  Enough said.  Till then.... Love you all!!!

My cousin read the book!

My cousin is a wonderful journalist.  He gave my book a B plus,  and he enjoyed the story very much.  I received my shipment of 50 books from Dog Ear.  Man,  do they ever smell good. What is it about a new, fresh,  never opened book to fill your senses.  The scent of the paper,  the smooth touch of the glossy cover.  The ideas  and places that a person takes on the new journey...   Spectacular...  Buy the Supermarket Guy now,  and the faster I can get to the publisher Part 2,   Rise Of The Market Overlord  ; )

Besides that,  I have to go wednesday to the bookstore to get some books on the shelf.  I will wax them with MgGuires wax,  the best wax in town.  I may even put in a few signatures in there,  and a few notes of tips of the  week.  No,  I better just keep it simple.  Simple as a pimple...  Till then,  I have to go put up my moose scaffold and drink a case of beer tomorrow... Wish me luck on not falling out of the stand..

Books in tomorrow!

My shipment of books will be in tomorrow.  I have secured at least 6 sales already.  That means I have 493 books to sell before going ahead to produce Part 2.  I will not even think of writing Part 3,  if I cannot make the limit of sales.  This month in August at Dog Ear looked pretty dismal.  I do not believe I sold one copy there, but I have to check again.

The sales that I have secured so far is from work,  my friends,  and relatives.  Sales which I did not want to count on for to make it up to the 500 limit of sales.  But,  they really want the book.  My aunt wants to buy one also.  My other relatives will be soon investigating it.  Slowly the word is getting out in my friend loop and my work loop.  Here it goes.  Do I have over 500 friends that really want the book.  We will soon find out.  Till then....

Elephants love peanuts!

Elephants love peanuts...  If I was one,  I am sure he would walk on me.  Just that would be my luck.  My book went back up the scales a little bit.  I am unsure if it has to do with my supervisors mass advertising scheme, or my excellent comedy writing.  My cousin is reading it now,  he will tell me truly what he thinks of it in no time.  He likes watching wrestling,  so he will put me in the headlock if he does not like it.

I will receive the shipment of books this week sometime.  I then will go to the local bookstores,  and give it a try to see how well it does.  I will post the details on here,  on how fast they do sell.  The thing about anyone reading any kind of a book,  is that what is the obvious, everyone has different tastes.  You may like something that I may not like.  I like my book,  my 2 relatives who have read it liked it allot,  but a stranger may not like it.  That is understandable.  I only can hope,  that by writing that book,  something good comes out of it in an …

More revelations at work

One of my supervisors was surprised that I wrote a book.  In fact,  they all took it a little more seriously at work today as they finally believed that I did actually write a book,  and that I was not in fact pulling on their legs.  This supervisor said he can advertise to over 2000 people at once.  I found this very hard to believe,  but he is in the marketing business and has written a few e books.  He offered to advertise for me.  I guess I have to give him a free book for his expertise.

Allot of people at work now want to buy it,  which is hard to sell to your friends.  I will receive shipment for the books in the early days of next week.  From there,  I can start putting them up in some bookstores.  I am unsure of how I feel about putting them up in many bookstores,  as the travelling deal may wear myself out...  With the sales that I may make at work,  Part 2 may become a reality faster than ever...  Have a good night,  till then...

I got 2 fans!

I know this sounds insane,  but I got two fans on Goodreads!  No,  I did not pay them any amount of money or send them fruit baskets..  They did it without any force applied...  They loved the cover of my book...   Till next time...

My cousin will recieve my book today!

