Quite Satisfied..

I am happy that my blog is doing very well.   Looking over the stats,  and I see it is even for the mid month for the last months total.  This is truly something to make me want to crack open the tenth beer for a celebration.

10 is a great number.  It is so even, so I will just have to crack it open.  I inter e mailed soo many stars at Funny or Die..  Well,  I got no response from like,  30 people or more.. So I am beginning to think it maybe actually a mortuary in disguise...  Burp..

Well...  I will keep on trying till,  I get a response from one of their superstars... Someone must be alive in that Freaking place.  Why do they put up their stupid pictures if no one wants to converse with people.  But I imagine it is the same as twootier,  or is it twitter,  or facebook,  where you have a litany of stars there to promote the site,  but none of them respond to your comments...  It is like talking to the walls...  Just to promote,  their site.. I think people have a right,  to have some comments back...  Do you...

At least,  people,  I am on here blogging every day or so,  ( no ones perfect,  not even Lady Gaga),  to help people through the publishing world of being pushed to the curb...  Wishing you all a terrific night,  till then...


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