An Atlantic Canadian Reviewer says sorry!

The other day,  I e mailed a book reviewer here from Atlantic Canada.  Just as I thought,  the person only reviews books that are traditionally published.  But, was nice enough to actually treat me like a human being, and explain the situation.  That, this person had a hard time for years just getting a book published.  It was rejected many times,  then accepted by a traditional publisher.  Since then,  this person made a commitment on his site to only provide his services to traditional books.  To change now,  would go back on this persons word.

This seems to be the norm.  No one wants to review a POD book,  unless the sales burst from the seams.  Then they come a begging.  I think someday,  a Rambo reviewer will come across the Rubicon to take POD to freedom valley.  This reviewer will save the POD,  and read until his eyes need water drops.  No blinking,  just staring POD in the face.  Deciphering the Good, the Ugly, and the 99 cent novel ( No novel is 100 per cent bad)...  Till then.


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