My cousin,  who is a journalist will receive The Supermarket Guy today.  He mentioned that he would ask a reviewer to do a provincial piece in the paper for me,  which sounds interesting.  I have hundreds of dollars of radio ads to be put in within the next month,  so we will see how that goes. Everyone says,  that it is hard to track a radio ad success rate.  They say you have to stay on message,  like W. Bush did in his election campaigns. If you look at Al Gore,  he was a boring but smart person.  W. Bush, was not as smart but he stayed on message.  He won the election,  just barely. And won the second election handily.  I will have to hire Karl Rove to sell my books.  If you look at advertising in big papers, like the New York Times,  it could run a person up to several thousand dollars.  It takes deep pockets to do such an endeavor,  and I still have bills to pay here at the house.  It has been said,  you can even pay a person somewhere in a big city to promote your book.  This i…

Planning to advertise a bit

I am finally thinking of advertising a bit on radio.  Now,  the advertising rates in New York City is average 1400 dollars for a 30 second time slot.  I do not expect to advertise there,  as I find the rates a little too steep.  I will advertise there after I see some small advertising samples do some work for me.  Places like Portland, Maine has rates of 54 dollars for a 30 second spot.  But all these rates vary with the time,  and volume of ads coming in.  So you could pay allot more for advertising than the listed rates,  or a little less.  I could get a billboard advertising somewhere.  I heard that some people even spray painted some old cars on the side of roads to get exposure to their means.  I do have a funny idea for a u tube video..  Does anyone have a camera out there :)

I may even do a few radio contests where people can win a book by calling in.  I will talk with the radio stations to get their feedback on it.  For now,  the weather here is beautiful on the North Shore o…

It was just by chance.

It was just by chance,  or per chance.  That the main character elevated his fortune from havoc to incredibly stable.  This is another fascinating element of my book.  I am sure in life,  many people can go somewhere and say,  it was by chance that I seen this person at such a time,  at such a place,  because of some reason or other.  By chance,  fate, divinity, or coincidence has always intrigued everyone.

It was not by chance that I was at the Acadian Festival in Caraquet.  My relatives are from that area,  and we were in the midst of the crowd.  People were hooping,  banging pots and pans,  and dressed in some pretty imaginative costumes.  It was a wonderful celebration,  with thousands of people in the streets.  My wife,  by chance met some of her old classmates there,  and had a fantastic time.  One of her school teachers she had not seen in 15 years,  she met 3 times during her small visit of a few days there.  Was it by chance,  that this occured?    Till then...

Sending book out for a review soon.

It appears my book will be going out for a review soon.  It may even go into the major papers in the province,  if things go well.

Today is Acadian day in New Brunswick.  Happy festivities to all!  The weather will be partly sunny and rain,  so I am not sure how the festivities will go.  They actually have money prizes in Caraquet,  for the best dressed costumes.  It is a fun time,  and the street is packed.

Just got off of my night shift,  and am exhuasted.  I may do a color scheme for my new book title,  The Supermarket Guy 2:  Rise of The Market Overlord,  very soon.  I photocopied several pages as to try a few different things.  I got word from people down south that my posters, post cards, were in display at some of the bookstores down south.  This is great news,  as I figured some of them may end up as paper airplanes or as post it notes for readers who go through there.  But,  it appears they are doing what they were exposed to do.  Get people to glance at something that is di…

A relative noted that writing was in our blood.

I know my grandfather was a story teller.  People would come and visit,  and he would tell interesting tales that made everyone sit and pay careful attention to.  Most of my Grandfathers life was in the years where there was no television,  so the latter half of his life when television did came,  his stories still attracted people from all around the community.  My cousin,  is a journalist.  He won many awards for his coverage of news and affairs in his work.  On another note, my Dog,  loves to howl and grunt and pass gas,  telling his story to his other canine friends...  I am starting to see the link only now!

Myself,  I do not consider myself a story teller.  If a bunch of people would be at my house,  I would have a hard time to lead the conversation. I think I am the kind to analyse my surroundings.  We all know there is always one out of each crew that loves to dish out many topics of discussion.  But,  give me a piece of paper and pen,  I can jot things down and create a story…

Indicated to the guys at work that I wrote a book!

I went into work last night.  I told one of the guys who always teases me,  "Oh, here comes the artist. The artist!".  And, then comments like,  "He is a poet who doesn't know it!".

