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Part 4 - Just waiting for a bit of time...

Really, Part 4 was just a click into becoming reality. During a few thoughts and drinks, I nearly threw out a copy to a self publishing company a few times over the past month or so.

Encouraging sales,  from Part 1 in January suggested that perhaps I should have pulled the trigger on Part 4, sooner than later. And a special # that occurred in the sales news, which was very special to me, gave me a bit of more hope to publish it.

Probably the best sales # I got since the inception of the book (s). The reason, unbeknownst to me. No reason for that to happen at all. Ziltch. Zero. Nadda.

The thing is, I am looking for a new avenue to publish the biggest, perhaps the best, Part of the series anyone will ever see. The cover is incredible. The humor is zanier than ever. The largest novel that I have ever produced. May ever produce.

Reason I did not publish. Worries. Worried that perhaps I am overlooking something in the text. Not enough editing. Not enough collusion. Not enough thrills for …