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Harold Wannapus Halloween Classic!

He turned off his electric fence that surrounded his house. He took out his dog's Yappies false teeth. He also removed the nuclear warhead from his rocket propelled grenade.

His wife was making her regular batch of candy coated pumpkins for the kids to suck on. He felt safe.

This Halloween, Harold thought, the kids are going to get the best treat ever! In his basket of goodies, he had not only the candy coated pumpkins, but CD's of his latest driving stunts from when driving on his beast in Part 1, 2 and 3 of "The Supermarket Guy: Stunts that sent me to the ER", that would put the great Freddy Krueger to shame!

Other random treats were bottles of prune juice, Rollaids for sore stomachs and anti acid, and bologna fajitas for those long walks going house to house, these kids needed nutrition as he well already known. He decided to wear the costume of his old time nemesis, Jon Acadou. The colored pastel suit and all, down to a tee. Well, it looked so real, it might as …

Part 4 being fine tuned again

Just recently been going though Part 4, and realizing that it did need some second tweaking. I revised the first 10 pages, and will continue to do so for awhile.

Strange how a person can read through it many times, then your mind changes on your direction in some ways in how you lead the character through some scenes. Perhaps something being done or used in too many paragraphs, something that did appear to be silly, but no longer is to you, or perhaps it never was.

The book definitely has strong humor points, but it is the small jabs in between that needs focusing on.

Just by revising it in this second draft, it has grown by a page and a half. More description in the paragraphs, more verbs, adjectives, ect, add for a stronger book and a better flow to it.

Just recently sent 25 pages to a big publisher of humor to the United States. This is just a sample, but our low dollar Canadian may entice me to publish this work in Canada for a change.

I thought publishing in the USA would help t…

How far off am I from printing off this thing?

Part 4. Just have to pull the trigger. Print it off. Send to a publisher. Wait 4 plus or minus months.

Paperback. Amazon, Whatever. There, in peoples hands to check out.

How hard is it?  When you are as busy as yours truly,  still things are at a standstill.

Could not send some information away today to get checked. Still could not do allot of affairs which would get the book closer to print.

Slow. A turtles, crawl. It is all here. Ready to get printed. Ready to be seen by the world.

Will it ever be seen by the world? Do I have time... Time... Once again, stealing my momentum away... Away...

Not sure. Will see what I can do in the next few days. Monday is a holiday, right? Time, not on my side. Time. Some people got lots of it. Me... Nope.

Someday maybe I will be able to talk about this in a more frank nature. Right now, I can't. Time is just, not on my side. I thought things would get better, but... Nope...

Simple things drag me through days at getting things done. Did this ever…

Part 4 is ready to be sent to a publisher and edited!

Part 4 is ready to be sent and to be published.

The biggest book of the fourlogy.  A new word, fourlodgy! Thank me later Websters Dictionary!

I am just waiting to send it through snail mail, to a publisher of my choice. Maybe the original, maybe a new publisher who can do some new wonders with a little bit of free beer and what not.

We will see... As of yet I do not have enough votes on the bottom of the page to publish it.

But, yeah never know. If the right circumstances present itself-  a cheap editing system, but a good product outcome, and the right publishing and publicity system, who knows?

But how do you find it?  Good question, as I continue my journey...

Till next time...