So I told him,  and other shift members there,  that I wrote a book.  He looked at me,  and said,  you are sh**ing me man.  I said no,  here is my card.  My business card,  one out of 2000 from Dog Ear Publishing.  He started to laugh and dismissed my reality for a trick.

At any rate,  a few believed me.  That is, on my own shift.  And,  they took the news pretty normally.  Like,  one of them said,  "I would not put that past you one bit,  you crazy f#$#@er".

That is pretty much the response I got from work.  Yippie Kiyiae...  Till then...

Ordered a few books from my own Publisher today!

I ordered some books from my own publisher today.  The system is easy and very rapid,  as within 24 hours they were shipped and ready to be sent away.

As they being first editions,  I am hoping the value will go up.  I will hide them throughout the country side, as the Easter Bunny hides his famous clover.  Underneath the rocks,  the bushes,  and in the tall grass.  No, actually this is just to send to some local bookstores, for a test.

A test to see if I give some books on consignment to certain stores in strategic locations,  and if they can give me decent book space.  I need to know,  if and how fast they will sell.  I know it is a super product,  very entertaining and humorous.  Once I get it set up,  I will post on here how fast they sell...  I know they will sell like  a cold beer at a baseball stadium on a plus 40 C day...  Till then...

Book is # 1 in Relevance for total Dog Ear Books

It was nice to see that my book placed # 1 in Relevance out of 1800 books from Dog Ear.  I will honk my horn now,  as it may not last very long.  It is located on the list in beautiful England.  I would like to thank the United Kingdom for putting it up that high on their scale.  This is only on the United Kingdom Amazon scale.

Besides that,  I announced to one of my relatives that I made a book.  He is a journalist,  and was taken by surprise.  I will announce over the week to most of my other friends that the book has been created,  but maybe some already know and are not giving up the information.  This should be interesting.

I do not believe that this will affect my sales  ( hardly at all).  As there were 5 of my closest relatives that knew about the book,  and,  of course,  they got a free copy.  As some of them give me free copies of their work ( one is a musician with a group),  I do the same for them.

The countdown is on,  from 0 to 500 books to the release of part 2,  Rise Of…

Went on a Marketing Blitz!

Just come back from a 2 day marketing blitz,  from the North of New Brunswick to the South.  I visited Bathurst, Mirimichi, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton,  and even Charlettetown PEI.

The bookstores loved the cover, and the product.  But,  all but one offered to put it in their bookstores.  One Chapters and Indigo store offered for to create a signing event sometime.  But,  pretty much all the stores wanted to take the book only on consignment.

Now,  from what I understand,  consignment is where I bring the books in ( I purchase them),  bring them in the store, and the store takes no risk.  They make approx 40 % profit for the service.  While all of these bookstores had the ability to order them online,  they were nervous to take a chance to put them in their bookstores.

I have sold allot of items in my day,  and I would not be scared to showcase my book anywhere.  It will sell.  I may order quite a few books, fifty or so,  and go from there.  I will decide what to do with it.  Eve…

Someone asked me to sign a book today!

A person who got my book,  asked me to sign it today.  I did not know much about signing a book.  All I know, is that if we sign anything in a colored pen,  I was told it does not look professional, and at work they want us to use a black pen or blue so it can be used in a court of law.

So,  I signed under the front cover,  just below my name.  Some authors say that it is good to sign on the back of the dust jacket,  or the title page,  or the blank page that follows.  Just that it is hard for some collectors to find if it is on the blank page.  They say they do prefer just to have the name on the front,  no good reading wishes,  or hope you buy my next edition.  But,  it is the signature that counts.  And,  as they have said on certain sites, you should practice your writing your signature on a few pieces of paper before writing it on your book.  Just to make sure each one is as close to your signature as possible. Do not do arm curls with 100 lbs for 50 reps,  and then go to sign y…

Was the main character bullied somewhat?

