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Will take a much needed haitus in writing.

Now that Part 4 has been published in Ebook format, I have decided to take a much needed haitus away from writing. I may never return, as it appears the appeal for my work is not in demand anywheres at this moment in time.

It is the tough reality for Self Publishing Authors, who have to run to promote, giveaway, and try to sell their wares by themselves.

I do not know how many sites you can go to see where humor is a harder sell than most. Humor novels seem to be the last pickens on many peoples shopping list. Especially around Christmas, where the holiday charm leads to more main stream big titled books.

Somehow though, I feel at a finish line. I wanted Part 4 to be 'out there', and it is. It is refreshing no matter how low the sales are. Just that the 1000 pages of humor is what I set out to do, as per an 8 and a half by a 5 and a half paperback would offer. I accomplished it as best as I could.

The covers, the writing style, no more truer than in the last. It was a book th…

The Release of Part 4 and the aftermath

There were no parades in the streets, fireworks or hoopla at all on the release of Part 4. Just allot of silence, tranquility, and many tall grey stone walls all around it...

Not easy with an E book to market, either. There are very few sites that may help at no costs, but many as we all know, want money to try to 'help' you with your E Book (which is understandable and human), but still do not believe they could lift a book up into someones hands to read it. Then give you a review.

I gave many books out on Goodreads and then Amazon with their giveaways. It seemed like the latter did not give me many reviews, but I was told I should have solicitated reviews on the giveaway. Right now, my newest E book off of the line has it showing me nothing.

I have tweeted on twitter to some very great hashtags, but nothing has come about. A few clicks of interest, but this did not surprise me at all. I have tweeted about the last two books, but when Part 1 came out I did not know about twi…


The Supermarket Guy IV:  Fury of the Climate Changer

Is here!!!

The Supermarket Guy IV countdown!

The Supermarket Guy IV countdown in 1... 2... days, and should be available via Amazon Kindle... Plus or minus a half a day or so. Or maybe bang on time... The other formats may take up to 10 days for other formats, up to 3 weeks for even more formatted versions.

The process was actually less painful than what I had been thought to believe, with a few stories of how some people did not get it formatted in a good flowing way to appear on the pages of a E book reader. I hope the version I got back ( the proof), goes good on your reader just as it looked good on mine... And it should.

The cover looks great, and the current company kept it within the ideas of my last 3 books. If it does well, a print book would be available later on. If it does bad, then the E book will be as far as it goes.

I may start writing another, since this process was less painful via the pocketbook than the others... E books are cheaper, but when getting it to print, it is all a different story.

No, this really…