Reading a book called, The Smoking Gun.

My cousin dropped off a book the other day.  The Smoking Gun, a dossier of surprising, salacious,  secret documents.  It goes through some police papers on individuals that have totally lost it,  FBI papers that have been released, and of course,  allot of Denis Rodman antics on every so many pages.  It seems he is one of the worst offenders.  Does it really take anyone aback?

Definitely some hilarious stuff in there.  And,  also some sexual explicit stuff in there, so you are forewarned.  It also showed Kristy Alleys divorce paper where her ex husband exposed their casual spending habits.  Sammy Davis singing at a club that was connected to a local mob,  which was not surprising to myself,  as interviewed by the FBI.  Why was George Burns checked out by the FBI a long time ago.  It is all in there,  for the eyes to reveal,  the not so revealing...  It also shows memos onto what certain bands want when they go on tour,  what should be in their dressing rooms.  Def Leppard wanted a certain kind of freshly squeezed orange juice,  organic if I can remember correctly,  and on ice.  Shania Twains list is on there too.  Van Halen,  allot of alcohol in the cooler,  and local beers are ok.

I am halfway through it, but just reading that much tells you what it is all about.  Published in 2001,  I guess Lady Gaga missed out on this one.  Maybe she will be in the next.


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