In U.S.A, Canada, and Russia we collect hockey cards, why not get back into Book Collecting!

I asked myself that question the other day.  Is book collecting being passed up, over other types of collecting.  Of course,  Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno may have their collections of cars,  which is fantastic.  All the more power to them.  But, us little guys,  have to collect something at our own level.  I used to collect hockey cards, and have an old Mark Messier and a few years old Wayne Gretzky and Ray Bourque card.  These are things that, over time go up in value.  Coins are nice to collect too,  and I think allot of people have a few of those hidden treasures hidden around somewhere.

Now lets talk about collecting books.  There are Antiquarian societies all over the world.  These people not only buy old, rare, out of use books,  but they look for new books that have certain value because the way they are made.  They are definitely special in their story or the way the cover is done in its obviously unique style.  These people have the art, skill, knowledge, in determining a books value.  Some new books can be worth many hundreds or thousands of dollars. The Antiquarian people will go through the lists of all the publishers, and check to see which new book they are willing to stake as a collectible.  First Editions are the best buys,  and if you get them signed,  they will go up in value over time.  So,  I hope to spread the message for people to stop collecting butterflies ( the poor buggers are so cute),  or Elephant tusks,  or bear balls,  and get out there and start collecting books!

Book collecting,  truly a fun, and a beautiful pass time for all.   Till then...


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