The main character was not really physically bullied.  He was just too athletic ( football player), and strong for that to happen.  I would say,  though, whatever was thrown at him,  maybe he did not realize he was being psychologically bullied by some people in the book.  He just did not realize it,  or did he.  When he got to the top,  did he do the same in the end? Or did he just not realize he was getting even?

Was he taken advantage of?  I would say yes,  quite a few times in the book.  But in the end,  a reversal of fortunes changed all of that.

If there is one thing in life,  people may go through allot of being taken advantage of.  It does not matter if it is your big cable provider charging you for a late charge for a mail strike you had no control over,  someone in the family pushing you to do something you do not want to do ( for unfair gain),  or being pushed emotionally into something you do not want to do.   Like, for example, doing other peoples work or using your reso…

My book is ahead of Harry Putter and the Deathly Hairballs.

I was amazed to see this list on Amazon.  I did not know there were so many lists out there,  that a book could be placed under.  First,  I seen some classic fiction lists my book was a part of with another seller than amazon.  Then,  contemporary fiction humor list from amazon.  And finally, the humor collection list and general from Amazon.

Out of 17 humor books,  my book was ranked # 7.  It was actually ahead of,  "Harry Putter and the Deathly Hairballs.  I always dreamed my book would outsell Harry Potter...  Well, it is just that actually... A dream...

But, it is one notch higher on the list of one of the all time greats,  Harry Putter and the Deathly Hairballs...   I will make sure I do not run into any hairballs in the near future...  Deathly..

My book is in the humor fiction list on

I must say,  the best Amazon system for myself,  was actually put me on a list with 60 or so new comedy releases for 90 days,  with myself in around at 45 out of the total.  They still has me at # 1 in relevance ranking for new books at the 90 day new release mark. does have me fairly up the scale in relevance,  but not in the top 20.  Same as, now all with the same lists of books.  These lists are different for each country amazon is in.

I thought these sites were all the same,  but they cannot be directed all the same.  You see minute differences in each one.  I would actually like to contact a book reviewer who has a blog,  and give a contest to win books.  But,  for now I find myself still busy with other affairs around the house, that does not allow me to get the time to put into the work for the book to try to promote it a little bit.  Till then...

He who has the last laugh..

In my book,  you will find allot of people that has the last laugh.  Mostly the main character,  who dodges and veers away from danger, most of the time, like Muhammad Ali.  Just like his famous words,  "I am going to float like a butterfly, I sting like a bee".  For some people, it was just that natural in life to do what he did best.  In my opinion, this guy was the greatest heavyweight champion of all time.

Someone talked a little while ago about Karma.  The way he thought of it,  was when you do something to someone else,  as time goes by there is a an after effect.  When someone does something bad to someone,  the persons luck gets worse.  When you do something good to someone,  his luck gets better.  Very interesting concept,  which can be seen to a degree to certain characters in the book.

There is no doubt,  the main character is sometimes often misunderstood or believed by others to have certain talents he does not possess.  Till then...

Have an idea for a Part 4

I thought about this today.  I can do,  a Part 4 for my book.  I just have to go back in time,  just like the Star Wars series...  Go way back,   before Supermarket Guy Part 1...

To Supermarket Guy Part Zero...  Before he was a Hero...!!!

I want to my Uncles funeral today,  it was a somber affair,  but it was great to see family out,  and seeing people I haven t seen for a good while..  It made me want to visit more...  We should visit our relatives more,  it is some fun to get back into the old times again..

Till then...

Foggy Morning brings foggy memories...

The fog, moves slowly over the land like a torrential downpour of pea soup.  Good thing there are no chunks of ham in it.  We would be annihilated.

No news to report on my book.  I will be honest,  is in the top 20 in the back of the new release list.  It is not doing good,  but as I have said,  I am quite content of having produced something.  The public has spoken.  Give up your wild life of writing,  and return to the grind of life.  Do not give up that 9 to 5 job,  do not give up that old  chevy in the parking lot.  Keep watching glee, and it may give me the inspiration to fly someday ( I do not watch glee,  but maybe it is a good show)...   Till then....