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I walked through a tranquil forest searching for birch bark...

I stopped my car on the busy interstate,
swerving off to the curb,
I ran into the wooded forest at a high rate,
getting away from the noisy suburbs,

When I then could see fir trees,
for all the miles past me,
but then there appeared,
it was so weird,

A man playing a flute,
shaven head,
he held no bad repute,
and looked like he was well fed,

His tune was seductive,
as the birds in massive flocks,
tweeted around him loud as a ruckus,
I flung up my sweat filled socks,

as I could see a birch tree next to a lark,
I said I better do this before it gets dark,
so I ripped of a sheet or two,
as my face turned blue,

from holding it in that long,
I forced until all the sound stopped...


Neighbor came over discussing 666 mark of the beast!

I was outside shovelling snow, when a neighbor seen me and came over to interrupt my shovelling. We began talking about borders and such, and new security things that were popping up everywhere, mostly in the form of biometric scanning.

We know certain companies have pay systems that have finger print scans... Some companies now have hand scanners, either for tickets for themeparks or entry into workplaces...

Then the debate came as he said perhaps it is 666, or the mark of the beast...

Well, I thought about it for a bit... I had read the bible when I was very young, and remembered a bit about it. I had not went to church now for a good year and a half due to my own personal problems at home... No time on my hands, actually to do anything... So I am no better than anyone else out there, that is for sure...

I replied that I was thinking that those hand scanners and finger print jobbies, are just like taking X rays at the hospital. I did not believe that we were there yet, and many dif…

10 cents per liter or 50 air miles?

Was at a grocery store tonight, picking up some items that we had forgotten about during the weekly supermarket visit. The lady asked me for my air miles card. She scanned it through. Then, she quickly showed me two coupons which led to an either or question.

"Sir, would you like 10 cents per liter off of your gas or 50 air miles added onto your card?"

I thought about it within a second, and replied.

"Let's just pretend my wife is not here, and lets take the 10 cent per liter gas coupon"

Laughter erupted just alongside me, as a women in her mid 50's began to laugh.

She said "That is so funny. Let's just pretend your wife is not here, that tone of voice you used"

Well, the lady and the cashier began to laugh hysterically.

I decided to explain "Well, it makes for a shorter trip when she leaves on the plane with her and her friends" I cajoled.

"For once I want something for my truck, she is not here so I can get a little bit back …