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The Supermarket Guy IV

Hard to believe, but in the last week or two I actually had some spare time.  Spare time to create a cover for Part 4.

Why, I will never know. I think it is because the cover stuck in my mind, like a George Jones song "There is nothing better, once you had the best"

Well, the best cover I had ever made. Why did the black ink not smudge this time, making me frustrated to make it over time and time again? Why did the color scheme seem to flow so effortlessly across its page? Why was the page full of energy and synergy?

Was this cover the greater than the rest of its parts?  Did I finally get it right?

I guess you never know until you try. Thinking that the main body of the text is complete, the cover, the back cover paraphrase, the preface, it all seems like a done deal.

Not yet. Not by a short shot. Short, I hope.

Well, I need to still read through it again. Editing services are expensive at 1200 to 2000 for the whole novel. A novel that may not sell that well.  Looking for …

A sad day for The Supermarket Guy series

Today,  with much regret, I had to take down my website that showcased my three books. I had a small blogspot there also, and it had write ups of the three books paraphrase or summary of how it all unrolled with a biography added about yours truly.

Problem was, the only amount of input I was getting on that site was allot of spam. And for the price of nearly close to 100 dollars a year, I could not justify keeping it running. Basically, zero book sales means I had to cut the costs down somehow.

Now printers want a 20 dollar fee per book to keep your book in availability for print. In my opinion, that is just another money grab, as the book is on a file somewhere on a printing presses hard drive, and they can just churn it out.

I was nearly close to cutting the can even on the three books, just over the 80 dollar fee I am to pay this year in order to keep the three books available to the general public. Why?

Good question. As another year goes by, perhaps my feelings will be to can th…