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Remembering 911

911 came to us all as a great surprise.  It bewilders us to this day,  how this could have happened.  Why?  Then came the next question,  how to prevent it from happening again.  Even if we have to restrict good peoples movements.  We now need passports just to cross from Canada to get into the United States,  something that was not needed in the past.  Before you could get across with a few glances,  a few questions, and maybe not even that.  So,  perhaps the terrorists got what they wanted.  To make our lives more intrusive than ever.

And, to think about it.  How these innocent lives were taken,  who had no, absolutely no affair with any struggle in the middle east.  People who had families, friends, and contributed greatly to society.  It is just because they worked in a building that was a landmark.  That would garner lots of attention on the news.  In my opinion,  if an organization has a beef with a foreign government,  terrorism only helps the foreign government make its case that they are right in their stance.  Blow up our buildings and kill our people.  Well, here comes the repercussions.  Wars that last many years,  pain and suffering on both sides for years later.  War only brings poverty and deficit on each side of the equation.

If a terrorist group is resentful at a certain government,  it does them no good to disrupt other peoples mode of life.  It only breeds contempt at their cause.  It only makes their cause seem without warrant.

And, it all has to do with,  living in each others spaces.  We have to realize we share this world.  Millions of people are not going to move anywhere for anyone.  We have to compromise,  we have to treat people equally and respect the others issue to a point.  Otherwise,  we will have continual war that will never end. Hopefully someday people will someday stop, share, and stop taking advantage of certain situations over other civilizations...  Till then..


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