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Marijunapla makes the finest meatballs!

Meatballs. They are the essence of every spaghetti sauce. The dream of every hamburger bun. The brain of every wing nut that you ever knew in life.

Marijunapla made a great meatball sauce. A super spaghetti sauce, that kept the customers coming back for more.. You guessed it! Meatball heartiness fun!

She served up a wicked sauce, with several helpings of pasta! It was only until on day, when Rosalandini finished off his third plate of spaghetti at her diner, that he informed her of a new spaghetti shop that would open soon just a block away from her diner.

"Marijunapla, your spaghetti sauce is divine! But, I must tell you about no lies!" as he held his hands to the sky "A new spaghetti meatball diva is now in town! Her meatballs are soft, moist, and when the meat hangs between the peoples teeth, they tell me they all fail to brush their shiny pearly whites at night! They rather go to bed with the awesome, lingering, meaty taste of her finely seasoned meat under their t…

Got around the problem in Part 4

Just got around the problem in Part 4. I presented a difficult challenge 2/3 rds through the book, and I changed it so the main character got through with little difficulty, and actually did a good deed while in chaos. More humor added to the situation, with another character barking at his ability to not have any fear.

Now the voyage to a secret facility, then to another one or two secret facilities. Need to keep writing, as I added 5 pages just today. Maybe more will come to me tomorrow, but I rather write a little bit every day, as to try to keep the ideas fresh and the mind clear.

Till next time...

Supermarket Guy 4- more progress made.

More progress was made last night, on Part 4 I had written another 2 or 3 pages, and had to pause as I got my characters into a mess in which I had to think of a way to get out of it.

A natural disaster, a gun battle, an contagion outbreak, a love situation, there are many things you can throw at your character, and then after you need to figure out if this is the way you should go or not.  Is it too powerful of a situation for your human or superhuman character to get out of? Is it believable, and should it be believable? In writing fiction, I think you are safe to throw whatever you want at the outcome of things.

We all seen fast, unexplained escapes from certain situations on tv, film, or plays. I am trying to keep it as near believable as possible, and hopefully I can continue down that path.

Right now the main characters are heading towards something, and I need to figure out a way on how they will escape it. I still have to act on the other characters, as they had not much of a…

The Supermarket Guy 4- Subtitle top secret

The Supermarket Guy 4's progress has been steady over the last few weeks. I had time to write a few pages last week, and the ideas continued to flow.

With approximately 70 % complete ( as compared to my other books in the line up in total pages), this could be a really long book. 

The problems I have right now, is linking up the characters to the various events that are happening around them. Trying to decide whether or not to delete some scenes, leave some in, or go into another direction with the main focus. Then, to decide if the action should go to a different scene, a different location, how to get there and what not. Or just have it quickly get to the climax, and just make a shorter book. With no deadlines, it makes it much easier just to take the time to make it, perhaps, a little longer in length this time.

Very interesting, and I am sure many authors are in the same thought process on to how to achieve a supermarket kind of ending ;)

Hopefully I will be able to finish it this…

A 3 on 5 star rating and review for my book, just today.

Here is a very interesting description for my book, from a 3 on 5 rating I got today.  An excerpt of a very long review.

---The story reads much like an outrageous cartoon where improbable things are constantly happening and the scene is changing so frequently that you feel like it is giving you ADD.---

That is actually what the book was intended to do, and I am happy that it was fast moving, and such. My writings are fast moving, and am thankful for this persons review.