Lobster is coveted by many admirers around the world!

I know,  in my book,  one of the stars is a Lobster named Packo!  I cannot say what happens to him,  but he was a great actor.  Maybe someday this lobster could win an Oscar.

This morning, while coming home from work,  a story of someone stealing lobster from a Supermarket come over the morning show on max 104.9 in Bathurst.  This happened somewhere in the States,  where a man stole some lobster but put them down his pants.  Now, of course,  the radio announcer in Bathurst alluded to the obvious of the danger of doing that,  without really saying it Howard Stern style.

Lobster prices went up a little bit this year.  Sometimes,  when the tides are really rough,  especially in the early spring,  they wash ashore here for onlookers to pick up during rough weather.  To the dismay of the lobster fishermen,  they dislike the crowds of people picking up the delicious crustacean.  But,  maybe allot of them would perish on the side of the seashore.  It is a question left for more scientific debate.  Till then....


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