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Rise from the Ashes.

Was contacted today by people who cared about the three books.  They would not end the series, and wanted it to continue for another year. I will not reveal who saved it, but they are great Americans!

They truly saved it, and for their push, perhaps Part 4 will be created.

A last minute ditch effort, so to speak, as I was ready to give up the ship.

Like Captain Kirk, when the dear old Enterprise was left staggering in "The Wrath of Khan", they blew it up while the enemy got on board, to live again to fight another day. 

Maybe if I get some time, Part 4 may breath life again... Just need some time...

The End of "The Supermarket Guy"

It is finally the end. The new access market fee has brought me down to zero. I will not be renewing it for the fees, to keep on Barnes, Amazon, and the other sites that so choose to want a payment for these services.

My books will not be available for print either.

Part 4 is doomed, but finished on my hard drive here.

Just family problems, bad luck, and no time, has cost me so much.

What I would tell those who do have the very "Rare" copies of my book, that they may be worth allot someday, in an antiquarian world.

This site may come down in the near future too... I declare defeat in my attempt at the book world.

Thank you all for following me..

When your parents get old

When your parents get old, you start to worry. Can they do their own things in the house? Do they need support? Can they get along safely in their home?

Being the son of two elderly parents, I could see my father having more and more difficulty in getting around, doing his normal routine of chores. My mother as well got around with a walker, having mobility issues, and her strength in her arms and hands had faded away in the past 14 years or so.

This was wearing heavy on my heart, and in my soul.

Your parents are your rock, that is, if they were good to you when raising you. Advice, support, and comfort. Stories and conversations about things, new and old. Things that I would surely miss, if they were not there all of a sudden.

Now, my dad is in the hospital. I do not believe he will be well enough to come  home. My mom, well, she has mobility issues. My personal life, family life here, is too busy for me to bring her into my own place. I wish I could, but the reality is she may hav…