The Supermarket Guy 5 ready to go!

The Supermarket Guy 5 is ready to go!  It was, in fact, ready to go for a long, long time.

Problem being, as always with self published authors, is the money. Sales have been very low, extremely low for this series. I cannot obviously publish this one without a little good luck coming my way in the form of the greenback.

I can play the fiddle on here all I want, but the strings are now broken. The rozen for the bow is non existant. I can only tap on the exterior to make a nice soft, drumming sound...

The cover is done. The book is heavy, a big book, full of humor and comedy! 

What do I need.  Some sort of luck on the sales end of things, to help it along. For now, this has all dried up like the Sahara.

Well. Maybe the fall. Maybe the winter? Do I have any fans at all. Probably none...

If you go one post below, please click on my book links and purchase a book to help get part 5 on the right track to publication.

Thanks. And have a Supermarket kind of day!

Free reading samples from Google books!

Just a reminder when floating through cyber space... All of my books, 1 through 4, do have sample readings on google books.

Here are the links... Part 2 :

Part 1:

Part 4:

Part 3:  Oddly enough, cannot find a Google preview for Part 3. Truly do not understand why. Will continue searching... Sorry about the order above, the search engine gave out the r…

A Harold Wannapus Inc. vs Jon Acadou Happy New Year!!!

Harold Wannapus picked his landline phone. He loved getting wrapped up in the cord. Perhaps the most silly reason of not going totally cellular.

"Who is this? Is this the guy from, unclog a toilet? Well, it is too late. The toilet water kept overflowing so I just made a dyke to contain the heavy stuff and then chopped a trench with my hatchet in my prestine oak wood flooring to the basement. You can come after New Years to pump out the sludge later on...."

Jon Acadou sighed in a high tone "Harold, you foolish world leader want to be. It is not your toilet unplugger. It is me, Jon Acadou, the one and only fashion guru every family only wished they had every day they went out shopping at Gucci, or Jon Acadou Wild Line Store! I come to only wish you a terrible New Year. Your stock is falling and your intestines are bloating due to excessive bologna sandwich eating. It cannot fair that well for you this year"

Harold straightened him out from his thatch Fijian chair &q…

What goes through an authors mind at Christmas?

Well, right now, what is going through my mind is the tale of two roads. Like Robert Frost's poem. I took the less travelled. And that made all the difference. I think that is true.

Reflecting on my 4 books, which could very well be 5 if economic conditions permit, I have mixed emotions on that. I just recieved a 3 on 5 rating from someone somewhere in the world. I consider that very good, and am very satisfied.

I am thinking of the critics. My book covers were not good enough. I thought they were better than 90 % of the covers out there. I created them, afterall, by hand. How many authors draw out their covers on the front of their books. Maybe 1 %.  I think the obvious rarity of that would make my books very special.

Part 5 as well, has a specifically drawn out cover. Maybe the best I have ever done. I was going to just publish it out in white, not even color it out, due to the beginnings of it all. But, I realize, I should color it out one day. But at least the cover is done.

Christmas time pause

Not quite like Christmas past. This Christmas, there is no work on the book front.

Part 5 is put away in a safe place. Its bytes and bites not yet given the order to execute. Not yet given the task to go out and find its way out into the universe.

Maybe always left in the vault, never to be found for eternity. If I should pass tomorrow, then the book would probably be placed into the garbage bin. Or, one of my family may publish it if they found the time to put it out there. No. Probably won't happen.

There are unknowns in our passage of time. The past is a time to reflect on with the present, to tidy or improve, or to forget and to move on. In the world of books, some books make it. Some books do not. Some need help. Some need allot of help. Some need, no help.

Part 5 will remain locked for a long time, pending any sort of Christmas Miracle. Its creation is not warranted. It is not yet needed. Will it ever be needed. Probably not. The world can certainly get along well without i…

Part 5 - time was on its side for a super humor book!

Part 5. Did add more humor, and even linked more stories from the other 4 books to this one. It really made it 'complete anthology' Part 5 completes the series really well, and it is the glue that bonds the other four books together.

An author finds his glue, but taking some history from other books, and either starting or finishing the history or future in that way. Adding tidbits of information on how things got to that other point, in the past or in the future.

Well, I was very lucky to achieve that sort of fence mending. So I started with the fence a hundred feet down the side road. I got to five hundred feet, but in no where was the story completed for the first one hundred feet. So now the first one hundred feet is finished.

This book is very much comparable to any work I have done. It is nearly equal, but not sure if it is as good as Part 4 ( I believe Part 4 is the greatest), yet Part 1 has the most reviews. Part 2 has good ratings but fewer reviews. Part 3 has done w…

Part 5 why the rush why the speed?

An author with lots of time, can produce an even better work at the finish line. No deadlines. No money. No luck?

Well, keep writing. Keep adding on to your work. Even in the last little while, thought about two ideas to put in Part 5. Not only to increase the volume of the book, but it increases its quality. It is a good think to take your time in writing, and fine tune things.

I know with my previous books, if I had the time now to go back, I could have added a few things, here or there. But, they are in print. No money there either for major revisions.

A self published author is at the mercy of an even blurrier microscope, or one that is needed here is an electron microscope. What is required is a fit for another force, to take the storm away and clear the skies to a revelation of sorts.

But sometimes the awakening does not happen. It may never happen. Reason for a self publishing author to surrender, wave the white flag and give up.

Well, time is the hero for many. Time is also t…