They want me to do a book signing at work.

The people at work are very nice to me.  A secretary there,  asked for me to do a book signing.  It is a very nice gesture,  but I am still a little on the shy side to do it.  The reason being,  I just do not know.  I feel uncomfortable in front of the people I work with,  giving them a signed book.  As I feel the book is good, but, yet the kind of person to be put in the spot light too much.  I am more a kind of one on 10 person or something, not a one on 50 person.  I think it goes back to when I was young,  I was always a little shy ( Unless I get a few drinks in me,  then watch out).

As far as things go,  not much has changed.  Good to be back home,  as the woods can make you hallucinate and think back to the wilder side of life.  No showers, good grief.  Eating was good though,  we even had spaghetti sauce that I had mentioned here....  The famous recipe past the moose hunters test.. Have a good night,  till then..


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