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When others critique your work

When talking to people, about your work, the one thing that will stand out with everybody out there is "You are not selling. Obviously you are doing something wrong. Change it. You got to change it. Make it more edgy. Racy, Something. Change it" 

I said "You should become my literary agent. Or literal agent. I said, if I had you, I would probably do pretty good" 

Truth being- we cannot dissect, we cannot extrapolate, peoples wants, peoples trending fashions from one year to the other.

No doubt, there is a time to rest. After Part 5, I will rest. For those who love my works, that will be a tragic time. For those who hate my works, they will revel and parade in the streets and bang on that shitty tamborine.... lol

But, Frank Sinatra said it best- "I did it my way". So, with few regrets just like in the song, I will produce part 5 but probably in the fall. Depends on health, family, and other things as I thought I would have this thing produced way back whe…

The Supermarket Guy 5 passes a major milestone!

The Supermarket Guy 5 passes a major milestone. Over 200 pages in 8.5 by 5.5 inch format. This means that I am nearly done- But do not want to fluff it up too much. Need a good, steady hand at the ending. It requires much of the same brand of humor in the first 4 novels. No premise to speed it up too much!

Yes, I could publish it today. After proofreading it, spellcheck, editing, and what not. But, a masterpiece is a masterpiece. It will probably be ready in the fall of 2018, unless time comes more rather quickly than at a costly rate.

Last fall, it could have been done. Near Christmas 2017. I had no or little ambition to complete it. I felt as if things were falling apart for me on the book front. Great ratings, winner of a book contest, for Part 4, but still, no apparent interest from the masses for to read my stories.

Maybe this will be the same. Still throwing mass out there, hoping that something will take holt. After this book, we will see. I need to take a long break after thi…