Indian Summer so far for September

September has been good to us.  Not much rain,  and plenty of sun.  Time to get some things done.  I have to still shovel some more gravel around the garage,  and the guys from the construction team still has some work to do around it a bit.  I have a loose piece of vinyl covering flopping off of one side of their seemingly completed job.

Today I will check how the old book has done at the local book store in Bathurst.  I think I may have sold a few,  as some guys at work was going to go there to get a few.  Besides that,  I have two of my friends who forgot to pay for the book.  I will have to rack their knuckles a bit,  for payment...  I will report back how many I sold at the local bookstore...  Not even sure if it is worthwhile to travel the province again to drop them off at bookstores at consignment.  That more or less is a pain in the yehoo...

Well,  I wish everyone a great afternoon.  If you got something to do,  get er done.. Till then...


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